This Is Not Goodbye.

So, this is kind of weird and definitely awesome:

I’m going back to work. 

Full time.

In a building with other people who aren’t toddlers.

And I’m going to be writing. I couldn’t be more thrilled. I’ll be working for a nonprofit in Memphis (which you may remember is my hometown and a place I have yearned after for awhile now) that has an amazing mission of providing affordable, quality healthcare for the working uninsured. It’s a place I truly believe in, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to help it further its mission doing what I love best. To be completely honest, too, I’m tired of talking about myself all the time, and it’s going to be refreshing for me to give back to an organization that doesn’t directly benefit me. (Other than the whole getting paid thing. I’ll take that, thanks.)

The next couple months are going to be crazy busy. I’ll be packing up all our things for the move to Memphis at the end of May, continuing to be a full-time SAHM to C, but also working remotely for my new job. There are going to be a lot of frozen dinners, methinks. And coffee. O the humanity, there will be coffee. I’ll check in with the blog when I can, but it’s just not at the top of my priority list right now. And I’m OK with that. The world can survive for a few months without me talking about C’s tantrums, and I’ll survive too.

It’s always a little scary at first to move away from something you’ve been doing for awhile, and I have been blogging for almost three years now with only occasional short breaks. In the past I’ve feared stepping away from my writing here because I was afraid that I’d never return, having broken that blogging momentum. Writing this blog has been an integral part of my journey as a parent, and it’s no coincidence that I’m taking a little break from it at the exact same time that I’m transitioning out of my role as a stay at home parent. But the opportunity I’ve been presented with is one that I’d be a fool to pass on, and happily, it’s a place where I can keep the ball rolling on my career (geez, it’s so cool to say that!) as a writer. And obviously, I won’t be taking a break from parenting. I’m just putting on some new pants.

You’ll hear from me when I have something to say. If anything, this will be great for quality control.

I’ll still be going full-throttle in my duties as Managing Editor at Tipsy Lit, so if you need to get in touch with me regarding anything over there, please do! Much like my new job, I love what I do on TL because it benefits people other than myself. I get to be part of a team. Blogging does have a tendency to facilitate my narcissistic tendencies, and I’m incredibly grateful to be presented with so many opportunities to stave off my ego-driven urges.

So this is not goodbye. Just a see-ya-on-the-flipside sort of thing.

Thank you all for reading and for being a bottomless well of encouragement for me in pretty much every facet of my life.

This is not goodbye.


  1. Congratulations Emily! Writing for pay in real life (what a concept) and writing a blog does seem like writing overload. I spend much of my day at The Grind doing utterly brainless slogging and often I have hardly any energy left over to write much less publish a blog post. Good luck with the gig. I’m sure that it will look great on your writer’s resume. It sounds like a wonderful step forward and I’m sure that this wonderfully written site helped you get there. You’ve earned it!

    1. Thanks, V! It’s true; I probably would not have been considered for the position if it has not been for the writing that I’ve done here and elsewhere online, since my new job is in social media and blogging. Whoever said that the time you spend blogging is a total waste doesn’t know what they’re talking about ;D

  2. Good luck with this great and wonderful change going on for you! I have taken breaks from my blog and had the same fears – will I want to do it still? Will people forget about me? Will I have that desire I once did? And the fears are groundless. People will always be around, and are always welcoming. Life sometimes gets in the way of our little blogging world, but it makes for a richer experience…that we can blog about later :)

    You’ll be missed – enjoy this new chapter in your life!


    1. Thanks, Paul! Those are some very true words. You sometimes have to just get out there and live life so you’ll have more of it to write about. xoxo

  3. Congrats and good luck, Emily! I look forward to hearing more about your adventure! (I don’t mind the narcissism.)

    1. Thanks, Rachel! This next step is probably going to be great for my Twitter and Facebook page; I’ll be sharing tidbits there when I don’t have time to write a whole post ;D

  4. Congratulations – that sounds so exciting! Good luck, I look forward to reading you again in the future!

    1. Thanks, Nicola!

  5. Teresa P. · · Reply

    Great blog today! Can’t wait till you all are closer. Mom

  6. Your moving to Memphis YAY!!! I live here. good luck on your new adventures!!!!

    1. YAY! GO GRIZZ!

  7. Congrats, Emily, on this new phase of your life. I’ve so enjoyed reading your blog and will continue to do so whenever you post. I completely understand the transition of going from SAHM to WM (working mom). The term WM always kills me, because EVERY MOM is a WM, no matter where she does it. In any case, I look forward to what you have to say next!

    1. Thank you, Stacy! I expect that I’ll have a lot to say on the glories of coffee ;D Thanks, lady!

  8. Jaye DuBard · · Reply

    I love you Emily. 

