Frogs and Gnomes and Snow-Capped Cabins: It’s a Tragic Whale Giveaway!

Whoever coined the phrase, “Monkey see, monkey do” must have spent a lot of time around small kids. Even though I don’t remember copying my parents when I was a wee one because most of my pre-NKOTB memories have been blotted out*, I know that it must’ve happened because my own kid wants everything that I even hint at liking. My beloved cup of coffee this morning was hijacked when she grabbed it and deposited a tennis ball in it. I don’t know what’s worse: that she drank a little of my high-octane brew or that she got a mouthful of tennis ball that we found adjacent to a garbage can at the park.

*The image of Donnie Wahlberg in shredded jeans will do that to the brain.

So it was with great fanfare that a package from Kerry’s shop The Tragic Whale arrived at our home recently, for it contained goodies for me and my Wee Cee. Goodies we could keep separate.

Look at how cute it is!

Look at how cute it is!

I was in need of a small handbag that I could carry all my essentials (ie, ID, phone, keys, debit card, hand sanitizer, extra pacifiers) around in, but I knew that once my new bag arrived, Cee would become fixated on it and hijack it for her own. Wouldn’t you? It’s adorable! Look at those sad little frogs.

TW purse1

They’re not really sad. Just flip them over and they’re smiling!

So I did what any good mother who wants to be left alone for five minutes loves her child does: I got Cee her own purse too, one with gnomes all over it. Well, not a purse per se: it’s technically a pencil case, but she found many, many things to put in it.

Like her keys. And her phone. And her plastic Oscar the Grouch. Y’know, the essentials. It also fits a random plastic post that goes with those Fischer-Price ring toys.

Highly important things.

Highly important things.

Happy mama, happy daughter.

There’s a lot to love about all the wares of The Tragic Whale. Kerry makes everything in her store (clutches, pencil bags, coin purses, makeup bags, etc.) and that includes her patterns. She only creates functional products that she would use herself. In fact, all of her products were born out of necessity of things that she needed. Many of her pieces are made from organic cotton, and each piece is 100% one-of-a-kind and made to withstand toddlers and accident-prone adults alike. Try your worst: just toss ’em in the wash and they’re good to go!

Adorable coin purse from The Tragic Whale

All coin purses should have little snow-covered cabins on them. OBVS.

This week, Kerry is going to be offering readers of The Waiting an awesome deal. Just enter the code TheWaiting15 at checkout and you will receive 15% off your purchase!

TW case3

But wait! That’s not all! Kerry is generously giving away an amazing prize pack that includes your choice of THREE items from her store! If you win, you can chose any three items from The Tragic Whale as long as they are in three separate product categories. That means that your mini-me can have her or his own little accessory too! (Although it’s OK if you want to hoard it all yourself.)

Click here to enter the giveaway.

Good luck!


  1. I love what your daughter chose to put in her gnome-covered pencil pouch. She obviously has her priorities straight. What a cutie!


    1. She absolutely does ;D Thanks!

  2. Those purses are very cute.

    1. I agree! You’ll love them.

  3. Oh my gosh…these are the cutest ever. I smell some Christmas presents…

    1. If I could get ALL her stuff for Christmas, I may be the happiest person EVER.

  4. Awesome!! I heart giveaways :)

    1. And this is a VERY good one! Good luck!

  5. That’s some cute stuff, right there.

    1. You will really love them. They are extremely high-quality too.

  6. I’m a sucker for tiny purses/pencil cases. I’m off to enter this giveaway.

    1. I honestly don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love what Kerry makes. All the details of her work at flawless. I wish you good luck! And FYI, with a couple of the entry options, you can enter everyday to increase your odds of winning ;D

  7. Woooooooot. Which one would go well with this outfit?

    1. I wouldn’t put it past Kerry to find some organic Star Wars prints.

      1. I might be convince to carry a purse in that instance.

  8. Ohhhh! I hope I win I hope I win I hope I win! Thanks, you awesome ladies!

    1. I hope you win too! TWINSIES ;D

  9. Cute handbags! But be careful, you might find a coffee-stained tennis ball in yours…

  10. Fun! I always love your giveaways Em! The products are such good quality! I mean, I’m assuming so because the giveaway that I won was awesome, so I assume that same standard holds up to every giveaway that The Waiting does. No crap on this blog, no sir.

    1. Thanks, Lils! Be sure to enter this one because it is incredible. You will love Kerry’s stuff.

  11. Very sweet and bright and just makes you feel good to look at them. I hope you and your girl have fun and remember imitation is the highest form of flattery. You must be doing something right, Em. ;)

    1. It’s a good thing C and I have very similar taste ;D Thanks, Brig!

  12. Who doesn’t love free stuff?
    Way to go!

    1. I certainly love it! Be sure to enter because I can guarantee you that either one of your gals would adore you forever if you turned up with something from The Tragic Whale for them ;D

    1. I agree! Good luck!

  13. Margaret Barnes · · Reply

    Love these adorable bags! What a great giveaway!

    1. I love them too!

  14. Love these adorable bags! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  15. My little lobster purse is still in constant use :-)

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