Well, This Is Awkward: Pinterest Edition

When Cameron told me about Pinterest a hundred years ago, I checked it out. Surprise, surprise: I didn’t like it. Where the heck were all these pictures even coming from? I doubted the credibility of their pretty. Why were they assaulting my eyes in a little tiled way, expecting me to organize them into boards? Ugh, all I needed was a virtual junk drawer for me to organize. And why did Pinterest think it was so great that people had to be invited to use it?

Get down, Pinterest. Get over yourself.

I felt a little left out because I seemed to be the only person who didn’t get it. I am all for bandwagons because then I feel like I’m a part of something. Maybe if I liked Pinterest enough, VH1 would eventually interview me in twenty years for I Love the Teens to talk about how everyone wanted to have Pinterest’s baby. They’d cut from me to Andy Dick and we’d riff on wine bottles turned shoes and cakes made of nothing edible at all. But much to VH1’s dismay, I just couldn’t fake an interest in Pinterest.

So I ranted about it and talked smack. I felt happy because other people seemed to hate it too. It had broken up their marriages and made them hate their lives. I mean, I didn’t like that it had broken up their marriages and all, but better them than me, amirite? I wasn’t such a weirdo for hating Pinterest AND my marriage was intact. Wins all around.

But then, something happened.

I blame Halloween. It’s three months away and I needed to start getting ideas for Wee Cee’s butterfly costume. Also, I appear to not use my Crock Pot enough, and Pinterest could surely assist me in coming up with new uses for it. THESE ARE IMPORTANT THINGS.  I also blame Facebook. I didn’t even have to sign directly in to Pinterest; Facebook could do it for me. The amount of milliseconds I save in a day with this sign-in innovation is staggering. Now I have the luxury of taking a few extra moments to staple two pieces of paper together.

So I started checking out Pinterest more. AND OH MY GAWD YOU GUYS IT IS AMAZING.

LOOK at what I found there.

I found a mouse dressed up in a jacket:

I cannot even handle the cute.

I cannot even handle the cute.

I found pictures of Korea:

I am gobsmacked by the picturesquity.

I am gobsmacked by the picturesquity.

I found cute wittle ghosts:



I found droll dinos:

Someone please screen-print this on a t-shirt for me.

Someone please screen-print this on a t-shirt for me.

And I found people making fun of fashion:



So, in short, I take back all I said about Pinterest. It is kind of awesome and I’m OK with it breaking up my marriage as long as I get to be on VH1 in fifteen years.

Want to follow me there? G’head: The Waiting on Pinterest


  1. This is one social media site I haven’t yet joined. I’m holding out. We’ll see how long I make it…

    1. Hold out for as long as you can. All we need is ANOTHER website to check.

      1. Yes, my thoughts exactly.

  2. Same thing happened to me! I actually have someone following my Camp Out Birthday party board. Can’t seem to figure out how to repin you, but once grad school is out, I’ll be on it.

    1. And check out my avatar! I somehow got WordPress to randomly generate avatars and I think I love this new one! Ok, back to research paper editing.

      1. I was wondering about that! I miss your little red frog, though.

        1. The frog shall return.

    2. My husband somehow got this Pinterest plugin on Google Chrome where all I have to do now is press it and then whatever image I am looking at goes straight to my board, so it’s turning out to be way easier than I thought it would be.

      1. I just started using Google. I’ll look for that plugin.

  3. I sold my soul and joined to help me plan the wedding, but other than that, I haven’t used it for anything. I never knew I needed a Tea Rex t-shirt!!!! But I DO!

    1. I need one too! We can both get them and be twinsies. Also, I need deats on how your wedding went STAT.

      1. hahaa YESSSS.

  4. I think once I learned how to tune out the obnoxious stuff, Pinterest became awesome. Pinterest holiday stuff is going to be the death of me. So much cute.

    1. The 10 Things Blog · · Reply

      My addiction came on thanks to home redecorating and DIY antics. Sigh.

      1. Tell me about it. I’ve lived in an apartment since Pinterest became a thing, otherwise I totally would have redone my kitchen 9 times already under the influence of pins.

        1. The 10 Things Blog · · Reply

          Exxxxxxxactly. Just wait until you’re all free of apartment dwelling. The Pinterest shenanigans will escalate like never before.

    2. I know! I want to make all the Halloween crafts ever invented. I have some paint pins that I need to put to good use.

  5. The 10 Things Blog · · Reply

    This explains a lot. My Pinterest has been BLOWIN’ up with your pins and I was honestly thinking, “Um…okay…is Em preggers or something? Because shit’s getting out of hand.”

