Well, that was fun.

We made it to Sanibel Island! Here it is:

And some more:


Now we’re crossing our fingers and toes that this foul weather clears out, you know, before we leave later this week.

But the real question I know y’all are all wondering about is, how did Miss C do on the drive?

She. Was. Awesome.

She rocked out the first day and thoroughly enjoyed her first visit to Cracker Barrel. I wish I had taken some pictures of her surrounded by fake country memorabilia, but we were too busy holding our breathe for her to explode into tears to take any. Of course, though, she was fantastic.

She was pretty wiped at the end of the day.

But she was raring to go Sunday morning:

The rain through Florida was out of control. We stopped several times not for the baby but for us. Here we are at the rest stop:

And now that we’re here, she’s sleeping in a closet:

And she couldn’t be happier, despite the rain.

Miss C is now officially a member of the Awesome Baby Club. She is certified. She is Illuminati.

And we are happy campers because we have a happy baby. But we’re going to be doing some reverse rain dances anyway.

OH! And Dear Expletive Baby is having her expletive baby today! Best of luck to her and the little guy!


  1. Hurray! Hope the weather clears up so you can go to the beach!

    1. It has! We are having a wonderful time!

  2. Fish Out of Water · · Reply

    Congratulations on your easy travels with wee babe! I got married on Sanibel. I promise it’s gorgeous when the sun is out. :)

    1. Ah, I can only imagine what a perfect setting Sanibel would make for a wedding! It is outrageously gorgeous.

  3. Awe, she is adorable!

    1. Thanks! She’s amazingly sweet.

  4. Gee, hope the rain clears out! I live in a place where summer is the dry time so that looks so wild and crazy to me!

    1. It has cleared out pretty much. Thanks!

  5. So sorry about the rain, but baby is adorable.

    1. Thanks! I’d rather have a sweet baby than sunny weather anyway.

  6. That’s awesome about Miss C! She seems so content on roadtrips! Maybe she’ll have a future career as a bus driver? just kidding :D She’s totes illuminati worthy.
    Bummer about the weather! Is it the rainy season in Florida? Or just a freak storm?

    1. I don’t know if it’s really the rainy season…this seems to be kind of a freak storm. But it’s gone now and we are happy :)

  7. Rain dance some of that rain to NM! We’re desperate! Glad you made it through the drive wtihout sedation. For anyone involved ;)

    1. Me too! I dont think our insurance would have covered it anyway ;)

  8. bellissimom · · Reply

    What a good (and very cute) baby girl! Sorry about the rain though. Looks like it is going to be there for a few days.

    1. It’s amazing what a trooper she is. The rain is gone! Woot!

    2. It’s amazing what a trooper she is. And the rain is gone! Woot!

  9. Glad to hear she was awesome. It makes me less trepadacious about moving with Squatch.

    1. I think I need to go to FL more often because then people have babies! Thinking of your growing-as-of-this -moment family!

  10. Ha! We already knew she was a member of the Awesome Baby Club.
    Hope the weather gods smile on you…

    1. Thanks! They have. It’s cleared up ;)

  11. Yay! Nothing better than a happy baby!! I forgot about Cracker Barrel. We always stopped there because our kids were so easily entertained by all the retro crap! Lol! It’s the perfect place to stop with a child who needs to be stimulated! haha!
    Glad you’re safe and sound : )

    1. Cracker Barrel is awesome! One of the few places that’s so loud that the baby could have screamed and no one would have noticed.

  12. LOVE the “wiped out” photo; that is my favorite baby pose of all.

    1. Yes to that! Mine too!

  13. Fantastic!!! But I am glad the weather turned and is not going to hit us. Sorry for sending it your way.

    1. Tis ok. Debby totally fizzled pretty soon after I wrote this :)

  14. Florida is insanely grumpy right now, weather wise. I hope it picks up for you soon.

    1. It did :) Thanks for sending good vibes.

  15. What an amazing baby — she must be some highly evolved species of baby because I’ve never heard of such a thing.

    Did she like the fried okra at Cracker Barrel? Oh, you probably haven’t started solids yet.

    1. Don’t worry, I shook some okra into her formula. You can never start them too early here in the South.

  16. Oh my gosh, that picture of her sleeping! She really is just absolutely gorgeous.

    1. Thank you! We think so too ;)

  17. Sorry I couldn’t coax Debby away – she was determined to test Miss C – and Miss C was awesome! Congrats on a great traveling bebe.

    1. Thanks! You can take a great traveling babe to the bank. In more ways than one ;)

  18. A couple of things:
    1. Congrats on Miss C being a total trooper during the drive! YAY!
    2. You and I have ALL of the same baby accesories. It is weird!
    3. It is STILL raining like that in Florida. Maybe worse. I want to swim to Georgia.
    4. OMG! She had a baby!!! YAY! I hope she remembers to check the mail for her decoder ring!

    1. Ditto on the accessories. You’d think that there was a huge pool to choose from, but everyone seems to gravitate towards the exact same things!

  19. I have nominated you for the Illuminating Blogger Award!! Thanks for writing such an awesome blog! http://foodstoriesblog.com/illuminating-blogger-award/

    1. My pleasure! Thanks so much for the award! :D

  20. That’s amazing that you had your first car trip with Miss C and it went well! And can we please trade some of our TX heat for the FL rain? Pretty please?

    1. I am amazed as well. She finds new ways to be an incredible baby every single day :) And dude, I am FOR SURE wishing some of this heat away. We’re in Memphis now where the high today is 105. Ridiculous.

  21. sheevi · · Reply

    heyy..i have nominated you for a lovely blog award..go check the link below :)

    1. Thank you so much! :D

  22. This post is amazing!! I love your baby!

    1. Thank you! I love her too! She is awesome :D

  23. That looks like some pretty intense wind! Your baby is so cute. Love the yellow outfit.

    1. It was! But I will admit that the palm trees make it look worse than it actually was. of course, I say that in hindsight.

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