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The Other Side: Notes on the Fourth Month

This is the awkward part when the new followers (welcome, by the way!) open the email or click on the link to this, my newest post since last Friday’s post was Freshly Pressed, and find out that this blog is essentially a (dum dum DAH)… …mommy blog. Don’t worry; I won’t be offended if you […]

The Other Side: Notes on the Third Month

So, maybe I’m a little late on the third month post since Miss C turned thirteen weeks last Saturday. But ever since we took our show on the road last week, it’s been a bit hard to keep up with her growth on the ol’ blog. This is humorous to me because of the proliferation […]

Notes on the 38th Week

Can I just gush for a sec? Thanks. I’M 38 1/2 WEEKS PREGNANT! I could have my Bebe in my arms by next week’s end! Or – gasp! – this week’s end! Or – faint! – the end of today! I think back to when I found out about my pregnancy last July and I […]

Notes on the 32nd Week

There are lots of similarities between the first and third trimester. Barfing and nausea become your calling card. Your body aches in places it never ached before. I mean, my shoulders hurt. My shoulders! I’m waiting for my toenails to also jump ship. They’d find a way to punish me. Also, you’re exhausted through and […]

Notes on the 28th Week

We have now entered the part of pregnancy when the products start to arrive. Although our apartment doesn’t quite look like a Babies ‘R’ Us yet, we have acquired a few new items that would indicate the presence of germy offspring to a prowler. Although I doubt it, the risk of pilfering a laptop or […]

Notes on the 23rd Week

It was way back in January when we knew this was going to be the year that we made a real go of making a baby. And then, in late March, when we returned to the US after touring Paris and Reykjavik, I started thinking about the time table this little endeavor would operate on. […]

Notes on the 18th Week

Ah, the 18th week. Tomorrow we’ll have an ultrasound where we will *hopefully* find out the sex of Bebe, err, Pat. I’m not getting my hopes up too high, though. Would you if you were given this handout by your office?: Whatever. I get it. But the practice seems to be equally concerned with other […]

Notes on the 15th Week

Sorry for the nearly week-long hiatus. I’ve been having pregnancy headaches lately and they seem to be exacerbated when I sit in front of the compy for longer than, like, 10 minutes. I have several close friends who have lived with real-deal migraines since childhood, so I don’t dare compare my pee wee head ouchies […]