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Well, this should be fun.

B and I fancy ourselves travelers, whether or not we’re actually good at it. We’ve circled the globe, but our packing skills are still lacking. Last year was the most travel-packed year ever, with trips from Korea to France to Iceland to Memphis to northern California and finally to North Carolina, although that last leg […]

Wherein I stare down the enemy of sleep

You may remember that back when I was preggo, I was kind of obsessed with the creation of our baby registry, mostly because I had no idea what we actually needed and I didn’t want to look like a fool to my friends and family when they saw the ridiculously¬†unnecessary things I had registered for. […]

Notes on the 28th Week

We have now entered the part of pregnancy when the products start to arrive. Although our apartment doesn’t quite look like a Babies ‘R’ Us yet, we have acquired a few new items that would indicate the presence of germy offspring to a prowler. Although I doubt it, the risk of pilfering a laptop or […]

Tips on Compiling a Baby Registry

One of the many things I’m experiencing now that I’m halfway through my pregnancy is that of creating the registry for little Bebe. Yes, there are few joys during pregnancy that approach that of shopping around for things that you have absolutely no idea if you will end up needing or the baby will like. […]