You Are Cordially Invited!

It’s time to break out your holiday finery and put a lampshade on your head! The holiday season has arrived!

My co-hostess with the mostest, Ashley. She’s rocking the hors d’oevres.

I’ll be going to one or two Christmas affairs hosted by my friends and family this year, but nothing says “holiday stress” like hosting your own party. Which is exactly what I am going to be doing right here on my blog, along with Ashley from Ashey Etc! It will be a bit like Festivus, since as bloggers we are surely “the rest” of humanity. We’ll gather ’round the Festivus pole after our holiday feast and air our grievances for not getting Freshly Pressed or for getting Freshly Pressed for sub-par material.

Festivus for the ‘Pressed of Us! Be there or be square! No, no, don’t bring a thing; we’ll provide the fruitcake, the booze, and the mistletoe. All you need to bring is your lil’ old self.

And one other thing: a Secret Santa present. Instead of bringing a gift for every one of your blogging pals, all you’ll need to bring is one spectacularly awesome gift for one spectacularly awesome blogger! Here’s how it’ll work:

Yeah, I’ll be in the kitchen the whole time running the show. I’m used to it.

1. You will email Ashley and me at to “RSVP” by November 30. Be sure to include the URL to your site. We will let you know who you’ll be selecting a gift for. You’ll troll their blog, pick out a great gift for them, and email a picture of it back to us along with a brief explanation (think Tweet-length) of why you chose it. Remember, you’re not actually buying a real gift for anyone, so there’s no “spending” cap!

2. We’ll post the gifts in a pre-party post on December 14. You will see what gift was selected for you. Then the guessing of Secret Santas will begin!

3. On the day of the party – December 21 – we will reveal who all the Secret Santas were. And we’ll drink eggnog. Scratch that, I will drink eggnog. You can eat the fruitcake. There’s enough nastiness to go around.

This is a flier party of sorts; if you know about it, then you’re invited. Invite your blogging friends to play because the more, the merrier. Grab the badge and spread the word! We want to see you there!


  1. Emily and Ashley,
    Love it! Expect email.
    Le Clown

  2. This sounds like a lot of fun!

    Count me in! *sends e-mail*

    I will be Walking along with my good friend Johnnie, if you don’t mind…

    1. Don’t mind at all. Johnny is more than welcome at any holiday function.

  3. YAY!! This is just what I need right now, a Festivus party to plan for!! I’m so excited –this is the most awesome idea ever!!! Of course I’ll have to re-read this 100 times to know what I’m supposed to do..haha!
    And just like Daan Van den Bergh I will be bringing some form of alcohol and getting plastered as only a cyber drinking Mormon can do!

    1. Oh Lisa, I just love you. Don’t worry too much about the details. We’ll recap them in the email we send you ;D

    2. unfetteredbs · · Reply

      cyber drinking Mormon? baaaa laughing. I think this is my favorite read of the day

      1. hahah! It is funny, isn’t it? LOL! But I’m serious, I’ll be cyber drinking my ass off!

        1. unfetteredbs · · Reply

          damn you are making me laugh.. just the idea of it

        2. unfetteredbs · · Reply

          ps– I think it would be quite funny to let loose the two of us in a bar… haaa

          1. I want to come! And, I won’t be cyber drinking. HF

    3. I’ll be right there with you Lisa.

      1. Yes! I was hoping you and I could get together at this shin-dig. Perfect.

    4. Lisa, have you emailed us at to tell us you’re in? Please do! ;D

  4. Omg. I’m totally there! Can I fold the napkins? Pleeeeease.

    1. Be.My.Guest. You can even fold some diapers if you’re feeling really enthusiastic.

      1. That I am! Hand over the diapers!

  5. Oh my gosh! How fun is that?!

  6. Awesome! Emily! Count me in. Sending email now.

    1. Sweet! So glad you’ll be there, Cathy!

  7. Emailed and ready for action…

    1. YES! We’ll be in touch (and I mean that in a fun way, not a job interview-y way.)

      1. Ha ha – job inform-y would translate to “don’t hold your breath”

  8. TheTragicWhale · · Reply

    I absolutely love this!

