Let’s have some fun.

I had planned on publishing this post on Friday, but I’m too excited to get started with it. May the games begin! 

We’re all friends here, right? Right. So what do you do when you have a group of friends that you want to bond with? You all go to Walmart and photograph each other wearing muumuus! No? OK, maybe that’s just me and my imaginary friends.

What people really do when they have a group of people they’ve bonded with is sit around and decide what celebrities would play them all in a movie about their friendship. It’s always fun to see who you would pick for yourself and who your friends would pick for you. “Fun,” however, does not necessarily mean “flattering.” When I worked at the restaurant in Chicago, my coworkers chose Ricki Lake to play me in the movie of our restaurant. I was less than flattered.

Wow, guys, THANKS. Source

Another time, a friend of mine told me that I reminded him of Liz Lemon. Aside from the fact that Liz Lemon is a fictional character who technically couldn’t play me in a movie because she’s too busy eating hotdogs, that was an improvement on Ricki Lake.

A picture is worth a thousand meatball subs. Source

I like to think that in a movie of my life, Audrey Tatou would dramatize me. This is perhaps my most delusional fantasy of my adult life. My most delusional fantasy of my childhood was getting to be the bassist in the Show-Biz Pizza band, but this is realistic compared to me being a beautiful quirky French-speaking waif.

Amelie=Emily Source

The thing about these three celebrities is that people who really know me and have met me in the flesh chose them for me. When given the uncensored version of me, these are the celebs they came up with. Here in Jonesville*, my personna is highly censored. You get the Emily I want you to get. Do I really look like my Gravatar image? Um, kinda? You will have to ask Le Clown what I really look and sound like since he’s the only blogger I’ve ever spoken to face-to-face, via Skype.

*I HATE the term “blogosphere” with unbridled ire, so I have renamed it Jonesville for lack of better terms. I am still accepting submissions for a better name, but good luck with that.

So let’s have some fun. Let’s put these personnas we’ve crafted to good use and cast Blogging: The Movie. In the comments, indicate that you’re game and we’ll nominate some celebs to play you. (Notice the “we”; I wish I could do this all on my own but I need your help! I would probably just freak out and nominate Daniel Day-Lewis for everyone.) Scan the comments and choose celebrities to play other bloggers you know. Check back on the comments later and see who we all think would make a good fit for you. I am going to enable the thumbs up/ thumbs down thingy, so if you don’t like that someone has suggested that Louie Anderson suits you to a tee, you can push thumbs down 1,000 times.

Also, feel free to fan my ego by telling me that you’ve been thinking I was Audrey Tatou the whole time. I totes don’t mind.


  1. Le Clown · · Reply

    I’m so in. What a clever twist on the doppelgänger game. Of course you can only say that only the handsome Robert Downey Jr can play Le Clown. Pennywise and Pogo the Clown may all be excused from the list.

    And Emily, aren’t you Amélie Poulain?
    Le Clown

    1. I love that you referred back to Pogo the Clown. RFL will love that. Robert Downey Jr is a good fit for you, but so is Morrissey. (I never said my celeb picks would be any good.)

      1. Le Clown · · Reply

        Do you know the song John Wayne Gacy by Sufjan Stevens? If there could be one lovely song about Pogo the Clown, that would be it.

        Morrissey… Now let me find your doppelgangers…
        Le Clown

        1. B has the Illinoise album but I can’t place that song. I will have to listen to it again in order to populate the soundtrack of my nightmares.

        2. Le Clown, you are a mix of RDJ and David Schwimmer. That is who I’ve always seen you — as a nice morph of the two.

          1. Le Clown · · Reply

            I’ve been told many times about David Schwimmer, and other similar ones like him too, including Adam Sandler…
            Le Clown

    2. Could I go with a fictional character? Because your blog parties remind me of Jay Gatsby’s.

      The first real celebrity that popped into my head was Buster Keaton. Because you’re quite slapstick-like, except in words rather than actions, obviously. But there’s also a touching sensitive side to you, like there is with many Buster Keaton’s characters.

      1. Angel,
        The Great Gatsby! How suave! I’ll take it.
        Le Clown

        1. Gatsby also threw many garish parties.

    3. I don’t know…maybe an older DB Sweeney for you, LC.
      Both your pictures and your writing tone describe someone who has become comfortable living in his own skin, which is an impression I get from him.

      Besides, DB was once in a movie where he was a hockey player turned figure skater. That’s a Canadian thing, right?

