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A PSA, only 100x better and with prizes.

So, unless you have been living under a rock (and it’s OK if you have because that sounds kind of cozy and the rent is for sure cheaper than it would be if you lived in a real apartment), we are all gearing up for Movember! Today, Le Clown is outlining all the plans he’s […]

Let’s have some fun.

I had planned on publishing this post on Friday, but I’m too excited to get started with it. May the games begin!  We’re all friends here, right? Right. So what do you do when you have a group of friends that you want to bond with? You all go to Walmart and photograph each other […]

Don’t Make Me Beg

My blog has been hijacked. This is nothing new. First Miss C hijacked it with her cuteness and now Le Clown has hijacked it with his, erm, well, it’s not cuteness. His magnificence? Yeah, let’s go with that. Today is the last day of Le Clown’s Blogroll Contest. Le Clown is also Le Marketing Genius. […]

Babies Aren’t the Only Absurd Things

Actual conversation that just occurred: B: Are you playing that Clown blogroll game again? Me: Dur. YES. I may actually win. B: Well that sounds like a great use of your time. Me: This from the person who is tweeting at Zooey Deschanel until she tweets back at you. Yeah. So that’s what we’re doing […]

Babies Are Absurd

I was washing the dishes yesterday with Miss C in her little Rock ‘N Play thing next to me, just watching me. And it occurred to me. Babies are ridiculous. Truly ridiculous. I think it’s like when you say a word over and over and over, and eventually it sounds like martian-talk. When you think […]

Le Clown, Indeed

fyfrghfghftyfvghfvhfghv bnn,mjlkhkjbnmvcbnvdgfgcvbnvhj Sorry, that was Miss C. She’s a tad annoyed with me this morning because I am more interested in getting on Le Clown’s blogroll than, y’know, washing her diapers. Looks like she’ll be wearing her Up&Up Target brand diapers for a couple more hours, much to the chagrin of Greenpeace. Mama’s got priorities, […]