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Odds and Ends

This is going to be one of those catch-all posts for all the little things that don’t really warrant full posts for themselves but deserve more than just a tweet. NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THE TWEETER! In fact, look what happened to me there this week: OMG OMG SWOON SWOON SWOON! Ming Tsai […]

Don’t Make Me Beg

My blog has been hijacked. This is nothing new. First Miss C hijacked it with her cuteness and now Le Clown has hijacked it with his, erm, well, it’s not cuteness. His magnificence? Yeah, let’s go with that. Today is the last day of Le Clown’s Blogroll Contest. Le Clown is also Le Marketing Genius. […]

A blogroll. Sorta.

I don’t have a proper blogroll. It’s not for lack of trying. I have sat down at least three times and tried to compile one, and once the list reaches more than thirty blogs, I give up. If the dang thing is so long, no one will actually take the trouble to go through it […]