Good Things Come in Threes

If you could see me right now, I’d be facepalming all over the place. I almost forgot to tell you about volume three of the parenting round table I contributed to for The Daily Post, WordPress’ in-house blog about everything blogging. At least I didn’t forget to change the baby’s diaper? I dunno. I’ll take what I can get these days. Someone gimme a cookie.

In this third and final installment, my fellow parenting bloggers and I discuss our top tips for writing about kids and blogging in general. It’s a great read, so click here to come on over and check it out.

Also, don’t forget that you only have a few more hours to register to win a $25 credit to TheKeenBean, my friend Sara’s store showcasing her beautiful handmade children’s accessories, earrings, and nursing covers. The giveaway closes at midnight EST, so hop on in an enter to win!

Click here to enter the giveaway.

And now, simply because I feel like I’d be leaving you hanging if I ended the blog post with only two items, let’s have a photo caption contest. Here’s your muse:

caption contest1

So maybe “muse” was a poor choice of words. Winner gets their caption placed on this photo on my personal Facebook account.


Have at it.


  1. “Silly man. There’s no money in there. I already spent it all.”

    What do I win?

    1. You win my husband’s empty wallet.

      1. I already have one of those…

        1. Maybe you could get a collection going and then sell it on eBay.

          1. It’s worth a shot…

            1. People have made a lot of money on Antiques Roadshow with far less.

  2. “No. I don’t want to see pictures of your 17 kids. And you really need to work on your pickup lines.”

    1. When we first met, I actually checked his wallet to make sure there weren’t a bunch of pictures of mystery kids in there. You can never be too careful.

      1. ^ Totally not a crazy person thing to do. Totally.

        1. Oh, absolutely not. I’m not paranoid AT ALL.

  3. “Hmm….do I spend my last twenty on more beer or diapers? Tough call.”

    1. The problems facing today’s parent during our tough economic times

    2. You are always clever at captions, D. I’m not even entering this one because you beat me here.

  4. Dude. That condom expired in the nineties.

    1. Interestingly, we had found out only a week before this photo was taken that I was pregnant.

  5. “So, um, how do we, um, do *this*? Do I, like, pay you now…or…*after*?”

    “Excuse, me??”

    1. I would like to add that I’m not sure why I just made Ben a John and you an assumed “lady of the night”. Must be the scarf. That scarf totally screams, “SLUT!” I should stop now.

      1. Boy howdy do I know it! Gap scarves just scream “slutwear” :D

        1. You floozy, you!!!

  6. Off to read The Daily Post (I’m not captioning, by the way).

    1. We are both bloggers, so that would actually be a pretty good caption regardless ;D

  7. “You say you’re preggo eh? I may as well empty out the wallet now!”

    1. BASICALLY. Yup.

  8. “Yeah . . . I thought your wallet should have more in it, too.”

  9. Um… where did you get your pretty “recommended family blog” badge? It shore is purdy…

    1. Ande from & Squatch Makes Three made it for me! Isn’t it/he the bestest!?

  10. I got nothin’. Oh, wait, that works! I mean, “I got nothin'”, but maybe, your husband is saying “I got nothin'”. Got it? Oh well…

  11. Just a minute… I know’I’ve got the directions somewhere… It tells me what to do after… my wife pees in the cup… i think maybe I’m supposed to pee in the cup now… Just a minute…

  12. “…… no, no, wait! That’s not the best bit! I can also get my fleas to jump from the wallet in to the glass…..”

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