Remember the Time…we had that teacher?

If life is a play, then the teachers we’ve known through the years play starring roles.

They are sometimes the characters who come into our lives unobtrusively but end up inspiring us to be better people and to look at the world in a whole new light. They do so, miraculously, by illuminating something as two-dimensional as sixth grade math. Sometimes they are the villains whose own personal problems bleed into their working life to make their students’ lives miserable too. Sometimes they’re just stage filler: we may not pay much attention to them, but if they were removed, we’d be a little lost. I remember once in college, one of my professors didn’t show up for class until fifteen minutes after it was scheduled to begin. While the entire class probably could have just left and technically not been counted absent, I stayed simply because I didn’t know what else to do. For that hour, I was supposed to be a student. I waited on my teacher.

Robin Williams in Dead Poet's Society

Sometimes they’re Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society….

....but sometimes they're a tad more dull.

….but sometimes they’re a tad more dull.

Teachers are powerful people with the ability to transform lives for the better and the worse. We’ve all been touched by one or two of them, so this week for Remember the Time, Kelly and I are challenging you to tell us your stories about teachers who have made a lasting impression on you.

Write your post anytime this week* and then check back here and at Are You Finished Yet? on Thursday to link up with us. We can’t wait to see your posts!

*If you write your post before Thursday, send me the link via Facebook or Twitter so I can publicize it before the linkup officially begins on Thursday. This is a great way to get a little extra publicity for your post! ;D

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  1. Because I cannot follow instructions – I post a link to your FB account….

  2. This one may be a little more thoughtful right off the top of my head — but I’m sure you will still make it hysterical!

  3. It’s interesting when your kids become school-aged to experience teachers through their eyes. You’re happy when they love their teacher, and you feel bad (and a bit powerless) when they don’t. But I always remind them that life will be full of challenging forces. Best to face them early and learn how to adapt.

  4. Hey, I had a teacher before too! Neat.

  5. I’ve had a few of the “O Captain My Captain” Dead Poets Society teachers. Those teachers were always special treasures, and I still remember them fondly. :)

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