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You Got the Pink Stuff, Baby.

It has come to my attention that there is a little confusion over what exactly a salad is. I have always thought of it as lettuce with maybe some cucumbers or tomatoes punctuating the leaves, and then dressing like ranch or thousand island doused on top. It’s a straightforward, healthy(ish) dish whose presence on your […]

Om Nom Nom: “Chili” Pasta Salad

It is a fact of life that chili is a nearly perfect dish. It’s hearty, it’s spicy, and its vegetarian versions actually taste delicious if prepared properly. One problem that it does pose, though, is that it isn’t exactly suited to summer consumption unless you are trying to clear your sweat glands. Despite my Southern […]

Om Nom Nom: Berry Sorbet

Lately it’s been hard for me to glean a lot of satisfaction from food because I simply have no room in my tum-tum for it. Bebe takes up prime real estate in my torso and makes it hard to keep a lot down, so my meals are basically limited to a few bites here and […]

Turkey Burgers! Om Nom Nom

About a hundred years ago I thought I would post recipes and food stuff more regularly here, but then I felt constrained to impart numerous jewels of wisdom (ie how Korean kids like to poke your bottom) that I have accumulated through my extensive travels from places as vast as Walmart and Korea. To those who subscribed thinking that […]