Festivus Guest List

Are you there, Emily’s readers? It’s me, Ashley. I’ve been tasked with writing Festivus Post #2: The Guest List.


You know how sometimes when you throw a party, you invite a whole bunch of people and then, like, 5 of them actually show up? Yeah, Festivus was nothing like that. Emily and I were completely overwhelmed by the response we got from all of you, especially poor Emily because I was out of town and she was left fielding emails all by her lonesome. Someone give her some cookies and booze, stat!

In total, 64 of you RSVPed, which gave Emily and me exactly 64 reasons to walk around grinning stupidly all week while going back and forth on each other’s Facebook walls writing, “Oh my gosh! Have you seen how many people emailed? Oh my gosh! OH. MY. GOSH!”

By now each of you should have received an email telling you who you’re gifting. If for some reason you did not, let us know and we’ll figure out which internet hamster broke the law and got off its wheel. Gifts are due to us (via pressedivus@yahoo.com) by December 10, 2012.

Quite a few of you have asked about photos. Due to the rather amazing response we’ve gotten, we’ve decided to axe the picture requirement. A gigantic post full of photos for every single gift would take forever to load, and frankly, we don’t want to do that to you because we’d still like you guys to be friends with us when all of this is said and done. Instead, just email us the name of the gift you’re giving and a brief description. If the gift you chose absolutely requires a photo in order to be understood, then include a link to a photo that we can attach in the gift post.

All of the gifts will be listed in a pre-party post on December 14th so you can start sleuthing and trying to determine who gifted what to whom. In the meantime, we encourage you to go ahead and write a post or two that drops some hints as to who you’re playing Secret Santa to once you’ve decided what gift you’re giving. Remember: only hints! Don’t give anything away!

Lastly, we encourage you to mingle. This is a party, after all! In order to help you in your sleuthing and your mingling, we’ve gone ahead and made you a comprehensive guest list, complete with links to everyone’s blogs. Emily and me? We’re givers, Internet.

Here’s the list:

1 Point Perspective

25 to Fly

& Squatch Makes Three

Ambling and Rambling

A Clown on Fire

A Flock of Crows

A Gripping Life

A Rich Full Life In Spite of It

Becoming Cliche

Ben’s Opinion

Broken Condoms

Brother Jon

Chez Casa

Clip Snark

Creative Liar

Disorderly Chickadee

Dork Daddy

El Guapo

Excitement on the Side

Fear No Weebles

Harper Faulker

Healthy Takeover

Hello, Greece!

I Fkkn Rokk

I Thought This Would Be Easier

I’ll Sleep When They’re Grown

I’d Rather Be in Iceland


Just Another Canadian Gurl

Krug the Thinker

Laments and Lullabies

Large Self

Lazy Laura Maisey

Life in These Times

Lily in Canada

Liquorstore Bear



Never Contrary

Psycho Babble

Ruminations on Love and Lunchmeat

Rutabaga the Mercenary Researcher

Snide Reply

SJ @ Snobbery

Shoes on the Wrong Feet

Sips of Jen and Tonic

Someone Fat Happened

Southern Fried Chicken in Vegas

Southern Sea Muse


Storyteller Girl

Summer Solstice Musings

The Bumble Files

The Cheeky Diva

The Diary of Mr. Ghost

The Fur Files

The Middlest Sister

The Tragic Whale

This Heart of Mine

Thoughts and Musings

Unfettered BS

Wendy’s Works

Woman in the Middle

You’ve Been Hooked

Happy Festivus! If you have any other questions, feel free to email us or ask in the comments below.


  1. I love mingling! What a response. Ley me know if you would like me to bring anything besides the pressie!

    1. No worries, Jiltaroo. There will be no need for you to bring anything, as I am bringing Johnnie Walker and myself to the party.

      1. And don’t forget the present for your very, very special giftee. (I think everyone is going to be jealous when they see who you got!)

        1. Yes, and people will be very jealous that he/she/it will be receiving a present from me. I know, I’m used to it.

    2. You are more than welcome to bring me a 25th hour in the day if you have magical powers. If not, then the present is enough ;D

  2. I didn’t get an email yet :( sounds like someone is on my Christmas hitlist. Hah

    1. Uh oh! I will resend it!

    2. I have resent it. Maybe check your spam folder since we’re spammers and all.

      1. I got it! Thanks girl.

  3. Sounds like a party. I forgot to sign up so I’ll be sure to be more on it next time. In the meantime, I’ll be in the kitchen happily syphoning back eggnog.

    1. Eggnog syphoning is what the holidays are all about.

  4. Woo hoo! Can’t wait to air my grievances with this list of badasses! Many familiar names here, and looking forward to checking out the rest. Thanks girls!