  9. Yes, yes, YAY! Of course I’ll participate!

    1. Awesome! I really hoped you would!

  10. FUNNEST. EVER. I’m inviting my cousin, Jamie @ I Thought This Would Be Easier!

    1. It’s a family affair! ;D

  11. This is probably the only party I’ll be attending.In fact, the only shindig I’ve been to in a long time are my pity parties. They’re not very fun, and the decorations are atrocious.
    Emailed, etc. Will share also, since it’s not like I’m writing any of my own material lately. xo

    1. Thanks! Ain’t no party like a blogging party ‘cuz a blogging party don’t stop!

  12. Reblogged this on Laments and Lullabies and commented:
    Secret Santa for bloggers that requires no cash? Sign me up. A party that requires no showering or talking? I’m in like Flynn. Open invite to anyone reading this.

  13. I think my inner Santa just squealed. This. Is. Awesome (it warrants the use of such a trite word). I will be e-mailing!

    1. Anything less than an “awesome” would make me sad. I’m so glad you’ll be there!

  14. Emily and Ashley,
    Love it! My email has been sent.
    Talk to you soon.

    1. The Hook is coming! YES!

  15. I’m in. Definitely my kinda party. Email is sending now.

    Is there already a line forming for the Feats of Strength?

    1. I was hoping you’d get the ball rolling with the Feats of Strength. Want to juggle some babies?

      1. Agreed. You offering up C to be part of the hoopla?

        1. She’s mature for her age. She can handle it.

  16. How much fun is this?

    1. A whole lot! I’m so glad you’re coming!

  17. unfetteredbs · · Reply

    I love Festivus… and I love this idea

    1. Festivus is the best holiday, ever. I’m so glad you’ll be there!

  18. msangiesworld · · Reply

    This sounds like so much fun…A party where I can have fun without some crazy drunk hitting on me, count me in!

    1. Awesome! Although I can’t ensure that a drunk won’t hit on you, it will for sure be a load of fun.

      1. msangiesworld · · Reply


  19. YES! I’m IN! This is a genius idea.

    1. Ain’t no party if you’re not there! So glad we can count you in, Weebs.

  20. How fun is this!!!!!! Anything Seinfeld is perfect. Will send email. Thanks.

    1. Seinfeld=Happiness on a stick. Can’t wait to see you there, Kathy!

  21. Oh, I want in! I’m pretty stellar at pretend buying things. You should see the Porsche Cayenne I’m pretend sitting in right now. Great idea by the way!

    1. I will give you a million pretend dollars for referencing the Porsche Cayenne in your comment.

  22. My lampshade is dusted and my email sent! :-)

    1. YES! I’m so glad you’ll be there, Shoes!

  23. Ooo I’ll do this. But I’m so bad at picking gifts out. I’ll really have to do my research! Sounds like such a cute idea!

    1. You don’t have to do much research. If all else fails, you can always just give them an Amazon gift card for $1mil.

  24. I saw this on Laments and Lullabies. I’m in (email in progress). I’m a terrible hostess, just ask my girlfriend, who I went shopping with yesterday for party favors for our upcoming party. I groaned and said, “I thought you might do this the weekend I was out of town!” No such luck. So this is my kind of party!

    1. HA! I’m not a fan of shopping either. That;s why Cyber Shopping Monday is pretty much the best invention ever. So glad you’ll be there, Adrienne! ;D

  25. I’m in! Will see if I can get some more bloggers…

    1. Yay! I’m so glad you’ll be there!

  26. […] on, here is an example of blogging love in action: a kick-ass holiday event hosted by Emily from The Waiting Blog and Ashley from Ashey Etc! Zip over to Emily’s cyber-hood and check it out, […]

  27. Came over from The Hook. Great idea! WIll think and return!

    1. I hope you can make it ;D We’d love to have you!

  28. This is a stupid idea. I say it’s a stupid idea because I thought about doing something similar last year only 5 people would have probably participated so I’m jealous. Yeah yeah I’ll get involved. This should be fun.

    1. It’s almost as stupid as a blog devoted entirely to kids shows. ;)

    1. Email sent, and excitement on!

      1. Awesome! Glad to have you aboard! And yes I did just say that.

  29. I saw this at Sara’s.
    Count me in!!

    1. So glad that you’ll be participating!

  30. This looks like so much fun and I do see some of my lovely friends…saw the repost at the Ringmistresses site. I will send the email and look forward to this incredible event. (I will drink some eggnog too!) Jen

    1. You and I can drink eggnog in the corner together ;D

      1. Tee hee…that’ll be me…and mine will be double strength! I think the corner may get very crowded somehow!

  31. This is awesome. Whoever I get, gets Shake Weights because what is better than Shake Weights? Nothing.

    1. I don’t even know what those are and I have a feeling I am going to regret saying that.

      1. I am aghast. I’m putting this link so you will no longer have to be in the darkness:

  32. Consider me RSVP’ed.

      1. Do I still need to email? I tried to respond to your Tweet, but was stumped by the process.

        1. It would be great if you would email us; that way Ashley and I will be on the same page with everything. Thanks!

  33. You’re so very sweet to have tweeted to me, and I know it will be all kinds of fun. Unfortunately, I have to decline, due to the fact that I have mono and apparently any activity more strenuous than breathing will put me in the urgent care. But I’ll be sure to watch how it all unfolds (don’t tell my spleen), and I wish you and all of your party guests a wonderful time!

