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Postscript Poem

Little girl, I love you so, But you’re a crawling tornado. You’re cute – it’s true – but underneath, You have the mind of a devious thief. I found my brush in the soup pot. You put it there, you sneaky tot. What is the appeal of the commode? And why must you destroy our […]

Just Because

Little girl, I love you so, More than you will ever know. Your back, your ear, your teeth, your nose Every day, my heart just grows. I know that there will come a day When you’ll grow up and move away. But right now, in your babyhood, You’re still all mine and that is Good.

Life’s too short to read lackluster books.

Not a lot of thinking goes into the titling of my posts. The only real rules I go by are, 1, make it somewhat snappy, and 2, try not to use the “On….” construction (ie, “On Corduroy Pants,” “On Day-Old Pizza,” “On Hipster Nonsense”, etc.) Today, though, the title of my post is a sentence […]


Pet Sounds, the Beach Boy’s eleventh album, was released in 1966 as a response to Brian Wilson’s enthusiasm for the Beatles’ Rubber SoulĀ and his inability to tour sans drug-induced panic attacks. He focused his attention towards creating an album devoid of “filler” such as cover songs and comedy tracks, and perfecting arrangement and production. Even […]

A House Built on Blogging (and Love. Yeah, That Too.)

Often, blogging comes in pairs. You need to have a real-life companion to get you through the grind. B is my companion in more ways than the marital kind. He’s a blogger too. Did you know that? Probably not since I’m writing this against his will. He will die when he sees that I’m finally […]