      1. Guapo,
        DB Sweeney is pretty accurate. We also share the same bags under our eyes.
        Le Clown

    4. I saw that someone once compared you to Anthony Bourdain, but I’m not going to do that. My dad happens to think Bourdain looks like Tom Bergeron, so I think I will go that route. You have any funny home videos we can watch? (Sorry)

      1. I’m still working on you, Jon…

        1. Jon, you are Steve Harwell – lead singer of Smash Mouth! YES! PERFECT.

      2. Oh man, Anthony Bourdain TOTALLY looks like Tom Bergeron! I can’t believe I’ve never noticed that before!

        1. Yes, and in my dad’s crazy reasoning he doesn’t like Bourdain because he doesn’t like Bergeron.

          1. That’s HILARIOUS Brother Jon!

            1. Yeah. He’s also that guy that said “I celebrated the Fourth of July on October 14th once. You just never know.”

              1. Your dad sounds like a riot!

          2. That sounds exactly like something my dad would say. Are you my actual brother, Jon?

            1. Well, I’m kind of adopted, so there’s no telling.

    5. Omg, just yesterday I was thinking how I assumed le clown’s voice was like RDJ! No joke, foshiz.

      1. LP,
        There’s a cat’s paw on your face, in your About section. But. Claire Dane?
        Le Clown

        1. I like Claire Danes for LP. That’s a big compliment since I wanted to be her when I was 13.

        2. Yup, I could see Claire Danes.
          My Halloween post has more pics of my full face, sans cat.

  2. Oh, can’t wait to see wait you come up with for me.

    (Though my own choice is Errol Flynn, with Danny Devito as the voice in my head.)

    1. Based on you love of music and long hair, the first thing that pops in my head is Sean Penn in the Fast Times era. Feel free to fire away with that thumbs down button.

      1. GAH!!! I will now have to shave my head and start listening to Orchestral Death Metal to shake the stigma!

    2. Le Clown · · Reply

      Based on the only picture I’ve seen of you, and because you have a very kind face, and a great smile, I would have to say Groucho Marx. And I mean this in the best possible way. (I once told a man he looked like John Malkovich and he got very angry with me… I think JM was very handsome in his younger days).
      Le Clown

      1. Groucho Marx is actually a high compliment, Le Clown.
        Thank you.

        1. I would have gone with Owen Wilson, likeable and easygoing. I don’t have any particular reason, more of a vibe. Also, you should start getting paid his salary…

      2. Yeah, Groucho Marx is WAY better than Sean Penn. Hands down.

    3. I think Bill Murray has to play the part of El Guapo!

      1. Oh. My. God.

      2. Good idea, Linda!

  3. Em, I’m in. I’d pick Liz Lemon for you. She’s cool.

    1. Who should play you, Brigitte? Obviously someone with gorgeous eyes. Who do you identify with?

      1. When I was younger people used to tell me I looked like Sheryl Crow (was probably the hair and eyes). Not sure who I identify with….though. Grippy, I’d go with Katherine Ross for you and Claire Dane for Lily.

        Eric reminds me of Anthony Bourtain and I don’t know all the others people here!

        1. it would have to be a mix of AB and RD for Eric I think. Anthony has some tude but he’s older than Eric.

          1. YES!! ANTHONY BOURTAIN for Eric. Perfect!!!

            1. I know, right? Eric’s hair is darker but he reminds me so much of him.

            2. How funny, I had NEVER heard of Anthony Bourtain until a client of mine mentioned him in relation to my work…and now here I come across the name in less than 7 days.

    2. Le Clown · · Reply

      From your pics, some pretty 1970 actress. Something like not quite like Cheryl Tiegs, but around there… I’m still googling actresses…
      Le Clown

      1. Why thank you.

        1. I like Rosie Vela for you. She’s drop dead gorgeous and has the curls and everything. Super model deluxe, Brig.

          1. I had to google her. She’s pretty.

            1. Listen and watch her youtube music video Magic Smile. I LOVE HER. She’s romantic beauty all the way.

              1. I googled pics of Katherine Ross — she’s gorgeous. Loved her in the Graduate and wasn’t she in Billy and the Sundance Kid?

                1. Yeah, she was also in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Her eyes are bigger and prettier than mine but back in the 70’s I might have had a look of her?

                  1. unfetteredbs · · Reply

                    I have had to google everyone you all are talking about.. i am sooo out of this convo

                    1. Who do people say you look like?

                    2. unfetteredbs · ·

                      oh lord… who the hell knows.. estelle getty

                    3. Oh right, and I look like Andy Rooney. Haha!
                      I’ve seen your daughters and your husband and your blue eyes and I KNOW for a fact that you’re beautiful, inside and out. (you’ve got strange men wanting to run their fingers through your hair for Pete sake!) LOL!

