Raising Them Right

One of the coolest things about having kids is that, at least for a time, you are their window to the world. You show them how to do things. You expose them to music and food. It’s like they are your own little miniature. They’ll reject some of it because they have no class their taste is yet to be refined, but sometimes they’ll surprise you with how fun and cool they are.

Sometimes that music, those games, and those jokes just stick.

And then you’ll be sitting there with them while they’re eating lunch, and “Hey, Jude” will come on. This is how they will respond without ever having heard the song before, and you will be kind of amazed:

Just as you suspected, they are your kid, and they have inherited your sense of cool, man. You are raising them right.

PS: I hope you enjoyed my singing. Don’t worry, I won’t be appearing anywhere near you anytime soon.


  1. Love it! Love C’s head-bopping at the end – quite wonderful. Great song, even better reaction by C.

    1. Thanks! She has been doing that weird little head bobbing a lot lately. It’s super cute.

  2. Don’t worry, it’ll get worse. My kids have always been my harshest critics. The day will come when C won’t go down the same grocery aisle with you because of what you’re wearing. Kids generally all go through a really vain, snarky, petty phase as they near adolescence. I mean, really now–my industrial-sized snow boots weren’t that ugly, or even that loud. Klutzes need traction. Even in summertime. Adorable video–thanks for sharing!

    1. I remember going through that phase myself. It’s like there is really nothing your parents can do to be cool at all. Your mom could be – I don’t know – Selena Gomez (or whoever the kiddos like these days) and she still won’t be good enough. I guess you just have to grin and bear it and trust that it’s just a developmental phase. Thanks, Willow! And congrats again on Freshly Pressed!

  3. Pure awesomeness! She’s like a proper pogo dancer!

    1. I don’t even know what that is but it sounds good. ;D

  4. You’ll fit right into the Austin music scene!

    1. Yes! That’s the plan for one of these days!

  5. Haha!! That’s just how my Baby C dances!

    1. Baby dances are the best!

  6. So cute! My daughter is sitting on my lap as we watch it, writing “Mommy is a butt-licker” on the “brilliant ideas I must remember” pad I keep by my computer. Enjoy the cuteness while you can!

    1. That is just too perfect. I have so much to look forward to a few years down the road.

  7. Miss C looks so cute in her little high chair, rockin’ out. I can’t believe you didn’t sing the “Judy judy judy judy judy juday!” part. That’s like the only part that I like to sing.

    1. Ps I love your new background!

      1. Thanks! Everyone’s been redecorating lately so I felt the urge to change stuff around too.

    2. Hahaha! By the time we got to the judy judies she was pretty much over it. Babies have the attention spans of a gnat.

  8. So cute! She’s got rhythm!

    1. She really does! A lot more than me, I might add.

  9. And just when I was in need of a little cute, Emily and Miss C to the rescue! What a sweet baby. I miss those days. (But I don’t miss the mess on the floor around the highchair…)

    1. The floor is a disaster zone. I am going to need to shampoo the carpets soon because I can’t imagine what microbes are currently growing there as a result of her tossing food down.

      1. I used to put a big plastic tablecloth under the highchair. Ugly, but efficient in the clean-up department. :)

        1. That’s a really great idea! I will for sure do that!

  10. Just wait until Miss C starts babbling and can actually utter something slightly resembling ‘Hey Jude’ — we know she’s adorable with a capital A now — but I love it when they just start to talk and say the words all wrong — cute!

    1. I cannot wait for words too! She’s definitely on the road to start speaking soon; she’ll stick her little tongue out and try to make syllables. She gets really frustrated with her inability to say anything, but it is still super cute.

  11. Looks like she’s off to a good start! Hope you post a video when you introduce her to Dead Kennedys…

    1. You can be sure that you will be hearing about it!

  12. Oh my gosh, I love that! Sonia loves to rock out, too. Someday they can go to concerts together and talk about their crazy moms.

