Notes on the 32nd Week

There are lots of similarities between the first and third trimester. Barfing and nausea become your calling card. Your body aches in places it never ached before. I mean, my shoulders hurt. My shoulders! I’m waiting for my toenails to also jump ship. They’d find a way to punish me.

Also, you’re exhausted through and through. The only time I remember feeling this tired in the past was when I was pulling all-nighters in grad school trying to translate Sir Gawain and the Green Night from ye olde English and then attempting to come up with something intelligent to say about it in class. If you think coming up with content for something as straightforward as a pregnancy blog is at times tenuous, just think about trying to impress professors whose CVs are as long as your undergrad thesis. Who knew that medieval scholars can wear you out at the same frequency as a wee little baby in utero?

But for me, the biggest similarity between the first and third trimester is the everyday realization that WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A BABY! I seemed to have kind of gotten over our impending Bebe in the easy-peasy second trimester, but now I am reminded every single day that she is going to be here so soon and once she arrives I’ll know her forever. It’s crazy! It’s awesome! It’s crawesome! Even though pregnancy itself is a little old-hat by now, the idea that this little person who I’ve thought so much about over the last months is really materializing and will be in my life and in my arms soon is overwhelming and exciting.

So, a few notes:

I ordered more maternity clothes. Why? Because I grew out of the first round. When my mom and I went shopping for maternity clothes back in October, she kept saying that my body was going to expand in ways I thought absolutely impossible. As much as I hate to admit it because I still suffer from residual teenage angst, she was right. I am getting big. Bebe is getting big!

But I still reserve the right to be the ONLY person – aside from my doctor who can advise me objectively about my weight gain – who is allowed to comment on my size.

To the La Brea bread slicer lady at the grocery store: Keep your thoughts to yourself. And give me that loaf of ciabatta while doing so.

To the H&R Block tax consultant: I don’t care to discuss my girth with you. It’s weird enough that I’m discussing with you, a complete stranger, exactly how much money we made last year. If you found out any more sensitive information about me, I’d either have to kill or marry you, and I’d really prefer to do neither.

To the Subway “Sandwich Artist”: I am fully aware that I look about ready to pop, but I promise I won’t hold you responsible when that Veggie Delite you’re about to hand over does it.

Pregnant women are not public property and are not up for discussion. If we volunteer information about how we look, it is always always best to be supportive and positive in your comments. Even if a pregnant woman is indeed gaining a lot, there’s not a lot she can do about it because she can’t just try to reduce by putting herself on a low-carb diet and having an hour-long cardio workout everyday. No one – whether they’re perfect strangers, family, or anyone in between – has the right to make flip, inconsiderate comments about a pregnant woman’s size and what they perceive to be her progress. Her body is doing some really amazing things right now and should be respected.

I’m going to have a baby shower! On Friday I’m going to Memphis for my shower on Saturday. My besfrinn Cameron’s awesome mom Mary Beth is throwing the shindig for Miss Bebe, and some of my closest friends and family who I don’t get to see too often are going to be there. I’m a little cagey about traveling by myself, but since I’ll only be there until Tuesday and I’ve gotten the go-ahead to travel from my doctor, I realize that I’m just busying myself with one more thing to worry about. Bebe’s still got some cooking to do and won’t be making an appearance for a few more weeks.

The extra room is actually looking like a nursery. I am by no stretch of the imagination good with “transforming spaces” or whatever Nate Berkus would say. The only reason I liked the way we had things at our apartment in Chicago was because the apartment itself was old and had character and was easy to decorate because it was so antiquated. By contrast, our current apartment has the personality of oatmeal. And that’s not even being fair to oatmeal because all you have to do is stir any number of delicious embellishments into it and it becomes awesome. No amount of cinnamon, butter, strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate chips, coconut, or banana could redeem the place where we’re currently residing.

However, the nursery is now officially coming together. Over the weekend, B and I got to work on putting the crib and changing table together. Yesterday I hung some posters that we got when we were in Korea and put Bebe’s little swing rocker together. It was so easy! It is so cozy and a cuteness extravaganza!


  1. Well I can tell you one thing. If you and your husband are anything like me and my wife that will be the last time that nursery looks so neat and clean.

    1. Oh, we are more alike than you could imagine. I’m taking lots of photos now because as soon as she comes, that room is going to be filthy!

  2. You look fantastic, actually.

    One of my beefs with the makers of maternity-wear is that their products are no longer designed to last the entire 9 months.

    1. Thank you! And I expected that that was their ploy. I’ve also been surprised (but not really) by how cheaply-made some of the clothes actually are. Everything seems to be so disposable these days.

  3. You do look fantastic! Bump is nice and contained!

    1. Thank you! She’s tried to bust out a few times but she’s so uncoordinated that she’s only really punched my in my belly button.

