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So, April. April, April, April. Last April I was worried sick over my new baby. I didn’t talk much about it in real time because 1, I was exhausted from sheer lack of sleep and 2, because I was busy convincing myself that it was completely my fault that we were struggling like whoa with […]

It’s learning time.

C got this little kitchen set for her birthday from my MIL Sidney. It is a talking and singing toy, and unlike all her other talking toys that sound like a grocery store PA system that hasn’t been updated since 1973, you can actually understand what it’s saying, and therefore it doesn’t make me want to […]

I am that friend who doesn’t shop off your gift registry.

So you’re having a baby shower. Cool. You made a registry? How cute. I made one too when I was pregnant. I registered for nothing I needed. Hear that? NOTHING. I thought I knew what I was in for when C was still on the inside. I insisted that my maternal intuition kicked in the […]


I’m in a rut, but it’s the kind of rut that comes about not from mundane habit but from new stimuli. The last couple weeks have decimated any routine I was on with C and we’re starting to feel the brunt of it. Sometimes I forget what a finely-tuned clock a baby is until a grain […]

Raising Them Right

One of the coolest things about having kids is that, at least for a time, you are their window to the world. You show them how to do things. You expose them to music and food. It’s like they are your own little miniature. They’ll reject some of it because they have no class their taste is […]

How To Have a Photo Shoot With a Baby

And before you even ask, yes, the primary reason I wrote this post was so I could put more pictures of Wee Cee up on the blog. SO SUE ME. Step One: Take a great first picture and then remember to use the camera correctly. Step Two: Put Baby in a cute location. Step Three: […]

The Other Side: Notes on the Tenth Month

Something happened over the course of the last month that I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around. I think it must have been around the second week of January that I looked at Wee Cee and noticed that she was turning into a little girl. She is just as much child now […]

Postscript Poem

Little girl, I love you so, But you’re a crawling tornado. You’re cute – it’s true – but underneath, You have the mind of a devious thief. I found my brush in the soup pot. You put it there, you sneaky tot. What is the appeal of the commode? And why must you destroy our […]

Just Because

Little girl, I love you so, More than you will ever know. Your back, your ear, your teeth, your nose Every day, my heart just grows. I know that there will come a day When you’ll grow up and move away. But right now, in your babyhood, You’re still all mine and that is Good.

Extremely gross but critical information is in this blog post.

Take me to the head mommy blogger. I have a complaint I need to voice. I feel I am owed an apology from the mommy blogger collective for something they failed to tell me. Sure, they told me that the first weeks would be hard. They told me that I should get used to the […]