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Beer + Nerdy Girl = Me at Twelve

It’s time to remember the, erm, time! This week’s RTT theme is a juicy one: tell us about your adventures with the hooch. Hair of the dog. Canned heat. A brewski. Adult beverages. (Thanks, Urban Dictionary, for helping me remember all these fantastic slang terms for alcohol.) For my own offering, I am bringing out […]

It’s a Wonder Google Works At All

One of the fun things about WordPress is that you can see the search engine terms that brought others to your blog. The pure randomness of them helps give you a pretty nice snapshot of how miraculous it is that the Google functions with any efficacy. The other day I got a search engine term […]

Beer + Nerdy Girl = Me at Eleven

Everyone has a go-to story. It’s usually from when they were in school and involves illicit substances, the police, or awkward dealings with the opposite sex. All of these are the makings of good barroom tales. Here’s mine. It’s the one about how my mom packed a beer in my school lunch when I was […]