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Wherein I Reveal One of Humanity’s Most-Guarded Secrets

Have you ever had one of those moments when you realize that all the events in your life have lined up just so that the world can reveal one of its hiddenmost secrets to you? I had one of those today. Please make sure you’re sitting down for the duration of this post because I […]

It’s such a good feeling.

Do you know what I like? I can tell you really want to know, and so I’ll tell you. I like Mr. Rogers. Do you know what else I like? Guest blogging on Kidz Showz. Both are pretty much the best, and this is why I am excited to combine my two loves today. Head […]

Why I have confidence that the world doesn’t suck

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Just when I had started contemplating how this baby I will introduce into the world in April will live in a place where politics are a farce, the planet’s ecology is taken about as seriously as a Hollywood marriage, and public education is equally as laughable, my faith […]