Why I have confidence that the world doesn’t suck

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Just when I had started contemplating how this baby I will introduce into the world in April will live in a place where politics are a farce, the planet’s ecology is taken about as seriously as a Hollywood marriage, and public education is equally as laughable, my faith is restored in the human race.

Universal health care is not any closer to becoming a reality, we still live in a bankrupt country (both literally and morally), and my husband still has to drive through several of the shooting locations for Food Inc. on his way to work everyday. But all is right in my world right now. Why?

Bebe will be born in a world where Arrested Development is not only going to be made into a feature-length movie, but will also have a lead up miniseries. (I am really restraining from using all caps and a thousand exclamation marks in this paragraph.)

"Oh I forget, here in the States you call it a sausage in the mouth."

It will likely be aired on Netflix or Showtime. When B and I learned of the news from our friend Melissa’s Facebook Sunday night, we both cheered and subsequently began to realize that in one small way, all is right with the world. Mrs. Featherbottom will be available to care for our child. This is good because her price point is ideal for us.

Rumors of the movie and half-baked soundbites from cast members of the possible reprisal of the Bluth family have been circulating for years, so I was on the brink of assuming that the movie was as likely as a Twin Peaks reunion. But according to Mitch Hurwitz at the New Yorker Festival Sunday, the movie script is most definitely in the works. The miniseries is designed to get viewers brought up to speed on what the Bluth family has been doing since the abrupt cancellation of the show from Fox in 2006. Each episode will likely focus on a specific character.

Arrested Development brings out the geek fan in me, and every time I re-watch the series (and I do so just about every six months) I am even more sure that it was possibly the best comedy ever made. I never really watched it while it was on the air, but my best friend gave me the first season on DVD for Christmas several years ago with the warning, “If you don’t like this show, we can’t be friends anymore.”

I wouldn’t be friends with me, either.


  1. Um, YES! Bebe should definitely be brought up to the sounds of “The Final Countdown”! :)

    1. I think you mean “brought into the world to the sounds of ‘The Final Countdown.'” That’s a heck of a song to be playing when she’s crowning XD!

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