    1. I am just imagining them with glow sticks. It’s kind of cute and scary at the same time.

  13. Absolutely precious!!!!

  14. I have said it before, and I will say it again: you are killing me with the cuteness! She gets more beautiful every day. And I love her frog plate :)

    1. That frog plate is awesome! And she is getting to be a pretty little girl. Her long arms just kill me.

  15. Doodle was so excited when I started playing this that he ran over to me to sit on top of me and watch Little C dance. “Mama! It’s my song!” Yes, his song, just so you know. I mean, C can of course borrow it as much as she wants. :)

    1. That is awesome! We may need to get them together so they can rock out together! They are both clearly fans of the Beatles. ;D

  16. Emily,
    I could only say: this is the cutest ever, but what fun would that be…
    Sara, see? Miss C is a Beatles’ fan! Take that, Mick Jagger.
    Le Clown

    1. Truth be told, I am more of Stones person myself. But as long as she doesn’t prefer Bieber to the good stuff, I am OK with her loving some Fab Four.

      1. Emily,
        My heart just bled a bit…
        Le Clown

  17. Em, call America’s Got Talent NOW.

    1. This isn’t even the best video! Thanks, Brig ;D

  18. Little C learned all her head shaking dance moves from Stevie Wonder! I love that she takes time out from her little dance moves to share cheerios with you. When are you going to submit her to the next season of Dances With The Stars. The cheerios sharing alone should give her a significant leg up on her competition.

    1. It’s so funny you should say that because I am always calling her my little Stevie Wonder what with all her head-bobbing. She definitely has some moves. I think once I get 1mil+ followers on my blog, she will be able to compete with the other D-listers on Dancing With the Stars.

  19. Baby dancing is the best dancing–hands down.

    1. Except maybe goat dancing. I don’t know if that actually happens but I would imagine it would rival baby dancing in its sheer lunacy.

  20. Oh, well this wins. This made me grin and grin. You’re doing everything right if you’re raising a Beatles-loving kiddo. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks! I’m glad we could give you a grin. I am indeed trying, although she may like Gangnam Style a little too much for me to claim complete victory.

  21. Babies have no idea how cool they’re being pretty much all the time.

    1. That’s probably what makes them so charming. It’s like a hot guy who doesn’t know how hot he is. Irresistible.

  22. You’re both adorable

    1. Awwww, thanks ;D

  23. Ummmm yes. Cutest ever. And BTdubs, thanks for the shout out to freshly pressed on twitter! That would be amazing.

    1. I am gunning for you! This year should be the Year of the Jells.

      1. EVERY year should be Year of the Jells. *wink!*

  24. “Nah, nah, nah, nah” soon to be “no, no, no, no.” And way cool and cute video :)

    1. Don’t I know it. She’s started throwing stuff when she’s mad. It’s way fun.

  25. The Beatles rock and so does Wee Cee! You’re definitely raising her right, Emily!

    1. You should see her when the remixed Mr. Rogers song comes on. She goes absolutely bonkers.

      1. Just watched the video Emily. I was smiling over here as I was thinking about the garden growing in Wee Cee’s mind as she learns more new things every day.

  26. She sure is cutie, Em! You have a nice singing voice, by the way.

    1. Thanks. She’s whipped my singing voice into shape, fo’ sho’.

  27. Mary Beth Wiggins · · Reply

    Whoa. Your place looks like a rockin’ lunch spot: Live vocals, classic audio, hot chicks, and excellent English peas as finger food. Make me a reservation!

    1. Ha! We even have Miracle Whip in the fridge. We are classy.

  28. Beatles and peas. What more does a kid need?

  29. Please bring Miss C and her peas to our house to educate our little one on the virtues of veggies. In exchange, I will gladly help out when Miss C gets to the “NO!!!” stage, which, judging from her music video debut, may come sooner than later :D Y’all rock!

  30. She’s so getting her groove on! shes brilliant x

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  32. The kid has class and good taste!

  33. Love the head bobbing at the end!
    Your kid has great taste!

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