To the Wayfaring Bloggers

I follow what, to me, seems like a lot of blogs. The blogs I love, I love a lot, and this is probably because I can actually form a relationship with the people who write them by coming to appreciate their talents as writers and people. I don’t really follow the behemoth blogs like Dooce* because it’s difficult to strike up a rapport with a blogger whose readership totals the same population as the EU. That’s just me, though.

*And the thing is that I think I could make a good friend for Dooce. We both grew up in the suburbs of Memphis. I mean, I get her.

So I notice when bloggers go missing. I start to get nervous.

“What happened to ***? Did her evil boss finally do her in? Shall we release the hounds?”

“I need a laugh about sorority life. So where’s ***? Spring Break has got to be over with by now.”

I can't Google these on my own. I need your filter, o lolcats blogger.

It goes on. I get fixated on these bloggers’ unannounced hiatuses. I forgive them, because y’know, life gets in the way sometimes of documenting new low-sodium recipes, posting pictures of LOLcatz, and detailing the pains of dental work. I get it. I’m guilty of it too.

But seriously, guys, just phone home every so often. I’m your weird Internet mommy who wants to know you’re alive. Just check in. Please? Pweese?


  1. I have the reverse problem. Since moving my blog to my own host, I’ve been wondering where my readers are.

    1. You have built it, so they will come ;)

    2. I have the precisely same problem.

  2. I’ve wondered about this – is it worse to announce you’re on a hiatus or to just go on one?? There’s nothing worse than coming across a really good blog that hasn’t been updated for ages. I always just assume they fall in the category of “dead” blogs and lose interest, not sure whether a message would keep them more on my radar. PS – don’t like your new froggy banner! It weirds me out! :)

    1. I think it’s better to just leave a line and say you’ll be out for awhile. Even if you never return to your blog and it dies, at least it kind of has a funeral (?)

      Ooooh, don’t let the frogs hear you say that. They are devious and will come and get ya ;)

  3. It is so funny that you mentioned Dooce and Memphis. I have been reading Dooce for about a year now and she mentioned not too long ago that she grew up in Bartlett. OMG! I have an aunt who have lived there over 50 years! We have visited many times over the years so I am very familier with the Memphis area. I don’t know how they face leaving the house know they are going to see Elvis EVERYWHERE! I like Elvis and all, but not in a way that I can never escape!

    1. Y’know, it’s funny; you only really hear about Elvis when it’s his birthday or the anniversary of his death and I think that’s because that’s when all the tourists come and therefore all the local businesses will be raking in the moolah. I’ve been to Graceland a couple times. It is pretty ridic!

      1. My cousin calls the Elvis birth and death dates “the high holy days.” I was referring to all the bill boards and advertising I saw everywhere the last time we were there. We went to Graceland once and to Sun Studios once over the years. When we got to the front door of Graceland we were told no flash photography because the flash would harm the “artifacts.” My husband and I almost burst out laughing. It was hard for us to get out minds around “Elvis” and “artifacts” being in the same sentance.

        1. Sun Studios is so cool! I just went there for the first time ever last year with some friends who were visiting Memphis.

          Ah yes, the “artifacts.” There are King Tut artifacts. There are Napoleonic artifacts. But most fragile of all are the Elvis artifacts. We wouldn’t want to fade the sheen of his plastic sofas and leopard-print wall coverings with our flash photography.

  4. HA HA! I think I love you, lol. Great stuff. :) Angie

    1. Awww, thanks! Blog love is my faves! Right back at you :)

  5. You were on my feed today. Yipee.
    I wonder about miss D. I miss her.

    1. I miss her, too :( I have a feeling she will return, though.

  6. Stepping away from blogging is like stepping off a bus – you think you’ll get back on soon, but find the route has changed and the #4 bus doesn’t run anymore.

    1. Love that analogy! Let’s keep going with it!

      Here’s my contribution. Blogging is like taking a bus. It will be a lot more entertaining if you do it while slightly inebriated.

      1. And the characters you meet make the ride more interesting.

  7. Me, on the other hand, I love your froggy banner. ;) I get lost every once in a while, but it only lasts a little while. Well, less than 27 hours to be exact.

    1. Thanks :) It’s not going anywhere.

      It’s nice to know that there are a few bloggers who will always return. I hope hope hope I don’t stray too far away once the Beebs pops out. I really should start pre-writing some posts to release once she comes. Ah, pregnancy in the 21st century; it used to be that you just had to fill your freezer with meals but now you also have to prepare blog posts to release postpartum.

      1. LOL! It is true. I know I do it when I go on vaca. For you, that would be a working vaca of a different sort!

  8. I have been laughing the whole time while reading your blog. Thank you for the smiles! As others have stated I think its nice to leave a note if you’re going on hiatus or going for good. But there are those who really can’t say anything and if you only know them via the internet, you have no way of finding out otherwise.

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