    Bless your heart.

    Welcome to the party.

    1. Haha! Guilty! I’m glad you are here to attest to the fact that I’m a little Pinterest drunk right now.

      1. The 10 Things Blog · · Reply

        “Drunk” is a good word for it. And it’s delightful.

  6. I can’t bring myself to go on Pinterest. Not since they accepted my request to join after only 12 hours. If I can get in that easily, ANYONE can. Can’t hang with the riff-raff, you know. And I am not crafty. The big thing, though, is their Terms of Service. Most of Pinterest is actually incorrectly credited plagiarism, and they make it clear that they won’t take the fall if their users have done it wrong.

    1. It is interesting that you bring that up because last night I pinned a picture of a really cool cake in the shape of several folded t-shirts, and this morning, one of my pinning pals (I guess that is a thing. It’s a thing, RIGHT?) had left a note on it to me that one of her IRL friends who lives in her town was the baker who originally made and posted the pic. Now, though, so many people have stolen the picture and attributed it to their own website that it would have been impossible for me to know that had she not told me. So, yeah, not a cool thing that Pinterest does. That’s kind of why, going forth, if I have an original picture from my blog, I am plastering my URL all over it. I guess someone could photoshop it out if they really wanted to, but at least I can say I tried.

      1. There have been a couple of times I’ve tried to trace something awesome back to its original source. I have yet to be able to do that with anything from Pinterest. Buzzfeed is the worst for using pins in their posts with no proper credit available. They should no better.

        Boy. Am I crabby today! I think it’s because what I really wanted was a coffee mug with a grim in the bottom of it. But I never could find the original.

  7. How did you know adorable ghosts are my weakness?!

    1. If they weren’t I’d be worried ;D

  8. I too have held out, and still don’t really get it. But I love when other people share their Pinterest finds. thanks! ;-)

    1. I will happily curate Pinterest for you anytime!

  9. I haven’t used Pinterest much, mainly because it’s so addicting and I’d like to not waste my entire life on that site. But I do love it. :) And I am now following all your boards.

    1. Thank you! I am following you back!

  10. I love me some Pinterest – but not typically for what other people post. I like to use it as a bookmark kind of thing for knit/crochet patterns or other crafty things or recipes I’m looking at anyway. And also I can brag about completed projects that I’ve done and see how many people repin adorable pictures of Doodle next to something fun I’ve made – that’s always fun too. :)

      1. You are the best!!!!! ;D

    1. I am holding out hope that something I pin from the blog goes viral. I highly doubt it will, but at least then I can tick off the “Pinterest” box on things I tried out for the blog. ;D

  11. Hahaha! Well, I mean that in a conspiratorial way because I ride the waves of Pinterest love and hate regularly. It is pretty much the best thing ever when you’re waiting at the doctor’s office, and I have made my experience of it one million times better by following a handful of people I really like and then never looking at anything else. I think everything I’ve made for dinner this summer has come from Kristin Holt’s Pinterest. She pins all of the awesome. The “everything” page is still pretty horrifying, but I never ever go there, unless I am in need of some macabre laughter. BTW, thanks for sharing the T-Rex funny, which I totally ganked from you. I love T-Rex humor!

    1. I will have to follow her too! It turns out that the t-rex shirt is indeed real. I’m not saying I’m going to get it for you for your birthday, but I totally am.

  12. Seriously hysterical. I need to take pointers on your writing style ASAP ;).

    As for pinterest, I’m on it just never really been able to get into it. Now I’m afraid of it, as it may also suck me into the dark side!

    1. Thank you! My big secret is to drink a gallon of water and then ban myself from using the bathroom until I get to 400 words. Not doctor recommended, but it works for me.

      Pinterest is a scary thing, and I’m alarmed at how into it I am right now. I hope it doesn’t ask me for money.

  13. I go to Pinterest in spurts. Now I ‘ll have to pin some things so you c an follow me!

    1. Please do! I suspect that I’ll be obsessed with your boards since I’m obsessed with your home and all the food that comes out of it ;D

  14. People have been posted images I have on my blog on Pinterest, so I am indirectly on there. That’s enough exposure for me to it.

    1. Lucky! I wish I could get people to pin junk from my blog. Maybe if I dress up as a caterpillar next to C as a butterfly I can make that happen….

