Remember the Time…we had picture day?

Was there anything better than getting your picture made at school when you were growing up?

Ugh, let me rephrase that, as there are at least 564,865,847,979,084 things better than having your photo taken by a smarmy old man who only hates wearing matching clothing more than he hates the kids he’s snapping. Dental work is better by comparison, and so are Magic Bullet infomercials. (Bad example. Magic Bullet infomercials are amazing.)

Lemme borrow that top for my school picture. Source

Lemme borrow that top for my school picture. Source

New question: is there anything better than looking back on your school photos as an adult and laughing? I think not!

This week for Remember the Time, Kelly and I invite you to write about school picture day. This isn’t necessarily a photo challenge, but I will love you forever and ever amen if you do scan some of your photos and share them, primarily because I will be sharing some of my own and I would hate to out-awkward you once again. (That’s how you do a humblebrag, right?) If you need a little inspiration, I highly recommend checking out the banner at Childhood Relived. Back in 1979, Angie set the bar for truly epic school photos.

Write your post anytime this week and then check back here and at Are You Finished Yet? on Thursday to link up with Kelly and me! See you (and hopefully your school pictures too) then!

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  1. Oh boy, I might get in on this. I have a story of shame that involves me wearing an eyepatch as a child.

    1. I am going to have to insist that you write this post.

  2. I just got a school picture back from Squish. Despite the giant bag of combs, no one made any effort to tame his cowlick, and the photo contains more backdrop than child. And because I volunteered on picture day, I get a copy FREE. I’m so lucky.

    1. I really think that the photographers go out of their way to make the pictures as bad as possible.

  3. Somewhere, there are about two dozen copies of my 4th grade class pic with me in the front row with my eyes crossed and a big goofy grin.

    Class reaction was mixed.

    1. My new life mission is to track all those pictures down.

      1. Thank goodness I grew up in a pre-internet world!

  4. Is that Fred Armisen in drag?

    1. It totally looks like him, right!? It’s actually Liam Kyle Sullivan who does these videos on YouTube where he dresses up as Kelly, an irate teenager. They are amazing. (But watch them after the kiddos are in bed.) Here’s the most famous one:

      1. Oh that’s hilarious

  5. My friend’s parents had her take a picture with her baby brother in Xmas wear so they could use it as the xmas card picture. That was CLASSIC. Of course everyone at the studio (this was high school) thought it was HER baby.

    1. By “my friend” do you mean, “me”? ;D It’s OK to admit.

      1. No, I mean my friend – I don’t have a little brother

  6. OMG, I remember this one school picture, Em. I hated it so much I threw it down the wall of the attic in a house we were living in. For all I know it’s still there. I remember those photographers too. They didn’t seem to enjoy taking pics of kids. We four girls went to one once and I’d keep turning my head to one side when I smiled and the photographer got really ticked about it. Ha! I kept doing it and have the picture of us, with my head cocked over to one side. Even then, I was a trouble-maker. ;).

    1. Those photographers were such trolls! I remember at some school dance I went to in high school, the photographer who took couples’ pictures kept saying that the music was too loud. What did ya expect, guy?!

  7. You totes got the humblebrag down.

    1. Yesssssss. I am now officially with it.

  8. It can’t possibly get worse than mine. Oh wait! Almost….

    Shannon’s is another favorite of mine:

    God bless ’em.

    1. Both these women are babes today, by the way!

    2. You ARE the queen of the class picture, Ang.

      ps How you Doin, kid?

      1. Thanks, Peg. Doin’ alright. I pop in here and there when I feel my ears burning. Or my cowlick twitching.

    3. I still cannot believe that that is Rachel. That picture is amazing.

      It’s good to see you, Angie! Full disclosure: I dropped your link in there just to bait you to come out. Hope Baby is doing well!

      1. It worked! Baby is great so far….thanks for asking :)

  9. I got some old school photos I can throw at ya for this one :-)

    1. Awesome! I am hoping to see a lot of awkward come Thursday ;D

  10. Oh Jeez Louise on a stick – that Kelly top video was Fun. Ny.

    I don’t think you should be allowed do=overs on grade school photos. The big goofy grins, hair sticking up, clip-on ties coming unclipped – those are priceless years down the road. So what if the kid has to go through therapy in the hear-and-now because of the pitiful picture.

    1. Not surprisingly, I totally agree with you. What is grade school for if not for completely humiliating yourself? You live and learn. And have bad hair. Thanks, Peg!

  11. You’ve got the best ideas. I would so TOTALLY do this had all of my photos not stayed behind in my mom’s home. I will take a look, I think my high school year book might be in Toronto, though, but there was NOTHING funny about it as far as I remember. Especially the parts of it that were supposed to be.

  12. I’m so glad that I’m done with the blog every day in August challenge so I can get back into this. I have my post already written.

    And ZOMG, those magic bullet commercials are genius. When the woman in the bathrobe and cat’s eye glasses and cigarette comes in? And sits there doing infomercial performance art during the whole thing? Love!

  13. OH MY GOD….I love Kelly. I even have her T-shirt. The one that says: “Betch” on the back.

  14. Did you have the pictures with the lasers background? Those were a staple of the 80s.

  15. It’s my son’s picture day today. He’s is wearing the same outfit he has worn (and I have washed) twice already this week. It’s his ‘basketball’ look. He would have worn the ‘soccer’ outfit that he wore the other two days this week, but he peed all over it this morning and I had to change them. Luckily I had washed them both this morning before school.

    He’s not even 3, and he’s more particular about his clothes than his sister was.

  16. In addition to the fact that I LOVE shoes and Kelly, I have a Magic/Nutra Bullet… and Love, love, love it… almost as much as shoes and Kelly.

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