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Born in a Car: Anna’s Birth Story

Over the holidays, I was scrolling through all the Christmas greetings in my Facebook feed when I stumbled across my friend Anna’s status update. It was the kind that you start reading and by the time you’re done, you have to pick your jaw up off the table and give it a reread just to […]

Breastfeeding Doesn’t Have to Be a Let Down

Did you know it is World Breastfeeding Month? So let’s talk about breastfeeding. And then let’s do a giveaway ;D I weaned C in December 2012 when she was nine months old. At that time, I had been pumping almost exclusively for five months because my output was slow and she would get exasperated waiting […]

My Pet Shadow

We are in the official doldrums of summer over here. It’s hot hot hot and the new owners of our apartment complex* have decided to forgo opening the pool in exchange for lowering our rent by $30. I’ll take those savings, but I’d prefer a pool when the mercury rises. Having B home is great […]

A Compulsory Post Concerning the Naming of the Kardashian-West Baby

B and I talk a lot about what makes a piece of Internet writing good. We share an interest in blogging and social media, so many times we narrate our evening strolls with C with conversations about Medium, blogging, and how we’re going to make our millions talking on the Internet. (Hint: we’re not.) The […]

Congratulations! It’s a human!

It’s no surprise that we liken newborns to sacks of sugar and hotdogs and tacos. (No? Just me?) They are as inanimate as various foodstuffs and their toes and ears just as delicious. We hold them up and admire them, but they’re not really humans because they lack the characteristics inherent to adults and even […]

I wrote some Stuph.

Twindaddy graciously invited me to write a guest post on his formidable corner of the Intertron, and I, of course, was all over that. Then – surprise, surprise – Wee Cee commandeered the keyboard while I was busy watching Arthur (because, let’s be honest, I am more of a fan than she is. She has […]

Oooooh That Smell: Living with a Stinky Kid

It will happen. You will think your baby is immune to it and that it’s an affliction that only claims children who log 30+ hours each week in the Pit of Filth otherwise known as McDonald’s Playplace, but you will be sorely wrong. You’ll wake up one morn lacking the ninja skills to effectively rid […]

Diapering Memorandum

Dear Ms. Baby, We regret to inform you that when you opted in to the Eating and Drinking Program (EDP), you also opted in to the Diaper Changing Program (DCP). For each meal/snack you consume, you will have to report to the changing table roughly two times. As long as your parent/guardian continues to feed […]

Mothers Day is great and sad. Twosies.

Even though Sunday was my second officially-sanctioned Mothers Day as a mom, it was effectively my first one. Last year, C was only about five weeks old on Mothers Day and I had no energy or desire to celebrate. No one was sleeping, no one was eating well, no one felt like a human. I […]

My Office

I am obsessed. I am obsessed with Anne Lamott’s wondrous book Bird By Bird. I am also obsessed with the word “wondrous” because I have used it no fewer than 65,936 times in the last week, and I have no intentions of retiring it from my vocabulary just yet. Lamott has given me the kick […]