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So a woman walks into the ultrasound room…

Wow, now this is a big post. I mean, the reveal of the sex of our baby! I kind of wish it were 1999 so I could have some great spinning GIFs scattered around this post to heighten the excitement. As it is 2011, I suppose I’ll have to rely on my words, though, which […]

Notes on the 18th Week

Ah, the 18th week. Tomorrow we’ll have an ultrasound where we will *hopefully* find out the sex of Bebe, err, Pat. I’m not getting my hopes up too high, though. Would you if you were given this handout by your office?: Whatever. I get it. But the practice seems to be equally concerned with other […]

As if this were the only reason our baby will be awesome

Monday I finally saw my sweet lil’ perfect globule! Most exciting moment possibly EVER. Definitely on par with making a walk down the aisle, if that’s your cup o’ tea. I was so giddy and nervous at the same time to see Bebe because, well, I’m meeting my and B’s miracle! And so do you […]