                    4. unfetteredbs · ·

                      well I am pretty close to Estelle.. short, white hair and cranky

                    5. I didn’t know who a lot of these people were too!

        2. Brigitte,
          A prettier version of Judith Light. There.
          Le Clown

          1. Eric, look up Rosie Vela for Brig.

            1. dear gawd, I obviously need to change my hairstyle. (judith light). I think she has really short hair now….but I can see it.

              1. She’s too sharp and pointy and blah for Brig. No to Judith Light. That’s me being bossy. haha!

                1. thank you, Grippy. I think she’s cool and I love her acting but she is rather angular. Ha.

                  Matters not, I can play any role. ;).

            2. Grippy,
              I did. I don’t really see it though… Now I am looking for your doppelgangers, Grippy.
              Le Clown

                1. Grippy,
                  Ok. My first impression… a softer version of Katie Couric: bright, sensitive.
                  Le Clown

                  1. Thank you. That’s a nice compliment. And if I ever get my own talk show, you will be my first guest :)

          2. she was pretty back in the day. ;).

            1. Hello!!? You are beautiful NOW! No ifs ands or buts. Talk to the hand. haha!

            2. I read this as “I” was pretty back in the day, thus my response.
              If we’re talkin’ Katie Couric – she has a great personality but I don’t necessarily see my face in hers?

              1. Truthfully, Ms. Couric does that overly-sweet thing sometimes, but that’s just my humble opinion which doesn’t mean much. I’m sticking with Katherine Ross. :).

                1. Thanks, Brig. Le Clown’s got me a little depressed about Katie Couric. I hate the overly-sweet thing, too, and not to be mean, but she sort of has a gummy smile. haha! I think I’ll have to part ways with Miss Couric.

                  1. I totally agree. She can be a bit of badgering type of interviewer as well. I dunno — I don’t see that (as you) at all.

                    I’m parting with JL, but again, it doesn’t matter. Life will go on one way or another. ;).

                    1. Agree. I see my friends from the inside out, anyway. To me, that’s where the beauty emanates from. ;)

              2. unfetteredbs · · Reply

                NO on the Katie Couric.. I know I am late to the party but I had to add my 2 cents this one.. no no no

                1. Thanks, Audra! I was scared.

                  1. unfetteredbs · · Reply

                    ohhh I was shaking my quite hard on that one.. no way jose. I mean I don’t know you that well but man no way would that picture ever pop in my head. It is funny playing this little game because we are going from the inside out instead of the outside in..make sense?

          3. Hahaha! Judith Light is so underrated.

    3. Thanks Brig! I take that as a compliment!

    4. Brigitte, I would cast Drew Barrymore for you because she’s likable and fun.

      1. I like that one better any of them for personality alone. Thanks, Em.

      2. And she’s the perpetual optimist, that’s always how I think of you Brig.

        1. Dear gawd, how I try. Thanks, Fish. I dig Drew.

    5. Brigitte, the first person that came to mind when I saw your picture was Teri Garr, like from Young Frankenstein.

      1. “Roll, roll, roll in the hay!”

      2. A young Teri Garr. Good one.

        1. Grippy, Tim is playing now! Want to come up with someone to play him?

  4. I humbly offer myself up as a specimen . . . because I like games.

    1. Angel, now you’re going to have to tell me if I am TOTALLY off with this, because I very well may be. But I am going to chose Bjork for you (BTdubs, I LOVE her, so this is a compliment!) Have you ever seen the movie Dancer In the Dark? Bjork is the star of it and she is just magical in it. (And I just described someone as magical. Cue self loathing.)

      1. I can’t say, as I know next to nothing about Bjork. Except for the fact that she exists and is *in* “Dancer in the Dark,” but I haven’t seen that movie. And is probably more outrageous than me

  5. Emily, I totally see you as a Tina Fey type. Smart, funny, down to earth, kind, creative, etc. She is who I would cast to play you in the Jonesville spectacular. Rikki Lake… what the hell? Just, No, on that.

    I’m working on Guapo… thinking hard… He may be a Eddie Van Halen and Benjamin Bratt combo?

    As for me… I’ve been told I look like Candice Bergen, Brooke Shields, and Katharine Ross. I’m happy with any of those, although somebody might have a totally different take. Lily thinks I look like Mischa Barton. Isn’t that kind? That’s why I love her. I have a friend who thinks Clare Danes is beautiful. Is it any coincidence that she looks a lot like her? haha! I think not.

    Are we combining looks and personality? Or just looks?

