Have a Nostalgic, Sepia-Tinted Christmas

The welcoming committee: Kelly, her mom, and her sister. It's a plaid party, and Santa's invited. Don't forget the egg nog.

The welcoming committee: Kelly, her mom, and her sister. It’s a plaid party, and Santa’s invited. Don’t forget the egg nog.

Welcome to the very first Remember the Time Christmas party, filled with fruitcakes no one is actually going to eat, pervy drunk uncles, and White Elephant gift exchanges! Join Kelly and me as we walk down memory lane and remember some fond past holidays with our beloved Rememberers. Don’t forget to pick up a crushed candy cane at the door. We are nothing if not generous.

First on our stop of Christmases past is Rob from Growing Up On Prytania:

rob groped

Touched by an angel. I mean Santa. Poor Rob never saw it coming. But Santa couldn’t help it because everyone was a little bit pervy back in the ’60s. Have you seen Mad Men?

Next, let’s say hello to little Amy from Lucy’s Football.


Santa can tell if you’re naughty or nice. He can also tell when you hate him so much that his heart might turn to ice if he touches you. Thus, Amy’s relationship with him has always been as strained has her tight little jaw. BACK OFF, SANTA.

Merry Christmas from Gabi and her family!

Gabi Christmas

Kudos to Gabi for sending us what is, by far, the most normal of all the holiday pictures we received. Well-played, Gabs, well-played.

Kelly and I loved Meredith’s family picture. Who doesn’t love a good photobomb?


Meredith’s parents got all their kids together for a heartwarming Christmas photo, and of course Sparkles the Orange Afro Elf steals the show. Why is his nose so red? I guess an elf’s got to find some way to cope with making ten thousand Dora the Explorer dolls. Someone get the guy some coffee.

Look at adorable little Deanna, all stuffed in a box!

Deanna Christmas

Deanna’s mother asked Deanna’s father for something shiny for Christmas. He misheard her and thought she said something “whiny.” Ergo, toddler in a box. No returns.

Here is CJ from Imperfect Happiness, only two weeks old. *Cues “awwwwwwwwws”.*

First Christmas2 1976 (1)

It appears that the Christmas tree in the background was only two weeks old as well when it was plucked from its forest abode.

When Stephanie from Drama Happens sent in her photo, she made it very clear that it documents her last Christmas as an only child.

Stephanie - “Wow, I love Christmas. It's so nice to have all the attention.” Freddy the Dog: “Yeah, I used to think the same thing before you were born. Oh and by the way, savor that feeling of being the only one because I've been smelling around the trashcan a lot lately and I found a pee-scented stick. Last time that happened, you came. Merry Christmas.”

Stephanie: “Wow, I love Christmas. It’s so nice to have all the attention.”
Freddy the Dog: “Yeah, I used to think the same thing before you were born. Oh and by the way, savor that feeling of being the only one because I’ve been smelling around the trashcan a lot lately and I found a pee-scented stick. Last time that happened, you came. Merry Christmas.”

Hey look! It’s little me and my brother Trevor circa 1987!

Emily Christmas

Yeah, yeah, yeah, little brother. Suck it up. I’ve got a lot to tell Santa about, and Reaganomics are at the top of the heap.

Looks like Santa has already visited Anna’s house, and she and her sister both got baby dolls!


As Anna keenly observed, it’s a little unclear why her sister had an actual bottle for her baby doll while Anna had to use her finger. Seems unfair and not the best route towards proper nutrition. (Anna, we agree. Keep your eye on the mail because Kelly and I have a shipment of Dr. Brown bottles headed your way.)

And last but not least, here is four-month-old Kelly:

"Miles to North Pole" my diapered ass. I may only four months old,  but I think I know a mug shot placard when I see one.

“Miles to North Pole” my diapered ass. I may only four months old, but I think I know a mug shot placard when I see one.

May you all have a wonderful Christmas that doesn’t even rely on an Instagram filter to give it that nostalgic feel. 

Merry Christmas!

Remember the Time Blog Hop

Kelly and I are taking a break from RTT for Christmas, but should you like to write a Christmas-related post, feel free to link it up here! The linkup will be open through December 31.


  1. Love the party! I didn’t think ahead, though…being two weeks old, I can only get spiked egg nog secondhand via Mom. (And why did my mom not dress me in cool plaid like Kelly’s mom did?)

    1. Because your mom obviously loved you, CJ. :) Actually, my grandma made those pajamas for us. Usually we only accidentally dress alike. And there’s nothing wrong with a little second-hand spiked nog. Thanks for coming to the party!!!

      1. Oh, I have a matchy-matchy Christmas photo, too (because growing up, my mom intentionally dressed us alike (often all three kids and Mom, although my brother got to wear a coordinating outfit that wasn’t a dress), which might argue against your hypothesis). It was actually between this one and the one of me and my sister in our matching red flannel nighties and red flannel night caps. I just really like the plaid.