    1. Say no more. I have been on the mono train before and it is truly no fun at all. Hope you feel a lot better soon! We will save you a slice of fruitcake. ;)

  34. Very clever. :) I’m going to pass on participating, but I’ll enjoy it from afar. :)

    1. Hehe…you can be our DD ;D

      1. Haha! Yes. That is what I often am, anyway. :)

  35. If Mooselicker is in and he thinks it’s stupid, then I’m definitely in. I love the idea! Great fun.

    1. Awesome! I will take a stupid from Tim anyway.

  36. This so clever. High fives for both of you! E-mail on its way!

    1. Hurrah! Thanks, Jen! And happy birthday!

  37. I signed up as well. I can’t wait to win the prize of best gift. This should be great times.

    1. That’s what we’re hoping for! Thanks for emailing!

  38. YES! YES! I want in! I have good gift ideas … even better than Oprah’s:
    You probably shouldn’t visit because it’ll be a spoiler.
    Can I invite everybody or just the Freshly Pressed?

    1. You can invite EVERYONE! Do it! Do it!

  39. I’m coming :-)

    1. Awesome! ;D Just got your email!

  40. […] Yes, we’ll be at the party organized by The Waiting. […]

  41. Reblogged this on Ambling & Rambling and commented:
    This is a great idea!

    1. Thanks for reblogging and spreading the word!

  42. Oh, what a cute idea, Emily.I’d like to do it!! One email coming up! Now, should I put the badge on my blog, right?

      1. Okay! Will do, Miss!

  43. Since this loser has not been invited to any Holiday parties, except the one I’m planning for my fellow Dental students,,I would love to come.
    Do you have room in the fridge for my box of Red Vino?
    I will bring complimentary Maple Syrup lollipops for everyone. Except Le Clown cause he’s Le Mean to me ;)

    1. We have more than enough room when it comes to vino, even the boxed kind. I think that if Le Clown is Le Mean to you, it means he loves you. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

      1. Yes plus he is French Canadian as well! (and a guy)

  44. “This sounds like so much fun…A party where I can have fun without some crazy drunk hitting on me, count me in!” HF

    1. Great! It ain’t no party if you’re not there, Harper!

      1. Ah, you are so kind. I will bring the plastic, red cups. They are both festive and useful! I will also compete in the feats of strength. I thumb wrestle! HF

  45. I can’t wait for the airing of grievances!!!

    1. Any excuse to complain should be relished.

      1. Get ready, because I have a lot of problems with you people!

  46. Never fear! I saw this this morning and got pulled away on some stupid work thing but I will be there! With my gift!

    1. Great! Please email us at so we can tell you who you’ll be selecting a gift for ;D

  47. Reblogged this on Broken Condoms and commented:
    All the cool kids are doing it!!!

  48. Jeez, how did I almost miss this post? That’s it: email notifs. Definitely in!

    1. Awesome! I was about to tweet at you to get in on this!

  49. Expect an email! Fun!

    1. Hurrah! I’m so glad you’ll be there!

  50. There is some genius to this idea. I’m all for virtual-shopping.


    1. I am a small genius when it comes to presents. I’m so glad you’ll be there!

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  55. I’m so sad…. I was just sent to your blog today and now have missed your holiday deadline. This just adds to my holiday misery! Damn it, I’m always a day late and a penny short!

    1. Not to worry! There’s always Boxing Day shenanigans!

      1. Hip hip hurray!

  56. […] I love Christmas. And giving gifts. And seeing how happy it makes people. I usually, however, have a rather difficult time choosing just the right gift for its recipient – and that’s why I’m that so flabbergasted that I chose to be a part of this awesome event: Festivus. […]

  57. […] In an effort to work my way back into blogging, I participated in a little interactive Festivus party with some other bloggers. I don’t know who my Secret Santa was, but I do know they don’t […]

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