    1. You have nailed it all on ALL counts, Lisa! Guap as a EVH and BB combo…just love it. Perfect! I think he would like it too.

      Also, I like Candice Bergen for you but I am going to really be thinking about who I would chose to play you and get back to you.

      I thought we could combine looks and personality, but since a lot of people don’t put pictures of themselves on their blogs, I guess it would have to be based on personality.

      1. True. Good point. Yeah, I have no idea who Weebles looks like? I guess we have to go by her personality?

  6. Huzzah! I nominate Anne Hathaway a’la The Princess Diariesa to play you in our totally legit movie situation. I don’t know why, but it just seems to fit. Her character there (and Anne in general) seems like she’s a genuinely nice person, with a bit of a nerdy side. And I guess that’s how I see you!

    1. I have no clue what “diariesa” is, but “diaries” seems right.

    2. Yes! I love it! Thank you for stroking my ego! For you I chose Christina Ricci because she is beautiful and complex and she makes me laugh when I least expect it. Am I totally off on that one?

      1. I’d never heard Christina Ricci, but it actually does kind of fit my personality! I get A LOT of Drew Barrymore comments too. SO MUCH DREW BARRYMORE. LOL

        1. Oh, I totally agree with Christina Ricci for you!

          1. The picture in your about section on your blog almost reminds me of Alexis Bledel. You have lovely eyes like her.

          2. Woohoo!! I like her so that is a huge compliment!!

  7. Yeah, I’m in too. People have told me Elvis Presley and Elvis Costello (how does that even work?) and I’ve also been told John Travolta, but my dimple chin has been covered up since 2001. (But, it’s going to be revealed on Nov. 1st.)

    1. I always think Elvis Costello when I think of you Jon. I love him, by the way. It’s totally not a dig.

      1. Yeah, it doesn’t bother me. It didn’t start, though, until I got my first pair of glasses about three or four years ago. When I’m clean shaved I also accept Greg Proops.

        1. Greg Proops! I had totally forgotten that guy even existed! He is hilarious and wonderful.

          1. Ocelot, ocelot….in America we call it Jell-O, man.

            I think those are his go to jokes. He even has a Star Wars connection. Super cool

    2. BJ,
      For me, you are the child of Kevin James + Jon Favreau + Kevin Smith.
      Le Clown

      1. I would not like to witness them all having grownup love time together. However, I like the combo for Jon. Nice.

      2. I think this is more of a compliment than it seems. Happy Silent Bob, hmm.

  8. And for the record, I can see you as Audrey Tatou. Definitely. :)

    1. I knew I loved you.

      1. I totally agree with her!

        1. You guys are both now my favorite bloggers. Period.

  9. Lily sort of looks like Blake Lively and Ivanka Trump had a baby. She’s away in Seattle visiting a friend so I’ll put that in for her.

    1. yes, Lily is Blake Lively, not Claire Danes. I changed my vote. :).

    2. That’s always how I’ve thought of her too!

  10. Oh my Bob!! The Showbiz Band!! You are bringing back the memories girl. I totally see Audrey Tatou in you or you in her or whatever. That’s a good one. When I was in high school and Beverly Hills 90210 was all the rage, everyone told me I look like Shannen Doherty. She has the gap in her teeth, though. Eh.

    1. That’s it, Fish. You’re Shannon Doherty — she had bright blue eyes, but he was a bee-otch, wasn’t she? :).

      1. Totally. I have my moments, so maybe it’s a good fit.

    2. I think I want to scrap the original idea for this game and just cast bloggers in the roles of the original 90210 characters. How much fun would that be?

      You are hard to cast, Fish. I think this is because you have an extremely defined voice on your blog and it’s hard to choose someone to be you when you are the best you. I will have to think on that one.

      1. But then someone would have to be Donna Martin!!

  11. Well crap – I want to play, but I’m such a pop-culture loser … I don’t even know who Liz Lemon is (but I’m sure the internet-tubes will tell me)…. but I can see the Tina Fey connection for Emily.

    I’d like Carolyn Jones to play me – but during my high school years, a lot of people would tell me I looked like Lisa Bonet (Denise Huxible from the Cosby show).

    I can see Robert Downy Jr for Le Clown – but he does have a face that is very familiar – can’t put my finger on it at the moment. He’s too tall for Buster Keaton :)

    I see Lauren Abrose for Brigitte – based on her avitar

    Emily – Hairspray is my favorite movie – so of course, I loved the picture you chose..

