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Biting Insurance

For C’s first year of life, I wrote monthly posts that outlined all the changes that she had gone through that month. A lot of times, writing those things was a little tedious and tricky because when it comes to babies, I don’t really know what I’m looking at. It kind of reminds me of […]

A Modern Day Parable of Optimism

Sunday was a weird day for my husband. He turned 30 amidst speculation that his blogging platform – Tumblr – would be sold to Yahoo!. Don’t for a second think that the irony is lost on either of us. Peace out, twenties. Here’s how he felt about it: By Monday afternoon, the deal was done. […]

A House Built on Blogging (and Love. Yeah, That Too.)

Often, blogging comes in pairs. You need to have a real-life companion to get you through the grind. B is my companion in more ways than the marital kind. He’s a blogger too. Did you know that? Probably not since I’m writing this against his will. He will die when he sees that I’m finally […]