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I am clearly not the only reluctant mommy blogger.

So, a couple weeks ago I started work on last Friday’s post, The Reluctant Mommy Blogger. I poured my heart into that post and laid bare some of my most private anxieties about parenting and the identity I’m assuming as a mother. It was easily one of the most cathartic, vulnerable posts I’ve ever written, […]

The Reluctant Mommy Blogger

The Reluctant Mommy Blogger

It happened again a few days ago. Someone asked me what I write about. I, naturally, wanted to jump into a hole. I would venture to guess that there are few other occupations where people get as cagey about a simple inquiry into what, exactly, they do as some writers get when asked about their […]

Exploring Early Memories

There is something magical about a first memory. Think about it: there is a whole period of your early life when you’re so absorbed in each little thing life puts in your line of sight that singling out specific images to hold in your memory is almost too much. Everything is new to a small […]

The More Things Change, the More They (Hopefully) Get Better

Do you know what I love about writing and blogging? I mean, other than the fact that sometimes magazine companies send me random subscriptions after I tell them that it’s a violation of’s TOS for me to review products for monetary compensation? That’s pretty great because reading paper magazines makes me feel so 1999 […]

The Waiting, It Turns Out, Is Indeed the Hardest Part

These toddler days are long. They stretch from one bedtime to the next and are abbreviated with snot-nosed tantrums that engulf the days despite their relative brevity. But it’s important for me to constantly remind myself that these days are fleeting, a drop in the ocean of raising a person. That’s part of the reason […]

I’m basically Forrest Gump at the White House.

This is the one where I let you in on the good news I alluded to awhile back. I have been holding it in for awhile because my mom was here last week so I was busy watching her fill C up with candy and taking a nap for once. So while super big news […]

Errbody in Da Club Gettin’ Tipsy

Remember a few weeks back when I told you that a day was coming when I would be posting elsewhere and dropping my debut f-bombs on the blogosphere? Well, that day is here, my friends. Put on your earmuffs and get ready for rated-R Emily. Join me over at Tipsy Lit today where I talk […]

I love my peeps.

I think I’ve told you a time or five that I have the best besfrinn in the whole entire world. And I wasn’t just jiving you. I really do. She lives on the opposite coast from me, but she knows the ins and outs of my days and actually apologizes when she misses my unannounced […]

The Post I’ve Been Needing to Write For Awhile

There is never a good time for doing the things that matter most to you in life. NEVER. I am not the first person to point this out, but it deserves repeating. You will put off the things you wantneed a thousand times, and by the time you actually save up enough money to go […]

Remember the Time….you were an outsider?

It’s almost back-to-school time, and pretty soon The Awkward is going to be roaming the halls of schools the world over. The main question on all the students’ minds is, of course, who got hot over the summer. The summer has a wonderful way of speeding along time and giving teenagers the ability to cultivate […]