    1. Denise, I don’t know who I see for you? I’m basing this on the “Go Team Quentin picture.” I’m still thinking.

      1. I’m not in the Go Team Quinten picture – that’s my friend Romi

        1. NO WONDER!!! I was like Lisa Bonet? What the heck?? hahaha!

          1. you were thinking – she’s delusional…

            1. Yeah I was like there’s something more to this that I’m not seeing. haha!

      2. This is me (years and years ago)

        Ah – that answers my question to Brigitte on where she saw me…duh..

        1. Okay, that makes more sense. Geeze, aren’t we just the most attractive group of people. haha! I can see that you’re gorgeoso even in your younger years. Seriously, you’re beautiful, Denise.

          1. We are HOT!

            Aw thanks (really, it’s the photographer more than me) – as I sit here with a huge gash across my nose from my cat ricocheting off my face this morning at the same time as my alarm went off – which scared her and now I have a clown nose…

        2. You look like a young Catherine Keener in that picture. With the long hair, I could see it.

          1. We share a birthday within 4 days (and SEVERAL YEARS) apart!

            1. She is obviously 20 years older than you, so you have aging well to look forward to.

                1. Also: In my defense I thought C.K. was much younger because in my mind it’s still 1994 when it comes to movies.

                  1. No appologies needed – I’m completely out of the movie star loop… when we play this ‘game’ at the work lunch table, I’m pretty much rendered mute – which for anyone that knows me – is pretty stunning.

                    I want to be portrayed by Morticia Addams – or Maggie Smith or Vanessa Redgrave (I have a yen to be a red head).

    2. Denise,
      Based on your pictures, I see Linda Fiorentino.
      Le Clown

      1. I’ll take it – I always wanted to be a femme fatal

    3. Ha! Hairspray – the ORIGINAL Hairspray – is the best! Denise, your Gravatar always reminds me of Stevie Nicks, who I really like. Also, your posts kind of remind me of her too because they are poetic and full of stories, so I chose her for you.

      1. Ha ha – I loved Stevie Nicks when I was about 13 or 14.
        Oh yes, ONLY John Water’s Hairspray. I love that its’ the only movie where the fat girl wins – as a former heavy girl, I understood…

  12. Ruta, I don’t know who Carolyn Jones is but I do know who Lisa Bonet is — that’s you, the hair. I didn’t know who Lauren Abrose was either — really? She’s really young. ;)

    1. Carolyn Jones was Morticia Addams (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0427700/)

      Lauren Ambrose played Claire Fischer in Six Feet Under – she’s a GORGEOUS red head..http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0024404/

      I’m curious how you knew what my hair looked like – my avatar is Mortica Addam (my husband painted it for me…and someone did say it looks a little like me – which was very cool).

      1. I solved my own mystery, Brigitte…ha ha – I posted a picture of myself on one of my posts you must have seen.

  13. OH OH OH! DO ME DO ME!

    Wait, that sounded better in my head. BUT STILL!

    Em, I actually see you more as Lisa Loeb (which is funny because I always get that one, but it’s really just because of the glasses), because I think you have the same smile.

    1. SJ,
      I can’t seem to find clear pics of you, although I did find some. Tina Fey? Is “Megiggleston” you? As that would change things…
      Le Clown

      1. Nope, she is my co-blogger. If you click on my gravatar, there are a few pictures there.

        1. SJ,
          So Tina Fey wasn’t far off, only if her and Winona Ryder had a baby.
          Le Clown

          1. Not that I think there’s anything wrong with Tina Fey, but I have to wonder how much of it is just because we have similar glasses? I’d show you a picture of me without glasses, but right now the only one that exists features me with button-eyes and I think that would kind of defeat the purpose.

            1. SJ,
              It’s an astute observation. The glasses might have something to do with it. But it seems to me that you have a longer face, and something of hers in the eyes. With Winona, it seems somewhat accurate with what I’ve seen. Let me simmer this longer…
              Le Clown

    2. SJ,
      And if Meg you are, someone like Sarah Wayne Callies.
      Le Clown

      1. Even better: Rachel Griffiths + Sarah Wayne Callies = Meg.

    3. Thank you! I was once told I channeled the Bee Girl from the Blind Melon video for No Rain. I will take Lisa Loeb any day over that.

      For you, I chose Jeanne Garafalo. I am a huge, huge fan of hers.

