Remember the Time We Hired an Intern?

Hello everyone!  Ok, so in my last entry I promised I was not going away and that I’d be back when I had something to say, so here it is:

Remember the Time we were so crazy busy that we had to hire on an intern to write our blog?

We don't pay well though

We don’t pay well, though.

That’s right kids, this is not Emily!  This is Rob, Emily’s new intern.  Wait, wait, wait…don’t change the channel just yet.  We’re going to have some fun together.  For the next several months, I will be your “Remember the Time” monthly host.

Some of you may know me, but the majority of Emily’s seven billion followers do not so let me introduce myself.  As I said, my name is Rob and my blog is called Growing up on Prytania.  Prytania is the name of the street I spent my informative years and my blog entries are each mini stories, all true accounts from my life.  In a very large way, all of my stories are RTT writing challenges.  My only goal is to entertain and to create a short divergence for you so I hope a few of you take the time to visit me.  As an introduction, here is a link to my About page. Come by and say hi, okay?

Since this is my first RTT invitation to y’all, (yes I spent a few years in Louisiana), I thought it would be appropriate to write a “first time” writing challenge and how fitting that I am addressing you on the first of May?  How about we each write about our first kiss!  Do you remember yours?  I sure do – in fact, my first kiss was in first grade.

The rules are the same.  Stick to the theme of a first kiss, but of course feel at liberty to twist the theme to fit your particular needs.  It can be a very first kiss from someone not your grandma.  It can be the first kiss you remember from dating or the first kiss that meant something to you.  Perhaps you prefer to write about your wedding vows kiss – it’s all good.  Just please stick to the “remember the time” vibe that Emily and Kelly have been working so hard to maintain.  As always, attach the cute RTT badge to your posting and follow the instructions below to allow us all to share your memories.

The linkup closes May 31st at 11:55PM EST, so be sure to get your link in before then!

As it is my first time with all of you, to ensure we all get it right, I’m pasting Emily’s instructions from last month’s RTT challenge.  Let’s have fun!


Write your post and affix the brand new (ooooooh! ahhhhh!) RTT badge at the bottom of it.  Then, add your link to the Inlinkz box at the bottom of this post so that all the other participants can read it! And while I have your attention with the gripping details of the linkup, allow me to add a couple guidelines about linking up.

Firstly, please only submit your link if it is related to the prompt. While we LOVE all nostalgic stories, this is a writing “challenge” of sorts and we’d like for all submissions to be thematically similar. Hold your great tale of the time your cat fell down the chimney for a Wild Card month. ;D

Also, the Inlinkz form has changed recently and it’s doing that sorta-kinda annoying thing where the description of what goes in each box is actually BELOW the box. (I know. But it’s free.) Be sure to pay close attention when when you’re filling in the boxes or your link won’t work.

And last but not least, for the box labeled “Name”, please type the name of your blog instead of the title of your post. Capiche?

Remember the Time Blog Hop at


  1. Julie · · Reply

    Done. I’m following you, Rob. You make me laugh. :) (Hi, Emily.)

    1. He IS a funny guy!

  2. Nice to meet you, Rob.

    1. Thanks and I like the movie reference

      1. Why thank you!

  3. Rob! So happy you are carrying the torch for us. I can’t think of a better champion of Remember the Time. I will be sure to send folks over at my blog your way as well! Thanks buddy!

    1. Aww…(blush)….the support is appreciated…

  4. Hi Rob! Glad that you’re on board!

    I am excited for the topic this month. I already have a story in mind :)

  5. Not as excited as I am to read your story. :)

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  8. Welcome Rob! I’m sure you’re gonna bring some magic to an already wonderful spot. :-D

    1. Only because of encouraging words like yours! ;)

      1. Only because you are witty and talented, methinks. ;-)

        1. Hmm…my wife has other words she’s more fond of using to describe me….unfortunately I cannot repeat them here if I am to maintain my PG rating!

          1. Alas… that’s why we have the blogosphere! So we can all outshine the sparkle our spouses sometimes miss. ;-)

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  10. Intern??? What the….? Why don’t I have an intern? I want an intern. How does Emily rate?????

    Oh yeah; welcome, good luck, sure you’ll be great, etc., etc.

    1. I’m betting the pay is better than what Em’s paying me

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