  9. Congratulations!! What a lovely not-goodbye post. I am thrilled for you, and look forward to hearing about your new adventure. Sometimes. ;)

    1. I’ll be really interested to see what all I’ll be writing about! Don’t get too excited, but I see a lot of posts about jammed copiers in my future. Beats blogging about diaper blowouts.

  10. Deanna Herrmann · · Reply

    Congratulations Emily! I am so excited for you and look forward to the times when you are able to share some of your adventures with us. I’m going to be making some changes too methinks. :-) I’m so glad to still work with you on Tipsy Lit. Good luck with everything!

    1. Thanks, Deanna! I’m really excited for the shift things are taking. You are one of my very favorite things about TL ;D

  11. Adam Steen · · Reply

    Awesome! Your coming home!


    Sent from my iPhone


    1. I am indeed! So excited! ;D

  12. Congratulations, Emily! How exciting! I know the move will go well. Good luck with the new job!

    1. Thanks, Cathy! In all honesty, I’m dreading the whole two-days-in-the-car-with-a-toddler thing, but I guess there is a purpose of children’s Nyquil ;D

  13. dianatm · · Reply

    Best of luck with your new job and enjoy the new phase in your life! It’s gonna be a real adventure. :)

  14. Congratulations!! So happy for you! I’m totally in the same life stage having just gone back to working part-time, from home about 6 weeks ago and looking at my lonely blog wondering when I’ll have time to write something. It’s an interesting transition….look forward to hearing how you do!! When you can of course!

    1. Thanks, Robin! The good thing for me, though, is that at least in Memphis I’ll have that whole family infrastructure in place so when I REALLY need to write something, I can call on the vast network of free babysitters. I will be taking full advantage of them.

  15. Congrats again, Em. I’m so happy that things are coming together for you. Though I’ll miss reading about Cee so frequently…

    1. My husband is determined to teach her Mandarin Chinese this summer, so maybe if she shows real promise, he can also fit in some lessons with the typing wizard and she can chronicle her life here too.

      1. Ohhh…..that sounds great!

        1. His adventures in stay-at-home dadhood will be tremendously interesting, I think.

          1. I have no doubt.

  16. Give em hell, M!
    See you when you come around.

    1. Thanks, Guap, for getting Green Day stuck in my head XD

  17. Congrats! I hope you have an easy move!

    1. Definitely crossing my fingers!

  18. A new job AND moving back to your hometown – how exciting for you and your family! Congrats :)

    1. Thanks, Becky! I am taking every possible opportunity to celebrate with Pop-Tarts ;D

  19. Congrats, Emily! And safe travels to you and the fam. Be sure and wave when you drive past (thru?) Nashville. If you need anything while you’re here, don’t hesitate to ask! :) We have oodles of coffee…

    1. We certainly will! We might be stopping for lunch there one day when we’re moving, so maybe we can hook up!

      1. That would be beyond amazing! :) If it’s during the week I’ll have to meet you somewhere downtown (I work right off of I40), but if it’s on a weekend, you’ll have to come enjoy a brief moment of peace and quiet on my side porch with a glass of wine (I live 5 minutes off I40). If you like, I’ll serve it to you Fairview style in the Wee Cee coffee mug you sent. hehehe

        There we can commiserate about writing while watching the birds feast, all the while complaining about the coming heat wave. Wee Cee can play with my kitties to her heart’s content. ;)

      2. P.S. Your hubby and mine can talk about how horrible it is to have wives who write blogs… *wink*

  20. NotAPunkRocker · · Reply

    What an amazing opportunity, to do something you love and believe in, and in a city you love too!

    Congratulations to you and yes, definitely see you on the flip side! :-D

    1. Thanks, Sheena! I’d delighted! ;D

  21. Congrats, Emily! It’s wonderful to finally have dreams come true. You’ll undoubtedly succeed in your new position, and it will be a great transitional experience for both you and your family — happiness breeds happiness :)

    Don’t stay away too long!

    1. Thanks, Meg! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  22. Congratulations! That job sounds amazing – I’m so happy for you! (And so happy for them – they really chose well when they hired you!)

    Best of luck with the move and the doing of all the things – sending you all the love!

    1. Thanks! It IS amazing! I kind of feel like I have found my job soulmate. ;D It gave me the rose, and I accepted. (I am now referencing The Bachelor, so I’m going to take that as my cue to take a nap/ drink more coffee.) Thanks, Ames!