        1. Well, then you must also adore my parents’ lovely plaid couch that we happen to be sitting on. It must be a virtual feast for your eyes :)

      2. That’s sweet! My grandma used to get my cousins, my brother and me matching pajamas every Christmas. And every year we’d take a group photo wearing the PJs — we tried to think of a fun arrangement each time, like one year we made a pyramid, another year we were in a can-can line, etc.

        1. I think matching pj’s are a kind of rite of passage. And it gives you lots of funny pictures to look back on!

  2. God, I wish my child was actually my child. It would have shattered the humorous theme, and I know I’m so completely biased, but I still have the most earth-shatteringly beautiful photograph of her in her purple Christmas dress with the dark purple velvet jacket, and her long red pea coat is over top and she’s wearing her matching hat with the bow but her blonde pigtails still poke out, and she has glittery holly leaves painted up the side of her face and it’s at least 11 years old and. . . and. . .

    Oh. Yeah.

    Honestly, while I would have loved to have sent in that picture, and you know I of course wanted to gush, I really wanted to take the time to comment and tell you what an absolutely amazing job you did with this post. It was a clever idea and a lot of hard work I’m sure, and it turned into a wonderful celebration of the blogging community at Christmastime! Well done. I absolutely love it.

    (And maybe next year when she’s 15 — yikes! — I can circumvent her mom and get her okay. ;) )

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  4. You guys did a fantastic job! So cute and classic. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

    1. You too Deanna! Loved your photo! It’s easy to write a fun post when you have good material.

  5. Thanks to all our bloggers who willingly let themselves be embarrassed on the interwebs by sending in your pictures! And thanks to everyone who has ever taken part in RTT! And no, I don’t still have those plaid jammies.

  6. Great way to begin my day other than seeing myself in plaid on that coach :P Very entertaining and I LOVE the snow animation!!! Merry Christmas to all!!

    1. Emily. You just hit the big time. My MOM just commented on your blog.

  7. This turned out great! Thanks for taking time to compile the fun :) Y’all rank pretty-pretty high on my cool scale ;)

    1. The feeling is mutual. And thank YOU for unknowingly writing a caption for you photo that was so perfect we didn’t have to do any work.

  8. Girls, This party must become an annual tradition! Hilarious pictures, hilarious times!

    1. Thanks! It was fun!

  9. This is fabulous! I am not aware of there being any photo’s in existence of my childhood Christmases. Perhaps that is just as well ;)

    1. All that means is that you can pretend you looked like a movie star at all of your childhood Christmases and no one can prove otherwise… instead of being faced with the hard cold photographic evidence that your hair needed an intervention. :)

  10. YESSS! Those totally look like flannel snuggies, just saying. Love them.

    1. I would be in heaven if they were. And I certainly would have kept mine if that were the case. I am not one to scoff at the convenience of being warm while also having the mobility to hold a baby or do the wave at a sporting event.

  11. Omg so cuteee. I’m so stupid for forgetting to send mine in! I had a great one here with me which is super convenient. I didn’t have to dig through any boxes, yet I dropped the ball.
    This is why I wish my mom was still blogging–she would’ve entered it in time! But yeah, anyway, cuteness overload. Love the pic of you and your brosef!

  12. Yay! Merry Christmas and happy New Year and ALL HAPPY WINTER HOLIDAYS, all!

    (I still don’t go anywhere near Santas, if I can help it. They wig me out.)

    1. But thankfully, you went near one just that one time…because Emily and I enjoyed having some giggles over it :) Merry Everything!

  13. Doesn’t my Santa look guilty as hell? Looks like a shot of getting caught with his hand in my cookie jar! I am so scarred…no wonder I’m afraid of men in red suits

    1. Rob, Emily and I agreed that was the most stellar Santa picture ever…aside from the whole scarred for life thing.

  14. Such wonderful shots! Each one twinkles with sweetness.

  15. Kelly and Emily… I hope you will indulge me. I added a Christmas post from 2 years ago, that just has a lot of meaning to me right now… given that I am bit tied up, I didn’t write something new, but I wanted to join your wonderful Remember The Time, this week… hope you both have the sweetest of Christmases and a safe and wonderful New Year!

    1. A great story of the real spirit of the season! Thanks for sharing it! And I truly hope you are feeling better soon…and that all the love that surrounds you makes is very Merry Christmas regardless.

      1. Thanks Kelly! I am feeling very hopeful, and out of the hospital later today. Not quite stable, but when was I ever??

  16. Heh. I can’t even decide what the pervy Santa’s expression means; is he looking intently at the camera to distract us from his perviness? Or maybe he’s drunk…hence, the perviness? Poor Rob. ^_^;;

    And the last Santa looks like he’s being swallowed by his beard :-D

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  19. So this is embarrassingly late but I loved this post!! You two crack me up. Good stuff. :)

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