Cee Says the Darndest Things

So, it’s been what feels like a billion years since I gave a real update on C. She’ll be three next month (I know, right?!) and she’s starting preschool this Wednesday. On Thursday, she’s going to the dentist for the first time. Out of these things, she’s most excited about the dentist.

Go figure.

Cee is – oh, how shall we say? – rather chatty. This makes all of our lives endlessly amusing.

Especially at bedtime, when all I want to do is go to bed and she wants to discuss why, exactly, I am a grownup. The simple answer, “Because I am older than you and I am done growing tall” is not enough: she wants to know why I grew. These philosophical discussions are best had during daylight hours.

She totally knows that.

So, she likes to talk. A lot. Ergo this post.
Cee Says the Darndest Things


Cee the Epicurean

Picking out a pizza. Points to one covered in pepperoni:

“Oh, yum. I wuv macaroni.”

Discussing dinner options:

“I don’t want lemon chicken. I want….grape chicken.”

Eating Reece’s Pieces:

“Mmmmmm! Cranberries!”

Cee the Teller of Truths

When I “let” her wash the dishes:

“Mommy, you are the BEST mommy.”

"I'm rock-and-roll."

“I’m rock-and-roll.”

When it snowed in February:

“It must be Christmas! Santa camed!”

Sitting on the sofa, wiggling her fingers:

“My baby fingahs are wiggly. They must be about ta fall out.”


Cee the Appreciator of R&B

Caught in traffic:

C: Why we movin so slow?

Me: We’re in a traffic jam.

C: No, dis is a slow jam.

Cee the Wearer of Sensible Footware

“I love my new shoes. They’re not wood, so my feet won’t get splinters.”

Cee the Humorist

Hugging Lucycat when a train about a mile away sounded its horn:

“Heh, heh, I thought Woosy was a widdle twain.”

Cee the Nostalgic Ambassador

Sighs dramatically.

“Mommy, I miss my friends in Africa.”

Cee the Philosopher

“Three is my favorite color.”

“A carrot doesn’t work like a harmonica.”

Me: C, you’re too close to the TV. You need to move back.

C: No, I’m not too close. The TV is too far away.

Cee the Bathing Beauty

In the tub:

“I love you so much, bubbles.”


And last but not least, Cee the Consummate Toddler

Me: I love you, C.

C: I know. I love me, too.



  1. So adorable! I am often the ¨bestest mommy ever¨, too. Because I let mine clean the walls.

    1. I’m thinking of letting C scrub the toilet for her birthday, just so she knows how much i love her.

      1. You totally should. It would be the bestest birthday, ever!

  2. I loved this post! I’m grinning like a goose reading how Cee sees the world. She sounds like a brilliant young lady!

    1. Thanks, Hollie! She’s a smartie pants :)

  3. So smart for you to write these down. I wish I would have kept better records of the priceless things my kids said at that age. Cee’s carrot and TV observations sound similar to the literal (and backwards-perspective) things my software engineer son said at her age. She might just be a geek! Which is a good thing, considering what my son’s starting salary was upon college graduation…

    1. Ohhh, I like the way that sounds! Scholarships, here we come!

  4. What a creative way to capture the darndest things toddler say! This brought a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for reading!

  5. I so wish you had these on video — adorable! My favorites — “Santa camed!,” “I miss my friends in Africa,” and “No, dis is a slow jam.”

    It would be nice if she continued through the teen years to think of you as the “Best mommy” for “letting” her wash the dishes.

    1. Yeah, that would be nice. However, that girl has a sulk on her that I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw all the way from NYC. The teenage years should be…fun.

  6. So cute. I love the categories you put together, especially C as the philosopher! Ha ha. Very funny, Em.

    1. Thank you Amy! She keeps us on our toes!

  7. Too adorable! Toddlerhood can be the most trying, but the most rewarding of ages :) they’re just so precious

  8. Now if we could just freeze this innocence for the later years life would be grand. Thanks for raising a THINKER, the would is in desperate need.

  9. Kids are so hilarious. Especially the chatty ones.

    1. You should know! I always crack up when you post some of the things Baby C says ;)

      1. He certainly is a chatterbox. And to add to the toddler hilarity here, I’ll share this:

        After C had finished peeing in the potty he looked at me and said, “Your turn.”

        I told him I didn’t have to pee at that moment, to which he responded by patting me on my junk and saying, “But you have pee in there.”

        1. LOLOLOLOL! He’s like the Pee Whisperer. He knows…

          1. He certainly does. It’s kinda freaky.

  10. I have a feeling C would get along famously with my chatty daughter.

    1. I have no doubt about it!

  11. Teresa Pate · · Reply

    I love it when she can’t wait to pick up sticks in the yard. Then sits on the step and praises ME for doing such good work! Grammy always laughs. :)

    1. She is such a lovable little pill.

  12. Adorable!

  13. Haha, I love this! I wish that I was better at writing down the things my daughter said haha.

    1. Twitter is great for this. I may not have her baby book handy, but I usually have my phone around so I record her funnier sayings with a tweet ;)

      1. I totally should!!! Good idea!

  14. These are super cute! And it’s so true that a carrot doesn’t work like a harmonica. Ha ha. Love it!

    1. It *is* true. Isn’t it nice to have kiddos around to remind us of these important matters?

  15. She is hilarious!!

    1. Thanks! She certainly keeps up entertained.

  16. Awwww she’s so precious! With a great sense of humour!

  17. Awww… she’s so precious! With a good sense of humour!

  18. LivingsTheDream · · Reply

    Super cute, I particularly love that a carrot doesn’t work like a harmonica – I wonder how long she spent working that one out!

    1. Knowing her, there was a *lot* of thought that went into it. ;D

  19. So the upside to entering the year of three is that you can look forward to LOADS of these gems!!! Most of my favorite things my ears have ever heard came out of my kids’ mouths at this age. And from the looks of it, Cee is not going to disappoint. So hilarious!!!

  20. I am smiling so much my cheeks hurt! I have 2 year old at home whose outlook towards all animate and inanimate objects has changed my perspective of things as well…the bliss of childhood..!

  21. So funny! Three year olds are the BEST for funny comments!!

  22. She is way too cute and way too funny!!!

  23. That little lady sounds as fun as her mom! LOVED the captions. You’re the best even if I don’t get to do the dishes. :-)

  24. My little one loves to talk a lot too. I learn with her everyday! She is 1.6 yrs and already talking lots :)

  25. Sheila Rogers · · Reply

    this is great. when my kids were little, i used to write down all the funny stuff they said. i may post it someday on my site. great idea.

  26. The avid observations of a growing toddler are just priceless. Savor those questions/comments every day. Before you know it, she’ll be “all growed up” and much less likely to speak so innocently. :)

  27. Had I known about that whole carrot/harmonica thing, my life would have turned out so, so differently. C is brilliant.

    1. I know. It’s a total game changer.

  28. An adorable kid. Indeed, you are a proud mother! :)

  29. […] Cee Says the Darndest Things […]

  30. C sees her world completely thinking out of the box and a positive explanation for everything.

  31. I have an almost three year old too and I can’t help but laugh or smile every time she talks! They are beginning to have conversations with us, like “real” people. I have heard that they will be “Threenagers”.
    cute post, than for sharing

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