Keep On Mo-vin’

Heeeeeey guys. Time for a Movember check-in! As far as I’m concerned, November – and therefore Movember – ends with Thanksgiving. However, the calendar tells tells us otherwise, and as long as we’ve got some residual turkey in the fridge and a few bald spots left on our upper lips, we need to keep pushing. It seems like only yesterday I was shaving my mustache that never existed just to grow it out, at the behest of an M. Le Clown. I had never participated in Movember before, but it turns out that this fundraiser was the best thing that ever happened to me simply because I learned that I look so good in a mustache:

Had I known I was capable of growing a Mario ‘stache, I would have jumped on the Movember bandwagon years ago.

It’s not too late to donate to this wonderful cause that supports both finding a cure for prostate cancer and bringing awareness towards men’s mental health. You can donate to the Bloggers for Movember US team here or the Bloggers for Movember Canada team here. Donate early and donate often. There are so many fantastic incentives for doing so. Not only are you doing a solid for humanity, but you will also be entered in awesome Movember promotions on Becca’s and Madame Weeble’s blogs, not to mention my own contest! In December, I will randomly select three people who have contributed any amount to either team and write posts about them, to be run in 2013. Just let me know in the comments if you have made a donation to either team and I will put your name in the hat. If you’ve given to both teams, you will be entered twice.

As of the time I’m writing this, BFM US has raised $980 and BFM Canada has raised $303; let’s see if we can bump those totals up by at least $300 apiece by the end of the month. We’re strong. We can do it.


  1. I must admit, you do look quite dashing with the mustache.

    1. I like to call it my dash-stache.

  2. Your stache is MAGNIFICENT!

    But really, the Movember sentiment should last year round, not just for a month.

    1. True dat. But then Norelco would go out of business.

  3. Emily,
    Thanks for reminding everyone about Movember! And you do look dashing in that Mario ‘stache. I donated to Madame Weeble’s campaign and Le Clown’s campaign although I think I sent both donations to the U.S. team.

    1. Thanks for donating, Cathy! I will put you in twice just because I like you ;D

  4. I should have gone for the Mario mustache and not the one I picked.

    1. The Mario mustache is definitely easy to maintain as long as I have enough Crisco on hand.

  5. Emily,
    You rocked Movember, my friend! Thank you! And you look dashing with a ‘stache! Furthermore, thank you for writing the last guest post for Bloggers for Movember…!
    Le Clown

    1. I am getting excited for it! My day in the sun has finally arrived since I’m guesting on your blog. It’s all down hill from here. Land of ex-child stars, here I come.

  6. I didn’t think that picture of you could get any cuter but then you added the stache. ;)

    1. Hehe thanks! BTW, are you coming to my Festivus blogging party?! Check out my post from Monday.

  7. Woohoo! I donated :)

    1. Thanks! Into the hat you go!

  8. You DO look fabulous in a mustache! I’m jealous. ;)

    1. Hey now, you didn’t look too shabby yourself.

      1. Nothing like a little dimestore facial hair to improve one’s complexion. :)

  9. Wonderful mustache! I did donate to the US team although I can’t remember which Movember post I followed the link to donate. Maybe it is all one team. You all rocked Movember!

    1. It doesn’t matter one iota to me. As long as you donated to Movember, then you are in the running!

  10. Do you fix leaky sinks, throw fire balls, and eat lots of spaghetti on your time off?

    1. Yes, and I also make it a habit of rescuing princesses from irate turtles.

      1. Those damned turtles!

  11. Hi Emily. Love the ‘stache. It is so dashing on you. Yes, I donated!

  12. You look good with a ‘stache!

  13. […] for donating by giving them the chance to appear in a special Movember header on 25 To Fly. Lil’ ol’ me even set up shop with a drawing to reward contributors. However, I think we can all agree that […]

  14. I’m not sure if I’m still supposed to do this, but I donated twice to US and once to Canada. And seriously, you should consider expanding that mustache. Twice its current size and it’ll be absolutely amazing!

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