Le Clown, Indeed

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Sorry, that was Miss C. She’s a tad annoyed with me this morning because I am more interested in getting on Le Clown’s blogroll than, y’know, washing her diapers. Looks like she’ll be wearing her Up&Up Target brand diapers for a couple more hours, much to the chagrin of Greenpeace. Mama’s got priorities, and making soup in the washing machine is not on the top right now.

That was really gross. Sorry.

Anyhow, Le Clown’s blogroll. I am competing to get on it because being Freshly Pressed twice just isn’t enough. Having a healthy, adorable child isn’t enough. Being married to my best friend isn’t enough. No, apparently I also need the approval of this cheeky Canadian clown:

Again, priorities. As of this morning, I am in second place in the race for one of five open spots on the blogroll for the more mild-mannered alter ego of Le Clown, L’eric. I’m just as surprised as you are.

If you are so inclined to do these sorts of things, please mosey over to the nomination post on A Clown on Fire, find my comment where I nominated myself (I am my own best cheerleader, ha.) and “like” it. Vote for some other cool blogs too. It’s fun!


  1. Le Clown · · Reply

    Five extra points to you!!
    Le Clown

  2. bellissimom · · Reply

    Washing diapers kind of sucks! She will survive in disposables a bit longer & I promise I won’t call Greenpeace on you if you promise the same in return.

    1. It’s not my favorite chore, but the amount of money we’re saving by doing it is astronomical so I’ll live.

  3. Liked.
    On the condition you never refer to “Washing Machine Soup” in any form again.

    1. Here, here. Even tho I’m already crafting a Haiku in my head beginning with those five syllables. A product of my involuntary nervous system. Obviously.

      1. GAH!!!
        Sad thing is, if you post it, I’ll read it.


        1. Washing machine soup
          Thick with cloth and suds and poo
          No Pampers, boo hoo

          :) You’re welcome, Guap. I’ve undoubtedly made your Wednesday that much more special. And thanks for the inspiration, Emily!

          1. Erm, you’re welcome? That is some amazing poetry. For a second there I kind of looked forward to doing the laundry! ;)

          2. Erm…Thanks?
            Yes, you’ve definitely made my Wednesday….unique! ;)

      2. Wow, I didn’t know I had created such an earworm. Ewww. Sorry. Sorrys, all around.

        1. >i>earworm? Oh, man. That’s another…. now my ear is itchy and I can’t stop seeing maggots everywhere.

          1. I am just a magnet to the nasties today. I promise to write about bleach or something tomorrow.

    2. Agreed. That was a severe oversight, I’ll admit.

  4. I liked you at hello. :). You have my vote, Emily and did so yesterday during all that craziness! Hope you are there — you deserve it.

    1. Thanks, Brig! I appreciate it ;D

  5. Well, at least no one can say you’re not determined. :)

    1. Those words are definitely rarely said about me. The competitive side of me comes out in strange situations.

  6. Heading on over to LIKE you…to get away from the smell.

    1. Yeah, that smell is definitely me. Sors.

  7. I already voted for you, but I wish I could again based on that soup comment alone.

    1. Ha! Thanks. I think the soup union is going to come after me for that one.

  8. Fish Out of Water · · Reply

    Just duct tape her to a wall with a bucket underneath. This is the truly important stuff. I’m still wading through comments on that post. I’ll get to yours and vote eventually.

    1. I know, it’s kind of a zoo over there. I need to find a direct link to my comment. Thanks in advance, Fish!

  9. Ha! I love being supportive. I’ll hop on over there.

  10. […] for about a week or so, but that’s long enough to know that I like what I see. Today in her blog pitch post she speaks of washing machine soup. This is in reference to cleaning her baby’s cloth […]

  11. I have liked. My phone is being evil, so I hope it went through.

    1. It did! Thank you so much for doing this for me!

  12. Arrrghhhh! I will vote for you, but you have to watch out for Canadians. And I feel compelled to check out Le Clown now, even though he is compelling bloggers to dance for his favours!! Le Clown indeed–clowns come from those moist, soiled places where everything is deep-fried, even Kool-Aid. DON’T DRINK THE KOOL-AID!!
    Okay, so Le Clown might be all that, but lately I’m intimidated by good writers. Maybe I should go out and buy a stack of Dan Brown books so I can feel good about myself again.
    OMG, and soup??? SOUP???? That’s it. You are an honorary Canadian.

    1. You are THE BEST, LB!

      This is random, but have you heard about Canadica? I hear they are still looking for Canadian bloggers. I think you need in on this immediately.

      1. It’s an interesting idea! I will have to sober up a bit and give it some thought.

  13. […] thanks, Clau. I’m really glad my post about entering Le Clown’s blogroll contest was so awesome that it became self-aware and actually added itself to your browser with no help […]

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