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Wee Cee’s Bloggy Birthday Extravaganza!

Welcome to Wee Cee’s first birthday party, here at YeeHaw Ranch Curly Locks! As C is getting bigger, she is becoming slightly obsessed with animals, so what better locale for her birthday party than a farm! MamaSheri has graciously opened her home to us to celebrate C’s first birthday, and her Angora goats couldn’t be […]

The Other Side: Notes on the Eleventh Month

This is the second to last first-year post I will be writing about Wee Cee. When I named this series “The Other Side”, I was referencing the fact that she was no long in utero. Now the title seems totally outmoded. Of course she’s no longer in my belly. She belongs out in the world […]

Et Cetera, etc.

I have spent the morning on Pinterest looking at blogging “tips” and it seems I’m doing this wrong. I should be tweeting all my posts 19+ times and using a consistent voice and giving you guys 27 tips on new uses for your LiveStrong bracelets. But I will not do these things. I am not […]

How To Have a Photo Shoot With a Baby

And before you even ask, yes, the primary reason I wrote this post was so I could put more pictures of Wee Cee up on the blog. SO SUE ME. Step One: Take a great first picture and then remember to use the camera correctly. Step Two: Put Baby in a cute location. Step Three: […]

May the gushing begin!

For once, the baby picture you see here is not of Wee Cee. The child above is me, at the celebration of my first year on the planet. I was one, as C will soon be as well. Her first birthday is next month on March 31! WHAT? This blog was born because she started […]