So Touching

Bebe has been MASSIVELY active the past several days. She has been stretching out a lot, flailing her arms and kicking her little legs and generally being an octo-baby.

She is very much making her presence known! It’s hard to ever feel lonely as long as my little gal is sending me reminders that she is going to be here so very soon!


  1. That’s how mommies feel about their babes. Wondering about the Blondie picture……

    1. It’s a video of a song. Press play and it’ll make a lot more sense :) Love you.

  2. My husband and I once had a friendly parenting dispute on a looooong 2-day car trip to Key West once (the kind where you have a baby still on a feeding schedule and in diapers – and we weren’t disputing about ‘I told ya to stop at the last rest area!”). He kept getting irritated at child #1 behind him kicking his seat-back. I enjoyed child #2 behind me kicking my seat back. Somewhere around Gainesville we realized we were being inconsistent in our parenting between the two backseat riders. After analyzing our differing styles, it turned out that I enjoyed the seat-kicking because it comforted me, reminding me of their antics in utero. Nothing like a good, hard kick where it counts! Or elbow. Or fist. Or head butt….As I recall, we compromised, and I followed his lead to frown upon said kicking, but I didn’t exactly rat on any offenders, either. :)

    1. Love it! How could you rat them out? It’s their inborn nature. I think if I ever get unjustifiably annoyed or mad at Bebe after she’s born, it will be a good tactic for me just to recall her adorable little in utero kicks too and it will calm me down and help me to handle the situation better :)

  3. My niece kicked so much, her parents nicknamed her Kicky! We expect her to be a famous soccer player.

    1. Hehe we should get Kicky and Bebe together and they will resurrect women’s soccer!

  4. Let me outta here!

    1. Seriously! She’s really running out of space in there. It’s cramped!

  5. When I was a child, I had a wicked crush on Blondie (that is to say, on Deborah Harry–I was not, at that time anyway, polyamorous).

    1. She is cool. I have an old Blondie shirt that is by far one of my faves.

  6. So soon! Is she in your ribs yet? That’s the weirdest.
    I have nominated you for one of three awards. Please do come by and see what you’ve won. It’s like a box of cracker jacks, with a fake award at the bottom! Congrats, blog friend!

    1. She has her days when she certainly digs in pretty close to the ribs.

      You are too kind! Fanks!

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