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RTT: Halloween Is For Showing Off

Welcome to this week’s installment of Remember the Time! Since it’s Halloween and we are big fans of logic, this week’s theme is…Halloween. Have at it, kiddos!  ♥ The main purpose of Halloween, if you don’t already know, is for parents to show off. So the purpose of today’s post is to fill my smug […]

Well, This Is Awkward: Pinterest Edition

When Cameron told me about Pinterest a hundred years ago, I checked it out. Surprise, surprise: I didn’t like it. Where the heck were all these pictures even coming from? I doubted the credibility of their pretty. Why were they assaulting my eyes in a little tiled way, expecting me to organize them into boards? […]

Et Cetera, etc.

I have spent the morning on Pinterest looking at blogging “tips” and it seems I’m doing this wrong. I should be tweeting all my posts 19+ times and using a consistent voice and giving you guys 27 tips on new uses for your LiveStrong bracelets. But I will not do these things. I am not […]

Bullets In My Head

My energy level hit an all-time low today. And by “energy” level I also mean “motivation to do anything other than eat pudding out of old Cool-Whip containers, watch PBS, and feel sorry for myself” level. Ergo, rather than compile any cohesive thoughts, I just thought I’d hit you up bullet-point style with some random […]