  23. Sounds great! Congrats and good luck with the move and new job!

    1. Thanks! I’ll miss NC, though. So many good memories here.

  24. Oh EMILY!! How exciting to read this and know you are transitioning to something you’ve been working hard to make happen. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. Even though I’m so excited for you and would not have it change one IOTA, I already miss you – but I know we’ll be hearing from you on how thing are going once you get yourself all sussed out. Much love & mush – Rutabaga

    1. Awwwww, thank you!!! You’re just too sweet to me. Good thing we’re friends on Facebook. We can chat anytime! Part of my job will be maintaining my new company’s FB page, so you can rest assured I will be online A LOT. I cannot believe I have found someone who actually wants to pay me to do this ;D

      1. You are kissed by the goddess :)

  25. We’ll miss your cheery presence but wish you nothing but the best of luck. Good for you!

    1. Thanks, Ross!

  26. So happy and incredibly excited for you. Good things shine down on good people! This is just going to make every blog post from you that much more coveted…like my first Diet Coke after sacrificing it for Lent :) And I think a road trip for a Memphis Redbirds game is definitely in order! My only question: have you figured out how you are going to work Pop Tarts into your work writing? :)

    1. I have no doubt that they will make it in somehow. You simply must answer the call to your muse, for she becomes angry if ignored. (I think Wordsworth said that.) The Redbirds are a MUST! The Bluff City may actually implode if we are both there together. It had better be careful/

  27. Long distance information, give me Memphis, Tennessee…..

    Congratulations, Emily!!!!

    As a Texan, I have a great fondness for Tennessee (the Alamo & all that), and I know you’ll be very happy to be back home.

    Oh! And Memphis BBQ!!!!

    1. Thanks!!! The barbeque will be the end of me. Oh, how I have missed it. I have never been able to understand why North Carolinians think they can pass off their special brand of it as “barbeque.”

  28. I’m so happy for you! Best of luck in your transition. After all, life is a series of chapters, and you’re moving onto your next one. :)

    1. Amen to that! And boy, does it feel fine! Thanks, Carrie!

  29. Emily, I can’t believe I’ve been reading you for almost 3 years. I feel like I’ve seen you in lots of transitions. This one is very exciting. You’ll be missed here of course, but just think how much more we’ll appreciate you when you do post again. :)

    1. Thanks, Eva! Come to think of it, this entire blog is really about transitions. From pregnant lady to mom to working mom ;D I’m so excited about this next chapter too, if for no other reason than it gives me the excuse to drink copious amounts of coffee ;D

  30. Congratulations!!!

  31. Lydia Devadason · · Reply

    Wow, congratulations and good luck! :-)

  32. I’ll join everyone else in congratulating you on your new job that sounds as if it suits you admirably. Your readers will still be here in case you feel like sharing information about your new venture. Be happy!

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

  33. Emily! I must say I’m a bit envious (you know my connection to Memphis) and I bet you are so excited to move back. Memphis is a very unique, quirky and wonderful place with people in it that welcome you with open arms. I have so many good memories of Memphis and had many great thing happen to me there.

    Congrats–you are a incredibly talented writer and I know that wherever you go, you’ll make an impression and change the world in your way. You’ve certainly spread the positivity and love in the blogging sphere and touched many lives.

    Be well, have a wonderful journey and let us know how your new gig is going!

    P.S. (where is it? I worked in nonprofit there–you can email me personally if you’d like).

    Give Memphis a big hello for me!!!

    1. Hey Brig! Thank you so much! I cannot wait to get there; my life just clicks when I’m in Memphis, and I think it’s because I have so much personal and family history there. I am going to be working in the communications department for the Church Health Center in Midtown. Heard of it?

      1. I haven’t but I LOVE Midtown. I lived on Peabody for awhile. I know you’re gonna shine.

        1. I love it too! Midtown has always been my favorite part of Memphis.

  34. Congratulations and best of luck with your move! It sounds like you’ll be taking on a fulfilling role. I enjoy your blog writing and will watch for your new posts.

    1. Thank so much, Holli! I’m excited to see what new things I’ll have to say here about the way my life is about to change!

  35. So very happy for you Emily! Although everything will be bonkers for a while, it sounds like everything will be amazing when it all comes together. And writing, man, isn’t that the dream?

    1. It totally is. I’ll also be getting paid to play on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram all day, so basically my life is charmed. The only step up in getting paid to be a Starbucks coffee taster.

  36. Good luck and congrats!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate it!

  37. Congratulations! I will absolutely miss the regular posts, but this is a fabulous move for your whole family, me thinks. Good luck with the move.

    1. Thanks! I’m still kind of sad that it wasn’t Chicago, but Memphis is an incredibly close second in my book.

  38. So excited for you, Emily!! Congrats again! :)

    1. Thank you, my friend!

  39. Yay for new pants!!!
    Good luck with the moving and all the transitioning.

    1. I am using this opportunity to buy actual new pants too because I have a feeling yoga pants do not fit into their professional work attire code.