      1. And I’m only ten inches taller than her! It could totally work! ;)

    1. You are kind of a cross between Scarlett Johannsen and Kirsten Dunst. But way more hilarious. Way, way more.

      1. Holy crap! Scarlett??? I’m flattered! I think my chest area is all Kirsten, though.

        1. I could totally see Scarlett for you based on the pictures on your blog.

          1. A humble thanks to you!

  14. I want to play! Celebrity look alikes is my favourite game. I need to do some ruminating.

    1. Jen,
      I know you’re not a fan of hers, but to me, you’re a mix between Meg ryan and Elisabeth Shue.
      Le Clown

      1. There was a guy who used to say that I looked a lot like Sarah Polley.

        1. Jen,
          That’s also accurate.
          Le Clown

        2. And Mira Sorvino.

        3. I can see this. Also, she’s very cool, way better than Meg Ryan.

          1. Yeah right? Meg Ryan is bullshit. I think Le Clown hates me.

    2. I like Charlize Theron for you. She is beautiful and amazingly versatile but she is absolutely hilarious at the same time.

      1. Wow, thanks for the hotness amplification too. I like your style!

  15. Oooh, fun post, I’m in!
    I can definitely see Tina Fey and/or Lisa Loeb for you. Tina Fey because you are hilarious, and Lisa Loeb because I read it in the comments and now I can’t get it out of my head.

    1. HA! Right? Because she totally looks like Lisa Loeb did in the 90s.

      In a good way, Em.

      1. I totally will take that as a compliment! For Rachelle, I chose Sandra Bullock because she’s really likable and realistic but also clearly an awesome person.

    2. Rachelle, I think Keri Russell for you. Or maybe even like Minnie Driver. But I am leaning more towards Keri.

      1. My vote goes for Keri Russell. Good call, Ash.

  16. I haven’t a clue about any Hollywood actors outside of DDL — funny you mention him — I’m liking the cut of your jib. I want to be him, on him, around him, under and over him. Did I tell you he’s my favorite actor? So of course I want him to play me. I think it’d be totally believable.

    1. He’s pretty freaking great. My husband and I both are in love with him equally, which is pretty impressive since otherwise we have completely diametrical taste. If you would like him to play you, it shall be! So speaketh the Emily.

  17. Uh boy — how narcissistic — it’s all about me me me — I’m supposed to be picking someone to play you. Daniel Day Lewis?

    1. He’s a character actor. He could totally handle it.

      1. I believe this is so. He’s the man, the woman, the anything you can imagine him to be ~swoon~

  18. Great idea! I’ll jump on board, though I don’t know how often I’ll be able to check back today. Too much going on later. :( But here’s a start:

    For you Emily: Maggie Gyllenhaal
    For Rachelle: Keri Russell
    For Le Clown: Jonny Lee Miller from that new show Elementary (minus the British accent)
    For Brigitte: Connie Britton
    For Sandee: Thandie Newton (cause she’s so petite and sweet but tough like I perceive Sandee to be :) )

    1. Don’t you worry. I started this whole thing and I can barely keep up. I am loving Maggie Gyllenhaal for me.

      I chose Julia Roberts for you, Carrie. She is everyone’s best friend and she is so likable, just like you. She has that mass appeal.

      1. Haha! Well, I’ll glady take it. I’d love to be an outgoing extrovert for once. (In reality, people have compared me to Laura Dern–a bit gangly and awkward. :) )

        1. Carrie — I just think Laura Dern happens to be very sexy. Check out Wild at Heart and Rambling Rose — she’s my girl crush #2 after Maggie Gyllenhaal.

          1. Thanks, Sandee, but something tells me the sexy part wasn’t what they were alluding to. ;)

    2. Carrie,
      Spot on for Rachelle.
      Auntie Sandee, There’s something in the eyes that reminds me of Dorothy Dandridge.
      Le Clown

      1. Aw, thanks Le Clown! She smoked a mean cigarette!

        1. I like Thandie Newton for you too, Sandee. She’s got it going on.

    3. Wow, Carrie these are good ones. Thanks about the Connie Britton thing — she’s on a show called Nashville now plus she does kind of have a Southern thing about her :).

      For you….a cross between Julia Roberts and Jillian Michaels. I like the idea of Sandee/Thandie Newton. I can see Maggie for Em and Keri for Rachelle. Had to google Jonny Lee Miller but I’ve not “seen” his personality so don’t know about that one for Le Clown…

      1. On the show he’s a smartass but a kind smartass. :)

        My kids would certainly side with the Jillian Michaels thing…

  19. I always imagined Hugh Laurie playing LC. Emily, initially I was going to say Carrie Mulligan, but now I also can’t get Lisa Loeb out of my mind.

    1. Haha I bet she wishes the same about the rest of her music other than “Stay.” Jen, I think Sarah Silverman would do a good job playing you.

