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Let’s all hold hands and sing Kumbaya.

This is the post where I bask in the glory of the Internet and its ability to transmit all the says I say around the globe. Remember awhile ago when I begged you to further inflate my oft-pregnant ego and “like” the page on Facebook? Remember how you thought to yourself, “Wow, I never thought […]

I should probably write a blog.

I have a few extra minutes. I’ll write a blog post. *Logs into WordPress.* I should check out Freshly Pressed. It’s been a few days. Anything good? HEY! My blogging friend has been FP’d! I should read what they wrote. *Reads post. Feels dumb because overlooked it when first saw it in reader several days […]

Playing Nice in the Blogosphere

Last night I was reading one of my favorite blogs, which I don’t get around to visiting too often because it’s so good that I need to allot at least an hour to just to catch up. With 10,000+ active followers, it’s one of the big blogs where the comments are usually as funny and […]

Internet Abuse

I love blog posts where people list all the crazy search engine terms that lead people to their blogs. Fish just wrote a really good one the other day. I snorted with laughter when I read it. If you are in need of laughy snorts, you should read it too. For funsies, I decided to […]

It’s a Wonder Google Works At All

One of the fun things about WordPress is that you can see the search engine terms that brought others to your blog. The pure randomness of them helps give you a pretty nice snapshot of how miraculous it is that the Google functions with any efficacy. The other day I got a search engine term […]