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How I Spent My Shower Vacation: Part Two

So, with the shower over, my mom loaded me back into the car in a semi-comatose state. To be sure, we were both exhausted. Me, because, duh, and her because she had chaperoned a dance the night before at the middle school where she works. Good times. We got home, ordered some pizza, and vegged out. I […]

Notes on the 28th Week

We have now entered the part of pregnancy when the products start to arrive. Although our apartment doesn’t quite look like a Babies ‘R’ Us yet, we have acquired a few new items that would indicate the presence of germy offspring to a prowler. Although I doubt it, the risk of pilfering a laptop or […]

Get Me Out

Over the long weekend, I read Get Me Out: A History of Childbirth. Randi Hutter Epstein describes some of the lowlights of maternity and childbirth in the Western world from medieval times to the present. As with topics in medical history, these lowlights also tend to be highlights at the same time because progress – albeit […]

So a woman walks into the ultrasound room…

Wow, now this is a big post. I mean, the reveal of the sex of our baby! I kind of wish it were 1999 so I could have some great spinning GIFs scattered around this post to heighten the excitement. As it is 2011, I suppose I’ll have to rely on my words, though, which […]