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We Really Should Do This More Often

I went to a lot of funerals when I was young. When I was 14, Mimi died. She had been sick and we knew that her death was inevitable, but it’s hard at any age to bury a grandparent. Then, my senior year of high school, my cousin T passed away. She was only a few […]

You Can Dance If You Want To

The last couple weeks have been a mishmosh of sad, uncomfortable, infuriating, and just plain exhausting. I’m still stunned by the death of Robin Williams. I can’t put my finger on why exactly his passing has hit me on such a profound level – I suppose he’s one of those actors you expect to grow old with […]

Losin’ It to Celine Dion

Given the ubiquity of wide-legged jeans that I owned in high school, it may come as a surprise that my first concert was not the traditional rocking fare. REM came to my town when I was in eighth grade, but their show was on a school night so I wouldn’t be attending per the (fairly […]

Raising Them Right

One of the coolest things about having kids is that, at least for a time, you are their window to the world. You show them how to do things. You expose them to music and food. It’s like they are your own little miniature. They’ll reject some of it because they have no class their taste is […]

How Pandora Made Me Cool It

Parenting is an exercise in giving up. You thought you were in control? Don’t let your relatively easy pregnancy fool you into believing that you were ready for what was coming. The instant that baby comes into the world, you surrender it all. Not just the restful nights when you think you can turn it […]

Reason Eleventy Billion Why Being a Parent is Worth the Poop

Before you start reading this, put on a song you love. If you want some suggestions, there are a few selections from my soundtrack I listened to when I wrote this here, here, and here. I am not a dancer. Me not being a dancer goes hand-in-hand with me being self conscious. I feel like […]

Uncomfortable Is the Way You Make Me Feel

Let’s talk about Michael Jackson for a minute. I love Michael. He was an entertainment god and his videos have a mythic quality about them. I mean, Thriller, seriously? It is justly considered the best video of all time. However, watching his videos requires a certain suspension of disbelief because they are often about as […]


Pet Sounds, the Beach Boy’s eleventh album, was released in 1966 as a response to Brian Wilson’s enthusiasm for the Beatles’ Rubber Soul and his inability to tour sans drug-induced panic attacks. He focused his attention towards creating an album devoid of “filler” such as cover songs and comedy tracks, and perfecting arrangement and production. Even […]

Brushes With Fame

I am a giddy schoolgirl when it comes to celebrities. I don’t care what they’re famous for: I am the same blithering idiot whether it’s Snooki or Madeleine Albright. When I am in close proximity to them, I get a little stupid. So you can imagine how difficult it was for me to resist the […]

The Soundtrack of Our Lives

Thirty-two weeks. Eight weeks (give or take) to go. It seems like only last week we went to Walgreens to purchase the EPT That Changed Everything so I’m really beginning to comprehend how relative time is to this whole baby-making undertaking. Bebe’s going to be here very soon, and after that, everything will change. As […]