Emily Reminds Us to Build Castles

Happy Tuesday! I am thrilled to be talking about the nature of inspiration over at Rara’s place today. I also talk a lot about snacks. She’s just great, and I would love for you to come on over and check it out.


There’s magic in the air! I can tell because Emily from The Waiting blog agreed to guest post for me!

Magic, I say!

Emily not only co-hosts the Remember The Time prompts that I love, but she also finds time to write a witty, insightful, happy blog.  (She’s also a wonderful wife and mommy, as the blog stories will show.)  Pop on over, and send buckets of rawr love her way!



When you get an email from Rarasaur asking you to write a guest post for her blog, there are two thoughts that immediately run through your mind. The first is that of absolute glee.

ME? Little old me? I just saved 15 percent by switching to GEICO and now Rara is asking me to write something for her blog? Best day evaaaaar! Eat all the Cheetos!

And as you’re licking the celebratory orange dust off your fingers…

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  1. Just wait til your daughter builds her castle annex right next to yours!

    1. Your comment is really funny to me because whenever we really DO build castles with blocks, we always have a couple left over. And what do I *always* call the little hovel we build with the leftovers?

      The annex.

      Get out of my brain, Guap ;D

  2. Well if you read my FB post from yesterday, you’d see the coincidence between my post and your story Em. Moats are built around castles, but drawbridges allow us to cross them, avoiding the deadly crocodiles. You have much more in store for you Em. Soak it up, take it in…enjoy the ride

    1. The crocodiles will be the end of me, Rob. I think if we keep running with this metaphor, the crocodiles are the lack of hours in the day in which I can actually get my stuff done and BUILD the castle for Pete’s sake.

      1. The price of being a celebrity Emily ;)

        1. I’m a w-list celebrity, if anything.

  3. I am so glad that when they become teens, they love to sleep late. Admittedly, it’s tempting to saunter into their rooms, in the Wee hours (see that?) and say: “hey, you guys… are you awake? Can we have breakfast? Is there anything on? Are you sleeping?? Or, just poke them.” For the record, I don’t. I enjoy the solitude before they wake up. ;-) Wonderful post Em!

    1. You are just teasing me. They will eventually sleep late?! I now have something to live for. ;D Thanks for reading, Dawn! I really liked this post, and that means something since I am my toughest critic ;D

      1. I really liked this post too… in fact, looks like a lot of people really liked it; so, that means you have good taste too! No, not kidding… you get to slip IN, BUT you have to stay up late, to catch them sneaking in! ;-) Stick with me…

  4. Sweetie, just a quick word to say how much I love this post, so much that I have thought about it all day. I think it has inspired to me to… something, but I don’t know what it is yet!

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