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Cover letters are also not so fun.

B’s job hunt continues. This basically means two things: 1, that I am not sleeping so well but the time I spend awake in bed at night is spent in prayer, which it probably should be all the time, even when things are going splendidly. Praying, meditating, and focusing on all that I already have […]

Here Comes the Fun

And by “fun”, I mean tedium, stress, fear, and general grown-up time. Those who have been following my blog for awhile know that B and I have been less-than-thrilled with where we live and his job since we moved back from Korea. He is an English instructor at a community college in an economically depressed […]

How I Spent My Shower Vacation: I Promise This is the Final Installment

OK, so I realize that this whole chronicle of my trip to Memphis has gotten a little longer than we all hoped, but I can assure you that the slideshow is wrapping up and pretty soon I’ll be refreshing your drinks/ offering you a piece of strawberry shortcake/ allowing you to escape. Sleep did not […]