    2. Jen,
      Sara likes to drop Hugh Laurie’s name when it comes to Le Clown. You, for me, it’s all about Liz Taylor.
      Le Clown

      1. AH! I’ve got Sara to back me up. Talk about an ace in your pocket. Liz Taylor? It’s because of these BROWS, isn’t it?

        1. Jen,
          The brows, yes. And your strength (yes, the young Liz was a force).
          Le Clown

    3. Jen, I’m going to say Jennifer Connelly for you.

      1. I like this a lot!

      2. I’ve gotten Sarah Silverman, Elizabeth Taylor and Jennifer Connelly. I was expecting…Jack Palance?

        1. Because you can do one armed pushups? You are so fucking kick ass.

          1. Yes, but only with my right arm. My left arm is a little bitch.

  20. Emily,

    If Audrey Tatou and Tina Fey are unavailable, perhaps Ellen Page. I imagine you being a lot nicer than her, but I had it in my head that you were on the short side. Then again, most people look short next to tall buildings…

    I can’t remember who Le Clown says I look like, but I have pictures from high school where I look like the spitting image of Gillian Anderson.

    1. I say Emily Blunt for you Ms. Lunchmeat (now that’s not a very sexy name ;) ).

      1. You’d be surprised, but apparently people DO think lunchmeat is sexy. My search terms are hysterical… and also disturbing.

        Oh, but I do love Emily Blunt! Thanks!

        1. I hate to say this but I can imagine the amount of fetishes that would involve sticks of salami.

          And with that comment, my blog officially jumped the shark.

          1. Ha! The day after I posted about skydiving, the “hot love in an airplane” search terms started rolling in. I also get a lot of searches on prego ___. I’m going to not write the word, as I think comments can also come up in google searches. I can only imagine how disappointed people must be when they end up at my blog.

            1. Search engine post! Search engine post! Search engine post! I am such a junkie for those things.

            2. Comments definitely come up in search engines. I always love it when my real life friends come up in the filter and I get to notify them that I know they’re doing vanity googles.

    2. I had to look up who Emily Blunt is, but I totally agree with Carrie that she’s a good fit for you. It also works because someone chose Anne Hathaway for me. Maybe we can get Stanley Tucci to play Le Clown and then almost the whole cast of The Devil Wears Prada will get to reunite.

      1. I’d like to be the chef boyfriend in that scenario.
        What? He knows how to cook, and he needed a shave the entire movie.

  21. For BroJon, Zach Braff with facial hair or Mike Myers?

    1. you, a younger, diane keaton.

  22. I’ll play! But I kindly ask you use photos on my blog and not my gravatar. Because that’s a dog. Albeit a cute dog, but not me.

    Emily, I totally see you as a Tina Fey/Liz Lemon – spot on!

    1. Reese Witherspoon. Easily. She’s tiny, has curlyish hair, and got her pre-baby body back pretty much the instant she popped out her kids. She’s you.

      1. What about Leslie Mann? Lovely, tiny, and witty!

        1. Love this. I cancel my Reese nom to play AM. Leslie Mann is so much better.

          1. I will totally take that! I love her!

            However, I suck at this game. I totally intended to go back and participate and make comments on the others and I got distracted. I will understand if you cast me as an extra.

            1. That’s OK. Instead of an extra, though, I think you will be the megawatt celeb who has a walk-on role and the studio audience loses their sh*t when they see you.

  23. Ha I love this idea! I think Liz Lemon is a good one for you, snatch it up.

    That actor with the amazing body and handsome face should play me. I look different in every picture there is of me and people my age who are famous are way too good looking that I don’t compare. I used to look more like Joel McHale then he fixed his receiting hairline and looks younger than I am. He’s also about a foot taller. Lily in Canada thinks I look like the male version of Malin Akerman. I’d let her play me but only if she slept with me first.

    1. I would go with Michael Cera for you, but an edgier, less George Michael Bluth version of him. Am I totally off?

      1. Haha I’d say the personality fits enough and at least the age is really close. He could play me if he really wanted to. Maybe get the mustached version of him from that one movie?

        1. I’m on it. ;D

  24. i would’ve pegged you as a winona ryder without the stealing or a natalie merchant of blogging. is that off? i, on the other hand, refuse to let anyone play me other than kathy bates. thank you and you’re welcome. loool. xo, sm

    1. and one time someone called me the female version of jared leto. i REALLY didn’t know how to take that. i mean he has a penis. i’ve also been called sally fields, kristen wiig, and emily watson. so, basically, i look like no one and everyone. sigh. but, my spirit is all kathy bates. a cross between kathy bates and wanda sykes.

