So a woman walks into the ultrasound room…

Wow, now this is a big post. I mean, the reveal of the sex of our baby! I kind of wish it were 1999 so I could have some great spinning GIFs scattered around this post to heighten the excitement.

As it is 2011, I suppose I’ll have to rely on my words, though, which is a shame. That Ally McBeal dancing baby would do really well here.

So I drank half a gallon of orange juice last Thursday and drove with B to the doc’s. There was a couple who went into the ultrasound  room before us, and they emerged beaming and notifying everyone within earshot that their baby was determined to be a girl. I think, “Great, well if they for sure know what their baby is going to be, what are the odds we will too? Probably scant.” Ah yes, always looking on the bright side.

We were ushered into the ultrasound room. It was painted dark blue and had stars and other space objects painted in glow-in-the-dark yellow. I guess this was to maximize the chances that any juvenile hangers-on would feel at ease, which I’ve already pointed out was a massive concern of the practice. But it was pleasant, and the nurse was bubbly and kind, too.

B told me later on that he was quite nervous about the ultrasound, but I never would’ve known it. The ultrasound nurse asked us if we wanted to know the sex if she could determine it, and he quickly answered up, “YES” and followed up with vigorous whiplash inducing nodding. She started the examination and I felt pretty chill, just assuming that Bebe wouldn’t cooperate and flip over to show us what (s)he was. The orange juice hadn’t done much good, and Bebe was clearly at rest, so much that the nurse was having to work a bit to even get a good glimpse of the things that were important, like the development of Bebe’s organs.

But then the nurse gave a little tap on my stomach and Bebe squished around a bit. Enough for the nurse to say,

“Well, it’s smooth. Very smooth. I’m thinking it’s a girl or an extremely stubby little boy.” (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I asked her to give me a percentage of how sure she was that it was a girl, but she said that she wouldn’t do that because she’s been incorrect before. However, she did commit to it on the photo:

Since Bebe was clearly sleepy, the nurse couldn’t get her in a position where she could assess her developing cerebellum. I’m going back for another sonogram later this week so she can assess that AND hopefully make us know 100% (instead of 90%) that Bebe is a girl.

I have so, so, so many thoughts on this. Is it corny for me to say that B and I both know she’s a girl, right now? Because, we do*. Knowing a baby’s sex is an elective thing these days and I have no doubt that we’d love her the same if we didn’t find out until she was born, but I feel so close to her now that I know this little bit about her.

She is perfect.

Thursday night, I finally felt her swimming around. Pushing and moving. Coupled with the revelation of her sex, the sensation of her moving has made the last few days the most inexpressibly wonderful of my pregnancy. I’m still trying to get the words in order before I tackle what it’s like to feel a little one swimming around.

I’m on a baby high.

*I’ll feel kind of silly come Friday if I have to report that Bebe has developed a blatant masculinity, but oh well.


  1. Oh, I remember the first time my son moved inside me, the little flutters. As he got bigger (and bigger!) he started to bounce on my cervix. First indication of ADHD, which we ignored until he was about 12. I had CVS, so we would have know for sure if we were having a boy, but we didn’t want to know. We didn’t even let the dr. know! But, somewhere in the 8th month, the baby “talked” to me. I instantly knew that it was a boy and his name was Robin. Enjoy the next months while the baby is still your private passenger.

    1. I know, I feel kind of sad that B can’t feel the little gal bouncing around in there. But I’ll deal :)

    We “knew” it was a boy and were totally taken for a loop so I hope your little girl feeling is correct!!!
    Congrats mama and yes, there are NO WORDS to describe what it’s like to FEEL he moving around. All of my movements now are so defined I can hardly remember what it was like when it was just a little flutter! SO happy for you!

    1. Thank you! Really, there aren’t words. At least, not that I’ve found YET. Hopefully by Wednesday’s post they’ll come :/

  3. Congrats! Hoping to find out what ours are on Wednesday, if they cooperate!

    1. I’ll try to get my baby to send little baby messages to your twosome to get them to behave and spread those legs :)

  4. Yay!! This is so exciting! We totally walked in to our 20-week appointment expecting to find out it was a boy and lo and behold! Girl! Knowing the sex combined with feeling movement? Ahh, there’s nothing better. I had to wait until almost 24 weeks before I finally started feeling movement, and then after that, she got insane and basically kicked the crap out of me nonstop. It’s awesome, though. The kicking and moving keeps you going when you get nearer to the end of the pregnancy and want to kill someone because you’re so uncomfortable. Haha Happy thoughts.

    1. Yes, I can definitely see the massive kicks coming. Since I started feeling the first “flutters” on Thursday night, she’s really picked up speed. At first she seemed to only move 30 minutes after I ate a meal, but now she’s moving around pretty constantly.

  5. Hurray! I can’t wait for the follow-up results! I hope Bebe will be kicking around like crazy for that one!

    1. She’s been extremely active the last few days, so I’m betting yes. She’s the size of a banana now, from top to toe!

  6. Yay for you! That really is exciting!

  7. Oh yes . . . a baby girl. I know a lot of guys think they want a boy, but I have noticed over the years that the bond between a daddy and his little girl is one of the most amazing things I have witnessed.

    Girl or boy . . . you will be happy.


    1. Even though he never said it aloud because he thought it would be jinxing it, B was definitely gunning for a girl. The moment when we found out that Bebe is a girl, it was the happiest I’ve seen him since we got married. This little gal is going to have her dad wrapped around her finger. :)

  8. How awesome! The ultra-sound appointments are the very best, seeing the baby wiggling around.

    1. It’s a good thing they abbreviate the other boring/uncomfortable/feet-up-in-the-stirrups appointments.

  9. Congrats little girls are so much fun!

    1. And dress-upable :) Thanks for subscribing!

  10. aw!! yayyyy, she will be amazing. please name her leewon.

    1. Done and done. I was just thinking about Leewon the other days and plotting out a plan that ensures Bebe will not be as neurotic.

  11. Rob Rubin · · Reply

    Congratulations. We have 2 boys and when we went for the ultrasound for the second one, in one still photo he is clearly giving us the finger. I knew we were in trouble from that moment on.


    1. I think I would’ve rolled off the table laughing.

      And then promptly braced myself for his arrival. Good times!

  12. mommysaidaswearword · · Reply

    My girl was never cooperative. I always got “80%”. Even after a 30 hour labor, when they thrust her on my chest, I had to say “is it a girl?”, and I bawled with excitement when they said yes.
    I hope your little bean is perfectly healthy and cooperative for your next ultrasound.

    1. Bless your heart! Thirty hours! You are a major rock star! Exclamation points!

  13. Good luck! I’m sure it’ll work out fine!

  14. I remember the excitement of that very appointment. My Hubbie was all about having a boy but it was such a thrill for me to just know – because as you said, it lets you get that much closer to the tiny human being growing inside you. Once I knew (we had a boy, to Hubbie’s delight), I felt that much more connected to him. Strange, because sex really doesn’t matter, but knowing does give shape to our dreams and expectations, good or bad. Here’s hoping your next appointment lets you know for sure.

    1. Well said! We do now know for sure that the baby is a girl, and knowing that much more about who she is is indeed a picturesque little window into her identity. AND a good excuse to start shopping :)

      I’m looking forward to checking out your blog. Thanks for stopping in!

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