It’s such a good feeling.

Do you know what I like? I can tell you really want to know, and so I’ll tell you.

I like Mr. Rogers.

Do you know what else I like?

Guest blogging on Kidz Showz.

Both are pretty much the best, and this is why I am excited to combine my two loves today. Head on over to Kidz Showz to check out my post, Six Reasons Why Mr. Rogers Was Probably the Best Person Ever.

See you there!

mr. rogers gif


  1. I posted the link to this on A Canvas Of The Minds fb page, fyi. Personal feelings aside, it just seemed right. :)

  2. dentaleggs · · Reply

    Mr. Rodgers rules.

  3. It is bad or weird that I was always kind of creeped out by Mr. Rogers?

  4. OMG. That gif. I almost don’t even need to read the post. The gif is enough. But I’ll read anyway :)

  5. Yesss. I have neglected Kidz Showz so much this year. It’s so sad. Thank you for giving it some love.

  6. I’m stealing the GIF as my go-to GIF from now on. For everything.

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