  4. You’re looking great! I’ve decided the last 2 months of pregnancy can suck it. I’m glad to be experiencing them instead of living in preemie land, but still. There’s nothing fun about what’s going on with my body at this point.

    1. You look really good too! Your maternity photos are beautiful and you’re wearing your girls well. But I agree, I just want to pass go and evict Bebe at this point.

  5. I once told a friend that it is never acceptable to call a girl “big,” even she’s just tall. Not okay.

    1. Unless the girl’s name is Texas and she’s a dairy cow. But even then, Buttercup would be nicer. Wow, I can’t explain why the heck my brain just went there. Needless to say, I agree :)

  6. SO not looking forward to the third trimester. I have to go to two separate two-week trainings for work, one at the end of my 7th month, one at the end of my 8th. And sit in a hotel conference room from 9-4:30 Mon-Fri, learning ERISA law. And THERE’S A TEST AT THE END. Wtf.

    1. At the end of the training, you should reward yourself with a spa day or a trip to the wine store to bulk up your stock for after you give birth :)

  7. So agree with your comments. I had a relative come into a crowded room, and the first thing she says to me is “Wow your getting big!”

    1. It is so uncomfortable! And it boggles my mind even more when people who I know have given birth before make these comments and act like it’s totally cool, as if they somehow didn’t gain weight. People, sheesh.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  8. Yay for 32 weeks!

    I still can’t get over how cute the snug a bunny swing is!

    1. I am really loving that you know exactly which swing it is :) Ah, the new moms club!

  9. I totally hear you on a second round of maternity clothes – I was lucky to get all hand me downs – for second trimester I didn’t yet fit into the pants so I purchased pants – that I now no longer fit into. Luckily the hand me down pants fit great now!
    Nursery looks great!

    1. Thank you! I’m really grateful I got them all on sale because if I hadn’t I would’ve felt bad shelling out so much more money on clothes I will really only be wearing for two more months (I’m crossing my fingers that I can transition back to the first round of maternity clothes immediately after giving birth.)

  10. The room and you look great…but the room won’t stay like that for long…sorry !!

    1. So I’ve heard! It will be nice to christen the place with some spit up and poo though (famous last words!)

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  11. Oh the last eight weeks felt like the slowest time of my life and now she is almost two. How the hell does that happen?
    ps emailing you tonight :)

    1. It’s a shame Einstein never tackled the conundrum that is “Baby Time”. It defies all logic!

  12. I once had a baker put extra chocolate de pain in my bag because he said the baby I was baking needed some, too. Then he told me how beautiful pregnant women are. I think that baker was a genius. You look wonderful! So excited for the next amazing phase.

    1. If I weren’t already happily married, I would ask you to send me the name and address of that baker so I could propose to him! That is awesome. I could use a chocolate de pain right about now; so good! Thank you for your kind words :)

  13. I was almost turned away from a flight when I was about 8 months along with #2. Doc had said go for it, but my size made the airlines nervous. I got lectured by the head flight attendant, as if I was ignorant about my “condition.” Every time I got up to walk, er, waddle up the aisle (ha! baby stayed 2 rows ahead of me with each step) they eyed me with nervous disdain. Like I should stop my life and go back to bed and eat bonbons until the big day. Then, to spite the world at our beachy destination, I wore a bikini and parked under an umbrella. Gosh, I oughtta blog that pic!

    People can’t help but be nervous and astonished at you in the 3rd trimester – they simply can’t help themselves, I came to believe. It evokes such emotion in them for various reasons. You could get an XXL t-shirt and have printed on it, “Win a prize by NOT making a comment!” and hand out little tokens of appreciation. Or conversely, you could have a supply of pacifiers to hand out to those who feel the need to vocalize!

    1. I hopefully won’t have too much trouble since my flights are only like 45 minutes long apiece, but I am crossing my fingers that no one wants to hassle me. But I AM going to be carrying a few pacifiers should the need arise to plug some sassy flight attendant’s pie hole :) (I think my day was just made because I was able to use the euphemism “pie hole”…it’s the little things.)

  14. Right, okay, I know you said no one is allowed to make any comments on it, but holy HELL. You look like how I’d want to look if I were pregnant. I bet you don’t even look pregnant from behind. You look awesome!

    1. Awww, thank you! You are way too kind!

  15. I will tell you what I what I told my dad when I was a little girl: “If anyone is mean to you, I will beat them up.” I love you.

    1. I love you too. What would I do if I didn’t have you watching my back? :)

  16. Aww, the room is coming along so nicely! I SO remember the stage you’re in right now. You’re right: it is eerily similar to the first trimester…except you’re also expanding in ways you never thought possible and everyone keeps making dumb observations about your size and shape. I had a lady at my grocery store who would ask me if it was a boy or girl every time she saw me, and then when I said girl, tell me the whole birth story of how she had her daughter. She did this EVERY week for like, the last 5 weeks of my pregnancy. She never remembered that she’d already seen/talked to me. By the end, I was hiding from her.