    1. It’s quite an eclectic bunch ;D

      1. No doubt! can’t wait to read all these fab new blogs I haven’t seen before. That’s the most bestest gift of all! :-)

        1. Right?? I am super excited, too!

  5. Y’all have really outdone yourselves!

    1. I know, we’re pretty incredible.

  6. I shall wear my Tux and be drinking Jack Daniels with just a hint of holly. HF

    1. Incidentally, “hint” of Holly is not a hint. I am not the secret santa for a Holly nor a Lily for that matter.

      1. It occurs to me that the secret santa for Broken Condons knows exactly what to get her. Unfortunately, I am not Broken Condons’ secret santa. HF

  7. It seems not all the links in the guestlist work…??? :(
    I am eagerly awaiting getting drunk and embarrassing myself at this party!!

    1. I’ll double check them. I was alphabetizing and linking all of them at the same time, so I’m sure I botched a few.

      1. Okay, all fixed. Turns out it helps if you actually type the entire address in the link. haha Woops. My bad. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

        1. Actually, I think someone cast a hex on my blog that makes links not work. I have had a TON of problems in the past getting them to work.

          1. Lol. I realized that a couple of them didn’t include the “http://”

          2. Cool, I wasn’t going to say anything. Oh, and, no big deal, but my name doesn’t need that unnecessary “H”. Jon will do.

              1. No worries. You wouldn’t think it, but it saves time when you talk when you take that H out.

            1. Fixed! Sorry about that! -Emilie

              1. Thanks. I actually know an Emilie.

  8. Fun! I’ll bring some hot cocoas spiked with Baileys and peppermint schnapps!

    1. Yesss! That sounds awesome!

  9. I’ll be over in the corner waiting until I see a drunk chick to pounce on.

    64 people? Any chance we can ditch the Secret Santa idea and have a bracket-style elimination tournament? It seems too perfect.

    1. Oh, don’t worry. I’ve already got things brewing for March Madness.

  10. This is going to be so much fun!

    1. TRUE DAT. Some of the gifts that have already come in are Neimann Marcus catalog caliber.

  11. Wow! I’m in good company…

  12. I’m looking forward to the party, but I’ll be wearing my bigboy hat. Someone is going to have to carry Ande Davis home after he’s done with the spiked egg nog and lampshade.


    1. We all know that y’all are just going to be making dry ice bombs in the backyard and getting the cops called on us.

      1. DorkDad & SquatchDad = Beavis and Butthead

        1. Well, the show IS having a resurgence…

  13. I dont think I got an email. probably because I rsvp’d wrong.

    1. That’s OK. I’ll resend it.

    2. I resent it. Maybe check your spam folder.

      1. got it! This is hard.

        1. ok send it again because i lost the email.

  14. 64 Links? This would have taken me all day, other than eating! (Of course, I do eat a lot.)

    1. Yeah, it took me forever. lol And then yesterday I realized a bunch were broken and had to go through them individually to fix them. Brain = fried. But, it’s worth it because this is going to be fun!!

      1. Luckily, Emily is awesome and sent me a very well organized list of all the links I needed to include.

  15. This is great! Thanks for doing it and my shopping is done so I can just enjoy the party.
    Happy Festivus!

    1. Feel free to shop for me too if you get too bored.

      1. Do you want me to? I can, I do nothing at work all day

  16. I am so damn excited.

    1. I am, too! This is going to be a lot of fun!

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  18. What a great response! It there a money limit? Any limitations? I know this is a silly question. Please indulge me. :)

    1. Nope! No limitations whatsoever! This is me handing you a billion Internet dollars with which you can “buy” whatever you like.

      1. Well, ok…It’s almost harder this way :)

  19. i missed something somewhere. when in doubt, blame someone else.

    1. That certainly always works for me.

  20. What a list! WOOT!

    1. When a bunch of people I don’t even know RSVP’d, I knew that it was going to be fun.

      1. The magic of combining blog buddies :)

  21. […] been catching up on my Festivus blog. I like to think that I’m an excellent gift giver – but this is extra hard. I […]

  22. Wow what a list! I recognize more than a few of the blogs but I will have to sit back with a Jubelale (or two) and do some reading. Unless someone is mixing vodka drinks or knows how to make a mean mojito at this grand Festivus party I fear I will continue to be a bit of a wallflower. Old habits die hard.

    Thanks for hosting Emily and Ashley. My gift is purchased and I am excited to meet all y’all!

    1. You’re welcome! It’s our pleasure. A mojito sounds pretty lovely, but I’m partial to gin & tonic myself :)

  23. […] allowed us to do that. The Waiting‘s Emily and Ashley, Etc.‘s Ashley are throwing a Festivus party for the Bloggy-verse, so to get into the holiday spirit, I decided to […]

  24. […] time, it’s the Festivus bandwagon.  Festivus is a  season for giving (but not really), meeting new people, pop-culture […]

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