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Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Life I Learned From Dr. Seuss

I pride myself in providing┬ámy kid with quality reading material. Whether or not she actually wants to consume it is an arbitrary issue. To be honest, C would much rather play cowboys at bedtime these days than she would read a book. I think she’s onto us; she knows that stories make her drowsy and […]

The Absolute Joy of Absolute Mayhem

“How’s the book coming along?,” I asked my friend Kelly over Skype about nine months ago. I looked forward to talking with my blogging-buddy-turned-real-friend over the ol’ Skype like nothing else back when I was at home full time with C. We talked blogging, writing, motherhood, and life. I didn’t have to apologize when the, […]

My Office

I am obsessed. I am obsessed with Anne Lamott’s wondrous book Bird By Bird. I am also obsessed with the word “wondrous” because I have used it no fewer than 65,936 times in the last week, and I have no intentions of retiring it from my vocabulary just yet. Lamott has given me the kick […]

Et Cetera, etc.

I have spent the morning on Pinterest looking at blogging “tips” and it seems I’m doing this wrong. I should be tweeting all my posts 19+ times and using a consistent voice and giving you guys 27 tips on new uses for your LiveStrong bracelets. But I will not do these things. I am not […]

My Essay on Eloise

In my heyday I wrote a couple papers on books. Turns out that when you pursue a BA and an MA in English you have to read a little bit and then make sentences about those books and give them to a professor so s/he can tell you how you were using semicolons incorrectly. Then […]

Life’s too short to read lackluster books.

Not a lot of thinking goes into the titling of my posts. The only real rules I go by are, 1, make it somewhat snappy, and 2, try not to use the “On….” construction (ie, “On Corduroy Pants,” “On Day-Old Pizza,” “On Hipster Nonsense”, etc.) Today, though, the title of my post is a sentence […]