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Guest Post: Beware Average Joe

I am handing the reins over today to a writer who wishes to remain anonymous for reasons that you’ll understand. In the wake of the Steubenville verdict, a lot has been said about rape culture in the US. In this post, you’ll find an extremely candid discussion of how rape is not isolated to one […]

A Very Important Message Involving Julie Andrews

It’s Monday morning. You’re waking up right about now and checking your email because that’s what you do before you even eat breakfast. Trust me, I understand. There’s a message saying that there’s a new post on The Waiting. I am about to throw a major wrench in your plans. You will not find a […]

A Plea To Young Parents

I am knee-deep in presents today. I’m laying them all out nice and neatly under our Festivus pole for the big exchange on Friday. So today my practically-Aunt Ellen (she’s actually besfrinn Cameron’s aunt but who’s splitting hairs?) is here to entertain you with a little holiday PSA. Enjoy and I’ll see you Friday! -Emily […]

I’m Up

Today it’s my turn to throw my hat in the ring at Canadica! Woot woot! I wrote about Thanksgiving, nasty Canadian cocktails, Korea, and what it’s like to be married to B. Why doncha go check it out? Click here! In the case that you don’t want to read my Canadica post, here’s a someeecard, […]

Why you (but not too many of you) should go to Iceland

A few weeks ago, I posted a poor attempt at giving Iceland some cred. Today, I am handing the reins over to Eva from I’d Rather Be in Iceland. She will now undo all the damage I’ve done. Take it away, my British friend! – Emily I’m very honoured to be guest posting for Emily, […]

I’m kind of a big deal.

Today, I technically have nothing for you to read on my blog. Howevs, I WAS asked by Ashley of Ashley, Etc. to write a guest post! This means that I have arrived, as people are actually asking me to write for them. It’s only a matter of time before JK Rowling asks me to write […]