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Ten Birthday Cakes That Will Help You Breathe Easier

So, today is my birthday. I’m pretty excited that I made it to 33, and I’m going to be celebrating with B by taking a staycation in Memphis sans C this weekend. Tomorrow, we’re going to an animal mummies exhibit. Obviously. I usually write thoughtful, pensive blog posts on my birthday. If you’d like to […]

The Other Side: A Final Note For the First Year

Dear Miss C, Hello, my girl. It’s been one heck of a year, eh? I will never forget the moment I awoke at 6:15 one year ago today and knew that you were coming. Just the day before I had been at Target doing some mundane shopping and thinking about how I still had to […]

May the gushing begin!

For once, the baby picture you see here is not of Wee Cee. The child above is me, at the celebration of my first year on the planet. I was one, as C will soon be as well. Her first birthday is next month on March 31! WHAT? This blog was born because she started […]

Birthday Wins

Yesterday was my birthday. You know this if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook because I let you know in the form of many, many notifications. What can I say? I’m thorough. I haven’t always been a fan of birthdays. The getting older part doesn’t really bother me at all because I am eternally […]

The Fourth Decade

Today I am newly thirty years old. I am married to my best friend, I have a baby growing in my belly, I have seen the world, and I have the means to see more of it. And by “means” I don’t just mean cash; I mean an actual desire, which is just as integral, […]