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Vote For Pedro

“Are they gonna dance?” “Who?” “At the election. Are they going to have a dance?” The majority of the conversations we have with C these days hearken back to her toddler years in that there is a good bit of deciphering we have to do on our grown-up end to figure out what she’s talking […]

5 Classic Disney Movies That Should Never Be Remade

So, there are many things I like about my life as a mom. These include having conversations with C about the glories of cheese; feeling a sense of personal accomplishment when she reaches milestones like potty training; and the fact that if I ever want to get out of anything, I can just say that […]

Women Cast to Play Ghostbusters, Internet Loses Collective Mind

Let me tell you a little story about the Ghostbusters and me. When I was seven years old, my Aunt Jaye took me to see Ghostbusters II in the theater. Before the movie, we went to a fancy restaurant for dinner and ate hamburgers and fries and talked about all the kinds of things seven-year-old […]

Things I Don’t Understand: The Graduate as Comedy

Back when Wee Cee was just a glimmer in her daddy’s eye, I had the idea to start a blog about all the things I, as an adult, did not understand or was incapable of doing. That blog never occurred and taking a page from the Irony Handbook, I started a pregnancy blog instead. Oh […]

Let’s have some fun.

I had planned on publishing this post on Friday, but I’m too excited to get started with it. May the games begin!  We’re all friends here, right? Right. So what do you do when you have a group of friends that you want to bond with? You all go to Walmart and photograph each other […]

Witness Me as I Lose My Mind

Something is driving B and me crazy and has been for some time. We both remember seeing an old-timey movie where a woman works in a stationary store and gives a poor man music composition paper for free. She eventually gets fired because her boss finds out. Later in her life, she meets the man […]