I guess I do this now.

I love scarves. I love my glasses. I love Miss C. Logically, this was bound to happen eventually:

Forgive me, my child, for from here on out, we are in the embarrassing photo zone. God help us all.




  1. Now she REALLY looks like you.

    1. It’s kind of scary.

  2. She rocks that look!

    1. I think so too! American Apparel, here she comes.

  3. OMG! The cuteness of it all. hahahah! Just know that you are not alone. The embarrassing photo zone ends when she can grab the camera and hurl it at your head. By then it’s too late, you’ll have accumulated a nice stack of pictures to humiliate her with and show her group of friends before they go to the prom.

    1. That is 100% what I intend on doing. These are great photos for when she gets uppity some day. Thanks, Lisa!

  4. … and this is why we have kids

    1. Completely. I mean, why else?

  5. I’m still laughing….she’s waaaaaay tooooo cute !!!

    1. And boy oh boy does she know it.

  6. She looks like she’s loving it too!

    1. That was what surprised me the most! I figured she would have none of it when I put the glasses on her but she actually liked it, likely because I was laughing the whole time.

  7. goddang it. this is hilarious…

    1. You have my permission to use it for one of your caption contests :D

      1. loooool. no, she’s too cute. and people are tardos. i wouldn’t have her defiled in such a manner. ugh, i sound like a headmistress. is that what they call a lady headmaster? of, say, hogwarts?

        1. Oooh, good point, although the PBR jokes do write themselves and are tantalizing.

          I think they are called headmistresses. I like this word. Saying it makes me feel like I live in the 19th century.

          1. i talk like i am from that century at times. it’s bizarre. sometimes i also say ‘ice box’ — i mean what’s next ? turn on the victrola? loool.

            1. It’s a lot better than doing fake English accents like Madonna.

  8. We used to write “Hipster Doofus” on Dorian’s Onsies with Sharpie pens….what can we say? We know cute kids when we see ’em…
    She’s ADORABLE

    1. They can be spotted a mile away! Thanks, Denise ;D

  9. I don’t dare introduce the bots to a magic talking stick for fear someone would end up getting hit with it…But I now must admit that, although I have been entirely sure the bots are the cutest kids on the face of the earth, there might be a tie.

    1. Cute kids are what make the world go ’round. They can all keep each other company :D

  10. I LOVE Hipster Baby!

    1. I am googling “hipster baby” right now to see if there’s a meme for it. If there isn’t I am ALL OVER getting this started.

      It appears that there is, but I’m not satisfied with their caliber of awesomeness. New project!

  11. What’s weird about this picture? These glasses fit her perfectly!

    1. They really do, right?! Either I have a small head or she has a giant head. Thanks, Daan!

  12. Omg Miss C! I’m an excellent babysitter, just so you know…

    1. I will keep that in mind if we are ever in Canada!

  13. Oh, yeah! Keep it up!

    1. Wait until you see her Halloween pictures.

  14. I guess I love that you do this now! So stinkin’ cute and rockin’ the look. I think you need to have a weekly “dress up Miss C to look painfully adorable” post. Just a thought…

    1. I am extremely tempted to do that! We have already taken her Halloween pictures and I am so excited to post them next week.

      1. You should think about it. You could include an empty thought cloud over Miss C and have people supply you with what she is thinking about in the picture. The winner gets nothing, or their thought idea in the bubble with a link to their web site. Sorry, just a thought I am running with. I think I have had way too much coffee this afternoon and I will shut up now. Other than to say that I can’t wait to see her in her Halloween costume! :-)

        1. No, I think it’s a really great idea! I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a baby picture game for awhile now and I am pretty sure I will do it soon in some shape or form eventually. Thanks, Shoes! :D

  15. YES! this is fantastic in every way!

    1. I totally agree! She is a ham.

  16. It’s too perfect haha!

    1. She’s pretty awesome! Thanks, Becca!

  17. She is super adorable. You probably know that already, but I’m just sayin’.

    1. Awww, thanks Joanna! You are too kind. I will pass that along to her ;D

  18. Ok, this made my day.
    But please take them off before she crawls into a wall.

    1. LOL don’t worry; I will walk into a wall without them.

      1. I’m not sure that’s going to make me worry less…:)

  19. 1. That is too cute for words.
    2. Yes It is time for the embarrassing photos. I am reminded of a photo my grandmother or mother took of my cousin and I in the bathtub together. We were JUST old enough to be recognized for the next 38 years. now this picture was taken “back in the day” when one had to have film developed and it took at least a week. My cousin and I tried our best to destroy every copy of this image, eventually giving up….defeated. It seems back in 1972 my grandmother took the negatives to be developed and asked for 3000 copies of this.

    1. OK, now I TOTALLY want to see that picture! I am thinking of doing a thing on the blog where everyone can send in an awesome pic of themselves and I’ll put them up. If I do it, you have to send it in! Thanks, Trevor!

  20. C is an intellectual…..I hope. :) She’s our baby doll.

    1. I think she is certainly an intellectual. She’s got me and B for parents, so at least she’ll be a wannabe!

  21. Em, this so made me smile. You precious little one is BEAUTIFUL.

    1. Thanks, Brig. Glad she could bring a smile to your face! I get my fill of smiles all day long. It’s good for the soul.

  22. So cute. Makes me long for the days when I could put anything on my kids when they were babies and they’d wear it. Now I can barely get them to put pants on most days.

    1. Ha! This reminds me of a joke from Dana Carvey’s stand-up act years and years ago. His boys were always clambering for “Naked Time” when they could just strip down. What is it with nudity and little kids?

  23. unfetteredbs · · Reply

    she is adorable.. I love this

    1. Thanks, Audra! Glad we could make you smile.

  24. It’s her look! She’s a real cutie. That “C” must stand for Cute!

    1. I agree! Except when it stands for “cry”. LOL.

  25. Hm. I see mixed messages. 1. A serene expression. 2. A right arm extended backward in preparation to smack the photographer.

    1. You are extremely perceptive. There’s always a back story.

  26. Baby C is a total hipster. Love!

    1. She’s already completely over Sesame Street. Now she’s just into weird obscure TV shows.

  27. Best photo ever? Probably.

    1. Haha I tend to agree. Thanks, Laura.

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