      1. OK, that is really weird. Jared Leto? He’s kind of feminine, but I can’t imagine an all-out female version of him.

    2. I think Natalie Merchant is a little too pensive for me, but I can see how you’d think that since for some reason I always tend to go deep on the comments on your blog. What can I say, you bring out the scholar in me, Moms. And Kathy Bates is yours! She went to my high school!

  25. I tried to leave a comment on this earlier, but I was on my phone and I don’t think it worked?


    I could so see Tina Fey for you, and don’t even: You are Audrey Tatou have similar face shapes and that same glint in your eyes. Give yourself some credit, girl!

    Ok, now me. haha I’ve been told Kate Winslet. Also some random woman on a vampire show I don’t watch. And one time an ex’s mom said I look like Kelly Clarkson, which I found deeply offensive.

    And no, you do not look like Ricki Lake.

    1. Oh, I just saw that someone said Winona Ryder for you. I could see that one, too, sort of. You definitely have the smart-hot thing going. That’s a good thing because it means you don’t look like Kim Kardashian.

      1. Also, title of this post has that Lady Gaga song stuck in my head.

        “Let’s have some fun / This beat is sick / I wanna take a ride on your disco stick…” Ugh.

        Ok, I’m done now.

        1. No, I’m not done. You know who I pick for you, Em? Ellen Page. That’s more of a personality thing because I still think you have the whole Tina Fey/Audrey Tatou/Winona Ryder lovechild thing going, but I could see Ellen Page, too.

          1. That is what a lot of people are saying! But I could only wish I were as tiny and petite as her. I swear she could fit in a thimble.

            Ashley, for you I would cast that girl who was in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I don’t know her name, but she is so cute and I love her smile! Or America Ferrera. As you can see, I’m not that hood at this.

            1. I love Nia Vardalos! I don’t know if that’s how you spell it.

        2. Ha! I love that song. Feel free to break up with me now :)

          1. Dude. Totally listen to that stuff when I work out. I’m not cool; I just play it on the internet.

      2. Haha thanks. Not looking like Kim Kardashian is one of my strong points.

  26. […] Friday Foolishness – Storage Edition Posted on October 19, 2012 | Leave a comment Today’s Music: The Jezabels- Trycolour Damn straight. Friday again. The day where we realize Yes, we just may live through this week after all. You know what helps me get to this point? Blog reading! Here’s a tiny fraction of what I enjoyed this week: Smaktakula graced us with another edition of WTF Headlines. In a great entry for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Love and Lunchmeat put up a very strong thought provoking post at Black Box Warnings. Edward Hotspur came up with a romantic challenge that I hope you all check out! And The Waiting would like to know who should play you in BLOG: The Movie. […]

  27. Is it too late to play? I want in. I’m thinking a fictional character for you as well Emily. A cartoon to boot. I see you as Daria but less monotone. I freaking LOVED Daria, so that’s a compliment. :)

    1. It’s never too late! I have a baby so I am up all hours. Thanks for the Daria nod! Husband and I were just talking about how Aubrey Plaza has been cast as her in the upcoming movie of Daria. My faith in the world has been renewed! What with that and the Arrested Development movie, the world is just hemorrhaging awesome.

      I chose Alyson Hannigan for you. You also look a lot like one of my college friends but I think she’s only a celebrity in my mind.

      1. Daria the movie? How did I not know about this! That is the best thing I have heard all day. I could see Alyson Hannigan :). I get that I look like the chick from that 70’s show, Laura Prepon.

        1. I see that! Plus I like her better than Alyson Hannigan anyway. So many people love her on HIMYM but I can’t really get past her whole Band Camp personna.

          1. Yeah, she kind of comes off loopy but I could see the looks with the red hair and all.

  28. […] actually represent real people in my life. I have yet to understand why. But, in spirit of Emily’s fun blog post yesterday, I figured I’d share who I think would play some of my friends around […]

  29. This was definitely fun! Thanks, I needed this!

    1. My pleasure! Blogging games are great!

  30. unfetteredbs · · Reply

    this was alot of fun to read…

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Wanna play too? We can chose someone to play you.

      1. unfetteredbs · · Reply

        go for it…

      2. unfetteredbs · · Reply

        I just told Grippy i choose Estelle Getty

  31. I don’t think I”d want to be played by Audrey T. There’s something annoying about her. I’d want to be played by Meryl Streep. Nobody is anybody till they’ve been played by Streep.

  32. Wow! You all had a lot of fun with this conversation. I know some of the people, but not that many. I’ve only been compared to two people — the witch on Wizard of Oz (side view) and Ricki Lake. I can see the Ricki one, but didn’t appreciate the comparison. I have a feeling this movie will never be cast as everyone is still choosing someone to play them. Great stuff!!!!

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