      1. Or maybe just in general that image has the potential to go VIRAL.

  15. I’ve resisted so far, I don’t need another site to have to check all the time! I can see that it’s good for knitters, although it would probably give me a huge inferiority complex.

    1. Yep, Pinterest has a way of making one feel like they suck at life no matter what their hobby is.

  16. I find that once a month is good to check in with pinterest. Then, it gives me enough depressed thoughts, inadequacies, funny ecards, and cute images to keep me going for another month! ;) I do love it though. In small doses.

    1. That sounds like a really healthy Pinterest-visiting frequency. I can’t wait until the honeymoon is over with me and Pinterest!

      1. Yes. There is DEFINITELY a honeymoon phase. FOR SURE. But, enjoy it for a while. :)

  17. I’m on Pinterest too but I don’t typically do the following thing. (I know, I have social media problems.) I really want it for the ideas and recipes so I don’t have a gazillion bookmarks to hunt through. And the kids want a craft? I can pull them all up at once, ta da? Which one do you want to do? None? Of course! Glad I didn’t go to the trouble of searching for them or printing them out.

    1. That’s a good idea! Pinterest is kind of like a junk drawer of ideas in that if you never actually utilize any of it in a practical way, it’s not like you’ve lost anything.

  18. I think Pinterest is a secret evil plot to to turn all citizens of the world into super-crafting, well-dressed, gourmet crock-potting Martha Stewart bots. But that’s the kind of evil I can get down with, so I am totally complicit. I do have to temper myself though. I only let myself go on Pinterest sprees every now and again. Otherwise we would be broke and living in the parking lot of Hobby Lobby so I could continue to decorate our cardboard box home with DIY crafts.

    1. I worked at Hobby Lobby for a couple months in college! But I threw it all away when the Gap a offered me a job. My paint pens still weep.

      1. Well, in college, cool jeans top crafting projects. I would think your paint pens would understand that. I would say working at Hobby Lobby might be my dream job, but only if my job entailed just lurking around the store for my whole shift and then using my employee discount to buy crap.

  19. I am the King of Pinterest. FYI.

    1. Oh, I am aware, Mr. Zombie McZomberson.

  20. Seriously, I do not know much about Pinterest. Thanks for sharing this post. I gotta check it out and see what is it all about!

    1. Beware! You may get sucked in just as I have! ;D

  21. Oh the mouse in the jacket! I can hardly even look at the cuteness. I am an off/on Pinterester, sometimes I get really involved and am like “all the pinning! I love pinning things” then i forget about it for 4 months…

    1. I hope and pray that I forget about it soon because I’ve got dishes to wash and M&Ms to eat, and Pinterest is cutting in to my eating time massively.

  22. Cute mouse , i’m on Tumblr ……… which is almost like Pinterest , also has candid confessions by people going through / have come out of depression etc. and try to help others like them …..so i prefer it to Pinterest

    1. Oh yes, I am fully aware of the Tumblr. My husband is obsessed with it. One time, I overheard a conversation he was having with one of his Tumblr friends:

      “Hey, do you know what this Pinterest thing is?”
      “Yeah, I think it is, like, Tumblr for girls.”


      1. :-) :-) nice one – tumblr for girls….well I’m a female ,but mayb not Martha Stewart-ish enough for pinterest, love ur blog btw.

  23. I have a Pinterest account… I think. I check it… irregularly. I think I started to use it to post a handcrafted meme of the ERMAHGERDS that taught my husband who Victor Garber was.
    So, what I’m saying is, it’s not all bad.

    1. If ermagherds is on it, then I’m glad I’m on it too.

  24. Pinterest: the reason I neeeed so many things and can’t throw anything away… “I could probably use this old ‘shoebox, jar, toilet paper roll, insert any piece of garbage’ for a beautiful craft”. Hah

    I love it and hate it at the same time! :)

    1. Yessssssss. I am a borderline hoarder too so Pinterest certainly won’t help with that! “Oh, this old vinegar bottle? Better not throw it out. Maybe I can use it to make a decorative ear-cleaning contraption.”

      1. Lol! See, I wanted to make an ear-cleaning contraption yesterday and didn’t have the proper materials! I’m never throwing anything away again! ;)

  25. I am glad you came around on Pinterest. It is awesome. Just don’t pin while hungry, that is my #1 lesson learned!

    1. The problem is, is that I’m always hunger. Wop-waaaaaaaah.

      1. Haha that is the catch. If only there were a way in the category search to do everything BUT food.

  26. omg this is HYSTERICAL.

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