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Do you smell like a bear?

Have you ever had an idea that you know has potential but you don’t want to execute it yourself because the last time you did that, you ended up with burnt English muffins when all you wanted was a mini pizza? I was thinking about stupid wine tasting terms the other day as I looked […]

A Plea To Young Parents

I am knee-deep in presents today. I’m laying them all out nice and neatly under our Festivus pole for the big exchange on Friday. So today my practically-Aunt Ellen (she’s actually besfrinn Cameron’s aunt but who’s splitting hairs?) is here to entertain you with a little holiday PSA. Enjoy and I’ll see you Friday! -Emily […]

I Defer to a Wise Bear

One of the most original and wondrous blogs out here in WordPress Land is Liquorstore Bear. I think it’s pretty evident that when you combine a teddy bear with wine, liquor, and beer recommendations, you’ve tapped into an irresistible corner of the psyche that eluded even Freud and Jung. I have had Miss Bebe for […]