  40. Congrats, and good luck, young lady!

  41. So so happy for you!! I wish you lots of luck with all that’s on your path in the upcoming weeks. Take time for yourself when you can and just go with the flow ^_^ I love your tweets and FB posts, so will keeping an eye on that as well. Let the next magical chapter begin! xox!

    1. Thanks! It’s a good idea to keep your eye on my Facebook; I’ll probably be updating there a lot more ;D

  42. AMAZING AMAZING NEWS! Emily, that’s absolutely brilliant. Well done! Can we read the things you write when you start your fabulous new job?

    1. Kind of! I’ll be managing my company’s social media presence so I’ll be all over Facebook and Twitter, plus doing local press releases and the like.

      1. Ooooo! Cool. Well done, you x

  43. Can I have a pity party for myself? Not for you, but for me? I will miss your writing!! But, how awesome is it that you are getting your dream job and getting to move back home??!! Lucky girl!! So happy for you!

    1. Thank you! But don’t worry too much; I’ll be back ;D

  44. Best of luck!!! I’m so excited for you! :)

    1. Thank you, my friend!

  45. tiptoebay · · Reply

    How exciting! I’m totally jealous in a good way :) Have a blast and enjoy yourself!

    1. I’m a little jealous of myself, come to think of it! Thanks.

  46. So so happy for you! How exciting! Best of luck and enjoy all of this!

    1. Thank you, Gretchen! ;D

  47. Congratulations :)

  48. So excited and thrilled and happy for you!! Obviously I’m mad you’re leaving the place where I am going, but who cares! You’re going back to the real world!! Congrats, buddy!

    1. I can give you all the tips on what tattoo places and Walmarts you should definitely check out when you get here, so it’s not a total loss. ;)

  49. Congratulations! Sad you won’t be writing as much, but I’m happy for you :-)

    1. Thank you! I’m a little sad too, but I just keep reminding myself that it’s temporary.

  50. I’ve never been so happy to hear you won’t be blogging as much!!! My swimming pool awaits!

    1. I’ve already bought C’s bathing suit!

  51. It’s so good to say YES in life. What a great opportunity that was made possible by blogging! Seriously, so many doors can be opened from blogging, I’ve seen it many times. Congrats on the new job! Take your break, it looks like you’ll have tons of people rooting for you and ready to read when you have more time in the future.

    1. Yes! Absolutely! I cannot stress enough how I would have NEVER gotten this job had it not been for all the work I’ve put into this blog and all the other writing I’ve done online. It is not a timesuck at all.

  52. Congratulations! I am so thrilled that you’re starting this new chapter in your life. I’ll miss your writing, narcissism and all, but I’m so happy your life is taking off in this new direction, especially since it’s taking you to a location that’s near to your heart for such a great cause. :)

    Best of luck and be fearless!

    1. Thank you, Katie! And the best part? I’m only going to be a day’s drive from CHI-TOWN!

  53. Very happy for you! I hope the new job/organization is everything you wish for :)

  54. So excited for you Em! I bet you are feeling super overwhelmed right now, but everything will work out swell. Tennessee is gorge and I’m happy that you’ll be there! I might have to drive down and see ya next time I visit my mom in the Chi. Could be some cool times.
    Anyway, all the best on your new life adventures!

  55. I’m so happy for you! Sounds like a great opportunity and perfect for you!! I know the feeling about fearing to stop blogging – I haven’t blogged in months! I work so much I just can’t find anything quite as exciting to write about. And every time I say I will, I always get sidetracked. But you’re such a focused lady – I don’t think you’ll have any problems at all :) And good luck!!

  56. I was thinking about your blog earlier today wondering why I hadn’t seen anything new from you! So I did what any super curious individual would do, I scrolled through my Reader to see if I’d missed you somehow! And sure enough, this post, this very important-awesome things are happening in my life-its not goodbye-don’t leave I’ll come back at some point post DID NOT SHOW UP ON MY READER! (Disclaimer, I read most of my blogs from the WordPress app on my phone and I’ve notice they seem to pick and choose which ones they feel are “important” enough to show you and for some unknown reason, this was not one of those! DISLIKE!) Anyways, congrats on the new job, you’re going to do awesome! Can’t wait until you return to blogging though, yours is always one of my favorite reads! :D

  57. wonderful! all the very best for your new journey!!!

  58. How fantastic! Sounds like the perfect job for you!

  59. Found you via the BlogHer Voices of the Year (congrats!) and was excited to see you’re a once-and-future Memphian. Welcome back, soon!

    1. BRENDA! I know you!!!!!!! RUF Memphis 2000-2004ish! This is Emily Pate!!! So thrilled to be coming home soon ;D

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  60. Congratulations Emily! What a wonderful opportunity that was made possible by blogging! All the very best.

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