March is for Art

Yesterday B and I went to the NC Triangle to drink some good coffee at Third Place, use up a Whole Foods giftcard (my, what a chore) and visit the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke. While we were wandering through the handful of galleries of the museum, it occurred to me that exactly one year ago we were in Paris, wandering through the best galleries in the world.

I’ve alluded to the trip we took to Europe last year on this blog more than a few times, mostly because it was that awesome. Neither of us had ever been to Europe before, and we owed it to ourselves to just go while we had the opportunity. We went to Paris for the art and learned that anyone can afford to spend a considerable amount of time in the city if they make that their focus. We didn’t eat out very much while we were there – probably only three or four meals throughout our entire two and a half weeks there – and the money we saved on self-catering enabled us to make multiple trips to the big museums, many of which are free or discounted on certain days. We also rented an apartment instead of staying in a hotel, which greatly reduced our lodging costs.

Today I thought I would just share a few of the photos we took in and around the museums of Paris. As you’ll soon see, we are no photographers and we don’t have a big expensive camera, but the pictures we snapped in Paris mean a lot to us. A lot of this art isn’t necessarily in a gallery, either, but that’s OK because the entire city is just oozing with beauty.


  1. Hi I’m new to blogging and ur blog. Loved the pics. I’ve never been to Europe but hope to some day :)

    1. Welcome! Hope blogging and Europe brings you as much joy as it has brought me.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! I especially love the one of the ballerina tutu in the store window. I lived in Paris for a short time when I was in high school and this brought wonderful memories. I want to go again soon!

    1. Me too! If you do, let’s meet up :)

  3. I love the pictures! Very artful:)

    1. Thanks. I love taking any opportunity to go through them.

  4. Great pictures!
    My boyfriend and I went to France after I graduated college. We stayed with his cousin in Lyon for the majority of our trip, so that helped save money and we stayed in Paris for 3 nights, so we really only had to pay for that (pretty cheap too!). We loved it and plan to go back to visit again soon! During the 3.5 days we were in Paris we did lots of sight-seeing (and even went to the Louvre twice and still didn’t see a third of what is there!) and had a great time.

    1. We went to the Louvre twice too and just barely saw everything! And we were moving the entire time, which you kind of have to do in the mega-famous exhibits. Paris is indeed a fantastic place! We really, really hope to go back again someday too.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  5. Forget the art! Were those onions or giant garlic pods? Wondering why they were abandoned on some street in France without a chef looking after them.

    1. Um, those were onions littered on a windowsill outside a BANK. I just about died when I saw them and I wonder what the story was behind them.

  6. J’adore Paris. How I miss it so. And what beautiful pictures. In a few years we are taking my daughter to disneyland paris, you should come !

    1. Sounds good! That gives us enough time to save up :)

  7. I love the pictures and totally envy you the trip…and then I came to the one of the giant stained glass window and immediately thought “Is it just me or does that look like a very large phallic symbol?” So now I must perform 12 Hail Mary’s and 9 Our Fathers if I ever want to get into heaven…sorry, God….

    1. You naughty girl! But who knows? Maybe that’s what the architects of Notre Dame had in mind. Better get to praying just in case, though ;)

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