    Anyway, you’re in the home stretch! So exciting! I can’t wait to see the little one!

    1. Hahaha! Somewhere along the line, she realized that it is nice and pleasant to make conversation about people’s pregnancy, but she never took the next step which is retaining the information! Too funny!

      I feel like I had just started reading your blog when you were at the same point in your pregnancy as I am now. It doesn’t seem like any time has elapsed at all. Pregnancy time is so weird and distorted.

  17. “Pregnant women are not public property and are not up for discussion. If we volunteer information about how we look, it is always always best to be supportive and positive in your comments. Even if a pregnant woman is indeed gaining a lot, there’s not a lot she can do about it because she can’t just try to reduce by putting herself on a low-carb diet and having an hour-long cardio workout everyday. No one – whether they’re perfect strangers, family, or anyone in between – has the right to make flip, inconsiderate comments about a pregnant woman’s size and what they perceive to be her progress. Her body is doing some really amazing things right now and should be respected.”

    NICELY PUT. Thank you!!! (I hope you don’t mind, I quoted you on the Broken Condoms Blog FB page…)

    1. You look adorable!!! ADORABLE!
    2. YAY for your baby shower!
    3. Home stretch, lady! You can do it!

    1. Awww, thanks. Frustration yields good writing sometimes :)

      I can’t wait to post on the shower! One of the hostesses is a real photographer and I fully intend on posting all the awesome photos she will hopefully take.

  18. I am so totally jealous of you and your awesome life. Keep posting so I can have a fabulous vicarious time through you!

    1. So funny you say that because I think the exact same of you :) Thanks!

  19. You look adorbs! And I know it’s crazy, but there’s still room to grow. I have maternity clothes that I can’t wear yet because my hips haven’t spread. Each pregnancy is different, so you STILL have to buy some new clothes for each round. They should just paint us in latex. And put us in an art show.

    Yay for nurseries! You are going to be surprised at how much Bebe uses that swing over the crib at first. And don’t worry, you’re both getting sleep so it’s ok.

    1. Thanks! Everyday I am more and more amazed at the size this girl is getting to be. At my shower, one of my friends who’s a nurse did an impromptu exam and said that she’s going to be a sizable gal! And I believe her more than my doctors :)

      As far as the swing, I may just lie down next to it and listen to its music because it’s just that dang soothing. That room is so calming!

  20. LOL, I remember with both my pregnancies people I didn’t even know would run up to me in malls and the grocery store and want to touch my belly like I was some ceramic Buddha in a Chinese restaurant. I got really cranky about it toward the end, so I love your observations about the whole gaining weight thing.

    On another note, I enjoy reading your blog so much that I’m giving you the Liebster Blogging Award. It was given to me by another blogger and in the interest of paying it forward to those whom I think deserve some well-deserved recognition, I’m giving it to you. Check out the details on my post at:

    Thanks for your posts. I’ve been enjoying them and look forward to more of blogs in the future! (Especially when you give birth. Holy smokes THAT will be a post I look forward to reading!)

    1. Awww, thanks! This means a lot to me coming from you, since you’re a real writer and all, not to mention a hilarious one! :D

      I’ve been kind of a lazy bum blogger lately but I’m going to get a new post up tomorrow or Friday. No birth posts quite yet but it can’t come soon enough!

  21. My son used the same swing when he was a newborn… the little birds and the music are so sweet. Sadly, I loved it more than he did. He’s move of a bouncer than a swing guy.

    I hated the doctor weigh ins during pregnancy. I gained weight fast in the 1st / 2nd trimester, so got the tut-tut about making every calorie count. Every body carries a baby differently. You look marvelous. Home stretch (and it does seem to streeeeetttccchhh way too long) is coming.

    1. I’m beginning to *sort of* get over the weigh-ins because I’m realizing that it’s all part of making a baby and giving up some control. That and the fact that I’m not cringing too much when I look at myself in the mirror anymore. In the long run, I’m more than likely NOT going to remember the weight gain too much, so I figure it’s not something I should put undue stress on in my life. it’s just not worth it, as long as the baby and I are healthy.

  22. This takes me back. A child’s birthday party nearly ground to a halt when I climbed in the bouncy castle at 38 weeks. The hostess, a good friend of mine, asked me to get out because I was making the other guests nervous. I think they were afraid I would either give birth or crush their child.
    I’d like to also add the pet peeves of critiquing a pregnant woman’s food choices (no, the lemon poppy seed cookie I ate will not make my baby a heroin addict) and the baby’s name (if you think I’ve chosen a dog’s name, please keep it to yourself.) People truly do think that you are public property because you are gestating.

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