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Ten Things I Learned On Vacation

1. It’s good to misplace your own antiperspirant among your bajillion pieces of luggage because then you get to use your husband’s Old Spice deodorant, which actually works. 2. Cracker Barrel is a great place to bring your three-month-old because the place is basically run entirely by grandmothers and aunts. Also, there will always be […]

Well, that was fun.

We made it to Sanibel Island! Here it is: And some more: Yay. Now we’re crossing our fingers and toes that this foul weather clears out, you know, before we leave later this week. But the real question I know y’all are all wondering about is, how did Miss C do on the drive? She. […]

Well, this should be fun.

B and I fancy ourselves travelers, whether or not we’re actually good at it. We’ve circled the globe, but our packing skills are still lacking. Last year was the most travel-packed year ever, with trips from Korea to France to Iceland to Memphis to northern California and finally to North Carolina, although that last leg […]